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Thursday, April 16, 2020

Leaving Fat City

Hey all, Metro here. I am very proud (but not gloating) that the JCM Collective has donated a substantial amount to provide soap and cleansing materials to local hospitals. Out of pocket. No Go Fund Me scams or anything like that. Just genuine concern for the community, no rewards. For over two years I have seen pigs and pig fuckers asking, no begging, for Cash-Me's, "reparations", and Pay Pal's and it disgusted me. I pointed these swine-fuckers out and am now in a non-ending litigation because I decided to point this lazy money scam out. These swine have been begging for money while barely holding a restaurant job (quite the challenge) for years and these days call for a final "Fuck You"! I'm probably in a worse financial state than these bubba's yet they still ask for money like the swine they are. I'm looking at you Asia (that was a Corona reference). This post is not meant to pat my back, but to say you can still help out others in tough times, something the pigs have never done, ever. Here is the link if you care to donate to the hospital relief efforts. If you don't want to just give it to a bogus, non-taxed, Cash Me.

Here is the link/org the JCM gave money to. Use it as you will or find another, or just stay safe.

From the Iceman Commeth,
Bryan Metro

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