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Wednesday, June 24, 2020

Return of Born Evil

Metro is out for the foreseeable future, possibly forever. Do I shoulder the blog with my shitty writing and 8th grade grammar? Fill it with inane reviews of wrestling and movies? Devolve into unmitigated and unsubstantiated vitriol towards those undeserving? Stock tips? We will see.

Until then, here is some newness:
I started a tumblr some time ago (does anyone use tumblr anymore besides Grimes and Molly Soda?). It's very simple and to the point. Behold, Cool Spins

In other news, Jonathan Weier of local forgotten band The Dead Bodies, has a Hamtramck-centered Facebook Zoom Call In Live Radio Show just about every night at 7pm. It's humorous and entertaining and grows zanier with each and every episode. Here is a link

How is that for overwhelming positivity? What do you think? Will Covid spike again through the midwest? Will the country helter skelter into a race war? Was Charles Manson a prophet?


*Hey all Metro here. It is generally against blog policy to hop on a post, but since I'm going away for a bit and because I was writing a post, it would be poetic to end it with a collab with an original Honor Roll member. Plus its only fitting I check out with one last jab at the Metro Times. This came across the (closed) National Affairs Desk. Metro Times is eliminating comments. Here is the poorly worded link from the failed Editor in Chief:  Derp Derp Pussies

The Metro Times has long established itself as the worst journalistic entity in town, even worse than The Freep. So no more comments despite me, and others, ridiculing them for over a decade. Their reasoning is weak/slight and ironic because after they stated their case they went into a boring, predictable political diatribe of a select few's opinions that kaboshes their entire reasoning. So your opinion is no longer wanted, but theirs are a-okay. Editor in Chief (lol) Lee Devito should have been replaced years ago and the fact they are bleeding money only proves that. The fact that position has seen so much turnover through the years just shows that the head honchos don't even care anymore. So that's it, one final love letter to the Metro Times.


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Metro needs to start drinking again real soon.