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Thursday, May 14, 2020

Drunks and Delinquents in SE Michigan

Hey you savages, Metro here with a quick update. It has been a whirlwind of a week, but the fact I'm still writing should tell you everything you need to know (for the haters). That's all I can say about that. Its no secret that I am a professional drinker and by proxy have around $100 in returns due to the no-return policy. While I would love to CashMe that loot, the JCM have decided to set up a pick-up with all monies going to the Detroit Animal Care and Control for use to build a new kitty room. If any other alcoholics are out there, there are other organizations also doing a pick-up including the boy scouts if you like em young. The pick up is scheduled for this evening and I have the baseball bat and sidearm ready in case the driver is a raving, sneezing lunatic.

As I said, this update will be brief but I am excited to hop on the remote "concert" bandwagon which will be filmed this weekend and posted next week. This will be the first JCM performance since our retirement in 2018. Another $100 of empties should be involved. As always, we won't take ourselves too seriously and definitely don't want to make a mockery of current events, just want to entertain, make some laughs, and never be boring. We're still here, and we're coming.

From the Iceman Commeth
Bryan Metro

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Anonymous said...

This is a pretty good idea really (donating the bottles and cans, not the "concert") Thanks.