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Thursday, April 27, 2017

Local Music Update

Metro here,

I cannot wait for this phony "alt-country" local band bullshit that is being shoved down everyone's throat these days (Craig Brown Band, I'm looking at you midget) to just go away.  It's cloying and boring.

This has been your local music update.

From the Iceman Commeth,
Bryan Metro

Tuesday, April 18, 2017

Ok, I'll say it. Sugarman Rodriguez Fucking Sucks

I swear 2016/2017 must be the year(s) of the local music scene being a joke (actually it goes farther back probably to 2008 when I fronted a band, sold out numerous Blowouts/festivals, won a Detroit Music Award, etc.).

I saw just now that Sucksto Rodriguez aka Sleepy...I mean Sugarman has two shows scheduled this Saturday April 22nd, one at the Crofoot and one at the Old Miami.  I have been monitoring the event sites and numerous people have said they have tickets and if the shows are really happening.  ZERO response from either venues.  Now my band has sold out both venues in the past and they are good people, but I really think that nobody knows whats going on.....which is typical from Rodriguez. 

A many few of my music journalist friends have said that he is impossible to work with and actually charges money for photos and interviews (when he isn't shielded by his PR crew....that's what an Oscar Nom gets these days).  And typically with scam artists these days, he is charging $30-35 for the Crofoot show and $20 for the Old Miami show.....

This is a "man of the people"???  Has the Old Miami charged $20 for anything????

Ok, in a nutshell, Rodriguez sucks.  Allow me to elaborate if you care to read.....

The geezer has thrown his hat in the Detroit mayor race before and actually HAS DONE IT AGAIN! in 2017.!!??!!

Lets be honest and non-PC here.  The dude has been milking the South Africa gimmick for 5 years now, although I think its just his "handlers" who prop him up for shows, and who are probably the real criminals here, and here's a throwback.... the dude had no idea his music was being used without his permission, yet some want him to be Mayor????  This city never fails to impress.

I have never heard a Rodriguez song in my life, and I do keep tabs on music and film.  To be honest, I actually feel bad for the guy.  All these leeches and scabs using the "easy" narrative to line their pockets. 

And that will happen April 22nd at both the Crofoot and Old Miami.  Depending where you decide to go, have a good one!

Have I ever lied to you....
Bryan Metro 

Monday, April 17, 2017

Electric Six Tour Update

Just a heads up for our thousands of UK readers (per week).  E6 will be postponing their fall tour due to a kid on the way.  Here is the statement:
People of the United Kingdom and Ireland...Electric Six is compelled to announce that the band's shows for November and December of 2017 will not take place on the originally scheduled dates. Instead, those shows will now take place in February and March 2018. All Nov/Dec shows have been rescheduled for Feb/March 2018 except for Sheffield...we couldn't work it out, Sheffield. We're sorry. We're sorry. We'll make it up to you at some point in the relatively near future. You can find the new dates listed here on this page under "tour dates." Venues remain unchanged.
If you already have purchased tickets for any of the scheduled shows, your tickets will be valid for the new date. If the new date doesn't work for you for some reason, you can obtain a refund by contacting the point of purchase (the venue, Ticketmaster, etc.). Obviously, anyone who purchased tickets for Sheffield will be entitled to a refund.
Before anyone asks, MANY European dates will be announced shortly for this new tour as well, and those dates will take place starting at the very beginning of February. Keep your eyes peeled for those shows right here or at electricsix.com
Now, after all of that...you may be wondering why these shows needed to be rescheduled. For that, we turn to a missive from the desk of Dick Valentine:
"Kate and I are expecting the arrival of our second kid in mid-to-late November and this of course makes it impossible for me to commit fully to the entirety of our UK/Europe tour at the end of the year, thusly, we are postponing the whole year-end tour a few months, into February and March of 2018.. We're happy for us. You should be too. However if you are determined to take the low road here, to be obstinate, to be selfish, to refuse to accept that Electric Six will not be there for you this holiday season as it has been for so many years....then I am willing to schedule a fight with you so this bullshit can be settled once and for all. Each fight will take place at a time and venue that is mutually agreed upon between us. Contact my FB page and we'll set up the fight via personal message. We'll set up a time and place and I will be there, buddy. I don't care if you got a whip, I don't care if you got a chain, I don't care if you got a shotgun. Just so you know, my personal preference is to fight at Primark...it's usually well-lit in there, and thusly, the fights are more fair."

Another kid on the way.  I talked to my bookie Honch out in Vegas and he has the odds of yet another Electric Six Kickstarter by the end of the year at 2/1.  In the words of the great Rodney Dangerfield, "Place your bets, place your bets."

What a joke.

From the Iceman Commeth,
Bryan Metro


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