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Friday, February 28, 2020

Fear and Loathing and Pigs at the Hamtramck Music Fest

From the National Affairs Desk-

Hey all, Metro here. I'm trying my best to provide as much coverage of the 2020 HMF while dealing with the flu (not that one). We all knew that this year's Hamtramck Music Fest was going to be a flop with the weather being the obvious scapegoat (though that never stopped peak Blowouts). This has kind of flown under the radar, but it definitely needs to be mentioned. A few hours ago the official HamFest Facebook posted this....

It caught my eye. What was the reason? Fears of the SuperFlu? Power/equipment issues? Bands dropping out? What will the bands booked be doing? Will they hop on other bills? Just go home? These are all questions any local music fan who gives a shit would be asking themselves. Thankfully, I have the answers. First off, here is the original lineup:

I got down to the bottom of things quick. The HMF statement is misleading and practically insulting to the acts playing. The show is NOT cancelled. The same lineup will be playing tonight. It has not been cancelled. Once again it has not been cancelled. Wristbands are no longer required for entry, but the show is NOT cancelled. As the best local journalist I found out why also. You can get the scoop by donating to my cashme app #bestintheworld.  Just kidding. The reason Kelly's pulled out of the Fest is a "falling out". I didn't want to pry any more because I already got what I needed.

So in conclusion, the "programming" has NOT been cancelled. It is now free and I would love to see Kelly's packed tonight with organic support of local acts which will still be playing. Shame on you Hamtramck Music Fest for being petty and trying to ruin yet another local business.

From the Iceman Commeth,
Bryan Metro


Anonymous said...

Kelly's apparently booked its own alternate line-up for Saturday, totally independent of HMF. The shit hit the fan once HMF got wind of that and they did what they do: get shitty and fuck over bands.

Bryan Metro said...

I heard rumblings of that double booking stuff. Typical Detroit cannibalism. My point with the post was how jerky it was the HMF saying Kelly's was cancelled when the bands were still playing. Only a half truth. As for the "why" that's just garnish. Based on some of the HMF lineups I don't have an issue double booking. Okay, that was a joke. Sort of.

Anonymous said...

My understanding is that Kelly's did not 'book it's own alternate line-up' for Saturday. They had an internal miscommunication and had previously booked another artist's CD release show for the Saturday, and hence, didn't want to fuck over the artists who had arguably more on the line by having to totally relocate their release show. Also, my understanding is that Kelly's informed HMF of the double booking early in February - and that HMF did not respond to them about it until the week of the festival -- i.e., HMF's lack of communication contributed greatly to the sense of urgency that ensued.

Bryan Metro said...

That sounds so typical. They have sic'd the mildly corrupt Perrotta brothers on damage control. Falling on deaf ears here.