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Friday, November 30, 2018

Hard Rockin Weekend Football Picks.

Hey all, Metro here with a double dose of weekend football picks, college and pro.
But first, I have some sad news.  The Hard Rock Café in Detroit will be closing in January.
Anyway, with one month to go, that means there is still a little time to check out all the local items featured at the Hard Rock. I know this is short notice but I will go and document the items in a photo blog that will be posted next Monday or Tuesday. But first here are the football picks!

I am including a bonus college section because it is conference championship weekend and I know some of the Constant Readers are counting on my opinion for some last minute betting.

Washington over Utah- Same records but Washington's wins were winnier and losses were against good teams.
Oklahoma over Texas- This will pretty much lock Oklahoma into the Playoff.  Sorry Ohio State. Try losing to a ranked team next year.
Memphis over UCF- This is my college "upset special". UCF hasn't lost since 2016 but plays in a weak conference.  They beat Memphis already this season, but only by 1 point.  Also their star QB is out.  I'm going with the upset.
Alabama over Georgia- I have no idea what to expect from this game.  Both teams deserve to be in the playoffs and if Georgia wins they very well may. I don't think anybody is stopping Alabama this season.
Boise St. over Fresno St.- Probably the most evenly matched game of the weekend.  I'm taking Boise because the game is in Idaho.
Clemson over Pittsburgh- This one probably won't be close.
Ohio State over Northwestern- Ohio St. needs to run up the score to be considered for a shot at the Playoff, but even if they do I don't think it will be enough.

New Orleans over Dallas- I think New Orleans has this, but would not be surprised if Dallas pulls off the upset at home.  The main problem is the Cowboys' offense.  They need a big game from Ezekiel Elliott.  The problem is he is going up against one of the best run defenses in the league.  Keep that in mind fantasy gamblers.
Indy over Jacksonville- I stopped picking Jacksonville weeks ago after they burned me the first half of the season.  Plus they just benched their starting QB. Andrew Luck is back in form. Go with Colts.
Pittsburgh over LA Chargers- Probably the game of the week, and a very tough call.  I think the Chargers are the better team, but the Steelers take this one at home.  Expect to see this as a possible first round playoff rematch.
Carolina over Tampa Bay- The Bucs are playing for draft position at this point and the Panthers are playing for a playoff spot. Even on the road Carolina wins this.
Atlanta over Baltimore- This is my NFL "upset special" despite the Falcons being favored by 1. This is one of those gut feeling type of games.
Houston over Cleveland- Houston is rolling and is at home.  Take the Texans.
Miami over Buffalo-The "Brady's Bitches Bowl".  I'm not a Patriots fan and would love to see what the team would do in a division that didn't include the Dolphins, Bills, and Jets.  Take the home team.
Chicago over the Giants-  I think this will be closer than expected. Also if Chicago's D line is on point then Giants fans may get their Eli Manning retirement wish fulfilled.
Denver over Cincy- Cincy's done.  Denver's D versus a backup QB. Easy pick.
LA Rams over Detroit Lions- This is going to be ugly.  Really ugly.  I'm talking redhead from Hip in Detroit...okay I'll stop.  This is sports talk.
Green Bay over Arizona- Arizona sucks. Road game in below freezing temp. Lock of the week.
Kansas City over Oakland- I expect this to be mildly competitive at the start but the Chiefs should run away with it.
Tennessee over NY Jets- The Titans are fighting for playoff life and are at home against a shitty Jets team.  So take the home team (they'll probably blow it).
New England over Minnesota-  This is a tough one to call.  The Patriots haven't been thaaaat impressive this year despite their record, but they are at home versus a Minnesota team that is still in the playoff hunt.  When in doubt bet on Brady.
Seattle over San Francisco- Always bet on Seattle at home against a 2 win team.
Philly over Washington-  This is basically a playoff game with the loser being out of the playoff picture. Washington is without their starting QB and on the road. Bye bye Redskins.

So those are the picks for the sports/gambling Constant Readers.  Be sure to tunde in on Monday for my Local Detroit Hard Rock Café photo essay! Gobble gobble.

From the Iceman Commeth,
Bryan Metro

Monday, November 26, 2018

JCM's 2019 Hamtramck Music Festival Application

Hey all Metro here! This was originally a whole lot meaner but I lightened up probably due to the holidays.  I have officially applied for the 2019 Hamtramck Music Festival in what I hope will be the start of a "rebuilding process" between Metro/JCM and the Fest-ival.  Now I know many of you would think I would be crazy to do such a thing, but I am sure that all negativity can be replaced by the power of a New Day.  Shandi. I do not expect any threatening posts from the committee members asking me out for coffee as I have in the past. By the way, what is up with the coffee thing anyway?  Is that code or something?  I have a colleague on the east coast who basically does the same thing I do here, exposing local bs, scams, Kickstarters, etc., and she got the "lets get coffee" offer from somebody who hates her because she's always right too.  Here's a hint for anybody looking to draw me out of the JCMstown Compound, you're going to have to do better than a coffee shop.  Bikini bar or a restaurant like Twin Peaks at the very least.  Henry the VIII's if you want it to be a lock.  Ask Cally.  Another way would be to book the triumphant return of JCM to the HMF.  If there are any bands looking to apply I encourage you to do so.  Don't be discouraged by the transcripts I posted a few months ago where the committee openly says they prefer bands they know.  Maybe you can break through that glass ceiling.  Apply here ya dummies!

Here is my application in full with, of course, some commentary.

Metro back.  Here is the full transcript of the Short Band Bio:  "Digging holes, taking souls, doffing tops since 2008, the JCM is easily the most hated band in Detroit, and its not even close.  Guaranteed to get people talking, boycotting, crying. Their brand of slop fuzz blog rock is secondary to the absolute shit show that would happen if we played the fest which would actually be equal to the shit show that happens if we don't.  So this application is a lose lose situation."

Fair enough.  Also here is the link to the latest single posted above, "Pipebomb":
Dancin' Jim

This one is very important and dear to me because in the past few weeks I have been threatened with physical violence among other transgressions such as old addresses being posted, my work being threatened, the blog being reported, etc.  I would hope public safety would be at the forefront here and all the venues are safe spaces.  However, on the flip side, I would hate to see venues described as "not safe" just because some idiot posts something on Facebook and everybody believes it.  Because its not like we haven't seen that around here before. I was very torn on submitting my application because one of the members of the Fest Committee in years past, Third Man Records' TJ Grech is in a band with one of the most unhinged, harassing, discriminating people in town, Asia Mock/Logan Sade.  We all remember these:

-Ummmmmmmm.  I don't know what word can describe this statement. Profound? Poetic? Revolutionary? Nahhhh, I'll go with hate.  I'm sure the cops will love to see this the next time she gets a DUI with HER KID IN THE CAR! How can you post something like this publicly? Yes, I understand that there are serious issues regarding the police and abuse of power.  No, I don't have any suggestions for a quick fix because that's not my job (well technically it is being the only journalist in town that matters). At this time I don't have a quick fix regarding concerns about the police. Better?  But I can tell you that wishing for all of them to get arrowed in the face on a public forum is probably not the most logical way to go. Yet another Asia "violent threat/wish" special, I guess.  And this one.

I give up with this nutjob at this point. Just read that quote.  It is all over the board.  It is somebody who is in serious need of mental help who is "wittingly" contributing to group divides.  I am a white person and I have good intentions (stop laughing, I do) because I am imploring on a public forum that anybody who considers Asia/Logan a friend please get her into treatment. Abby RoppAubrey A. WolfeCharlie CarterStefanie Mezigian,  how do you feel about being marginalized by a psycho, a Psycho who publicly calls for violence on police and local journalists? She may feel singled out or even gasp "harassed" by me, but I just can't stand by and see all the hate and social divide she constantly spews out while the majority of her FB friends do nothing but like and encourage it.  It changes nothing in the community for the positive. All of her original thoughts are nothing but hate and her "solutions" are somebody else's memes.  That's all you need to know.
Yes, there is a lot of hate in that woman, and it concerns me that a member of a previous committee associates with such an unhinged person.  Especially while working at Third Man Records, which doesn't need any bad publicity.  I am glad the HMF "Czars" (lolol) decided on the no tolerance edict back in 2017.  Then there is this gem from one of her psycho sycophants:

Of course no response because bitch got shut down.....

Of course, no reply from Nutso..... but we do have a very well thought out reply from another Nutso...

She managed to stop whining about her poor headaches to type up this gem. In response to a well thought out reply we get "Keep your opinions to yourself". Asia is the gift that keeps on giving.  I feel so sorry for Andy though...poor guy, dealing with That.

Okay I ran off the rails back there so lets get back to the festival app.  Which leads me to:

So wait!  Does this mean all of the venues are NOT "safe spaces"? I'm confused. This looks to be like a new addition this year. And very smart I might add, which means it probably took them the entire summer to come up with the verbiage.  It's basically a waiver for everybody applying to waive all liabilities in case something happens during the fest.  So the same bands who complained about safety in 2017 have to click "agree" to submit this year. You're damn right I clicked "agree". Ahahahahaha! And just for old times sake, here are some choice quotes from members of the HMF from 2017.  I know at least one is still on the committee. Pay attention to some of the confused rhetoric as the Fest was in its 4th year when these conversations took place...  These are the people you are "waiving" your artwork, instruments, equipment, and safety to.  These are actual screencaps from the 2017 committee's "meeting minutes".  They were in a word doc and didn't translate well to being screencapped so I have transcribed them below if needed and my comments are in the parenthesis:

"I heard about it years ago and haven't thought much about it since I was initially made aware of it.  It disgusted me then and merely affirmed the fact that I'm not a fan of the band.  I wasn't aware they were booked for the festival to think we should bring it up."

(Translation- I am a member of the committee and not familiar with what bands are booked for the festival.  Also, if I don't like your band you have a lesser chance of making the bill.)

"I am friends with a few women who are certainly involved in circles who actively take issue with this stuff.  It's an issue I'm particularly sensitive to myself. I'll reach out to them on a personal level to get their opinions on how they think this should be handled in a professional way, should it be something we need to tackle.  Having those opinions should help us be better prepared."

(Translation-  Here we go.  We have no idea how to handle this so lets bring in some "personal friends" who have zero experience in running festivals to help us solve issues we have no idea how to handle.  Enter Seraphine Collective and say goodbye to anything resembling fun.)

*This would be a not so rare pic of them very happy after they once again got whatever they wanted because of political, race, sex baiting/whining.

(Translation-  I have zero idea of what I am doing.)

"I'm sure none of us wanna be in the middle of this, as I'm sure most of us feel overwhelmed and unprepared to deal with something like this. But, fact of the matter is, its been brought to us and we can't deal with it one way or the other."

(Translation-  I don't think we need a translation for this gem.  Once again, you are signing waivers to play this.....)

(Translation-  I'm not expert, but I have misplaced every single ounce of credibility I never had to begin with. Violent imagery does not constitute hate speech?  What? Huh? Good god man. I mean technically it doesn't as a blanket statement, but depending on the context of the imagery and who it is directed at would push it into the realm of hate speech.  There, now you're expert.)

"Any private meeting I choose to hold will be a private meeting held on my own accord and not at all on behalf of the festival.  These women want to be heard. They are coming to me more than anyone because they trust I am someone who is willing to listen, and I will absolutely listen to them and I will do it in a manner where their comfort and privacy is of my utmost concern."

(Translation- Pretty logical statement despite the meeting rules/edict/fascism.  Oh wait....I couldn't resist....

(Ahahahahahahahahahaha! Same guy!  That wasn't from the meeting minutes, but from a totally unrelated article.  Just to be fair, y'know, he's not exactly wrong.)

(Translation-  Ahahahahahahahahahahahaha x2)

"Any statement that isn't a resolution to the situation will be seen as inadequate and a further example of the festival's incompetence in dealing with the issue."

(Translation- Ahahahahahahaha!  Keep in mind all acts applying, these are the type of people you will be dealing with and signing away all of your liabilities.  Sigh.)

(Translation-  Wait a damn second!  That's actually a good question! And if you're still reading at this point you already know the answer.  I guess it must have happened at one of TJ's "private meetings" not on behalf of the festival.)

"Did Seraphine get the memo that we are looking into this very serious issue, in order to gather all the facts?  Which requires respect & trust."

(Translation- Oh Eugene, poor Eugene.  You know that the Seraphine Collective is the exact opposite of respect and trust.  They are a cancer and once you let them take control of the festival it became a total downer.  Now the application has more disclaimers and waivers than info the bands can provide.)

*This here would be a rare pic of what happens when somebody questions or disagrees with Seraphine Collective.  Everybuddy gets all mopey and sad.  This is, however, one of my favorite pics of them.  Don't they look like the life of the party? Isn't everybody having fuuuun?  They look like they are having the time of their life while having zero clue regarding how to DJ (or rational social interaction).  Quite the opposite disposition of when they were at the Metro Motel up there. I was going to make a joke that they were caught in the moment of tidying up the turntables for when the real DJ arrives, but technically that could be misconstrued as hate speech.  And just for laughs here is Seraphine at El Club because yeah, everything was okay then:  Ironic don'tcha think?

"Are you sure this isn't the Jesus Chainsaw Massacre fan page? I can not believe this behavior. This is the organizer thread for a charity for kids. This whole festival is being thrown under the bus because far too many of you can't swallow your pride and do what's right. JCM is laughing at you.  Would it be better if I post this thread on their Facebook?  They would love it. Bravo. We can make everything public. Will that solve all of your petty problems? Un-fucking-believable."

(Translation- Yes, I love it, and yes, I am still laughing.  Posting it on the JCM Facebook would do little because hardly anybody likes it, or wants to admit they read it, so I took the liberty to post this and our entire 2019 application here where thousands of Constant Readers can enjoy!)

Now these next caps aren't from the committee meeting minutes.  They are actually quite recent. They are from Stacey MacLeod, the half-wit from Dear Darkness who up until this week booked shows for Kelly's Bar in Hamtramck (a HMF venue, but you knew that).  Full disclosure, the last Dear Darkness show was the day before Thanksgiving last Wednesday at....do I even have to say?  Okay, yeah, it was at Kelly's in Hamtramck ahahahahahaha. This gem is from a few days after that barn-burner that bombed:

Ahahahahahahaha yet one more for the road. Kept double booking shows.  "Its really hard to keep up with." Ridin the flow of life.  So on one hand we have TJ who didn't know who was booked on the Fest in 2017 to Stacey who can't keep up with a single venue in 2018.  Yes applicants, these are the people ruin...I mean running the show in Hamtramck.  These are the people you are waiving all liabilities for.  These are the people you are playing for free for.  Now I'm not a master booker by any means although I have booked a handful of shows where the majority of acts cancelled and I had to be on top of things so here is some advice for Stacey.  Go to Dollar Tree and buy one of those pocket calendars.  In the "notes" section write down the 6 or 7 of your friends' bands that are in your booking cycle.  Toss in your own band on that list just to be consistent. Use the actual calendar pages to keep track of the shows.  I think that should clear up any future booking snafus.

So that's it Constant Readers.  The 2019 JCM/Metro Hamtramck Music Festival application. Yeah, it came off as kind of a "greatest hits" post of my favorite subjects, I get it.  I hope some of the things in this post did not hurt our chances at getting one of those exclusive spots at next year's festival, although despite all of my proof of incompetence involving those involved, I think the thing that did us in was the Sadie Gaga's Belly jab. Sigh, another band's hopes and dreams swallowed up.  If we do get selected, I will personally bring two boxes of crayons to the event in addition to performing for free and waiving all rights if anything happened to my equipment, car, the boxes of crayons, and oh yeah, me.  I really think this is the stepping stone to repair the JCM's relationship with the Hamtramck Music Festival, and I think we are off to a great start.  In the words of TJ Grech/Ghoul's CEO at Third Man Records, Lil Jackie White, "WHO'S WITH ME!!!!"

* Late night update for the east coast Constant Readers.  In addition to canceling his El Club record release show due to still unfounded claims about the venue, Tunde Olaniran has also cancelled his entire east coast tour.  No no no, I know what you're thinking.  How can every venue he was booked at have a history of not being a safe space. Actually, he says he messed up his back during dance rehearsals. Now I know how you can be cynical about that explanation especially if you have seen some of Tunde's dance team moves which actually put high school choreography to shame. Here is the FB video of the announcement:  Dance Off
Now you all know that I like to poke fun at Tunde's pretentiousness from time to time, but a back injury is nothing to laugh at.  Just last week, yours truly, who I might add is in peak physical condition with 6% body fat, out of this world stamina, a training in mma, perfect eating habits was raking the leaves when my posture betrayed me and I suffered indifference and poor ticket sales.....wait wait, no no no, I mean I messed up my back.  So I am quite sympathetic to this situation.  Hopefully, the dates can be rescheduled for the East Coast.  Here's not a prediction, but a spoiler...…. *Price is Right sound bite*

From the Iceman Commeth ridin the flow of life,
Bryan Metro

Tuesday, November 20, 2018

Thanksgiving NFL Picks

Hey all Metro here.  Vacation is off to a great start.  Trent's parents finally caved in and installed heaters in the pool at the house by the beach.  It was very sad about what happened to one of the maintenance workers hired to renovate the pool, but that's a story for another post.  This is a week of thanks!  Lets focus on the positive. Me personally, I am thankful for a lot of things, but I think it would be self indulgent to list them here.  Lets just limit it to friends, family, cats, and closing the book on the psycho fringe of the Detroit scene.  I'll have a diary about the pool installation next week, but this week is earmarked to be one of rest, relaxation, gaining weight, and football.

So here are my Week 12 NFL picks.  Last week I went 7-6, not up to my standards, so I hope to have a vintage Metro bounceback week.  Since there are three games on Thanksgiving I am posting the picks on Tuesday to give my gambling addict Constant Readers time to get the fix in.
My Week 12 picks:

Chicago over Detroit- The victory over Carolina last week was a classic Lions game that gave the fans false hope.  Did Detroit win that game or did Carolina lose it?  I'm going with da Bears in this one in the early Thanksgiving game where I will already be drunk.
Dallas over Washington-  Washington games have always been tough to pick this season, but with QB Alex Smith's leg flying off last week this makes it a little easier.
New Orleans over Atlanta-  The Saints are rolling and this should put Atlanta out of the playoff chase.
Jacksonville over Buffalo-  Both of these teams are trash and really can't be predicted.  Fuck it.
Baltimore over Oakland-  Probable bloodbath of the week.  Even without Joe Flacco Baltimore's defense is going to turn Gruden's bad dye job white.
Tampa Bay over San Francisco- Kind of a clunker of a game with both teams looking to next year.  Take the home team.
Philly over NY Giants- Philly's season on the line so I pick the defending champs to win on the road.  Although it wouldn't surprise me to see Odell Beckham's prediction of winning out on Eli Manning's farewell tour.
Cincinnati over Cleveland-  The battle for Ohio zzzzzz.  Actually I do predict a high scoring competitive game.  Cincy by 6.
New England over NY Jets-  Mu gut says this could be one of those trap games where the Jets overachieve and sneak out a win, but the Patriots are coming off the bye week and the Jets peaked in Week 1.
Carolina over Seattle-  I almost went with Seattle with their season on the line but I expect Carolina to come out fired up after losing to the Lions last week (lol).  Maybe the closest game of the week to call.  Take the home team.
Indy over Miami-  Andrew Luck has risen from the grave and Indy is playing well.  I think the 9 point spread is a little high so if you bet on Miami take the points.  Otherwise, Indy for the win.
LA Chargers over Arizona-  Nahhh this could be the bloodbath of the week.  Arizona is really bad and on the road.
Pittsburgh over Denver-  This will be a close game with Pitt on the road in Denver.  Pitt is rounding into form and if they can protect the ball they will do just enough for the win.
Green Bay over Minnesota-  Division game? Check. Season/division on the line? Check.  I've seen enough.  I'm going with another Whiny Aaron Rogers game despite being underdogs on the road.
Houston over Tennessee-  I think I may have gotten every Tennessee game wrong this year.  I'm taking Houston, but if you are betting take Tennessee.

Welp, those are the Thanksgiving Week 12 picks.  Hope everybody has a very happy Turkey Day!  See you next Wednesday.

From the Iceman Commeth,
Bryan Metro

Sunday, November 18, 2018

Vacation...All I Ever Wanted

Hey all Metro here.  Its getting to that special time of year.  No not the holidays.  The time when absolutely nothing is really worth gabbing, ripping, talking about.  Yeah I could continue silly social media flame wars (not a prediction, but a spoiler), but my point is made regarding that so there really is nothing left in the tank there (not a spoiler).

So I will be taking the rest of the month off.  I will still pop up every Wednesday for my NFL picks (even though this weeks' look to be a disaster).  And of course if something zany pops up I will cover it since nobody else around town covers anything anymore.

I scanned the shows for the rest of the month and the only remotely interesting one would be the two day JettBlast Fest at Lager House Thanksgiving weekend.  Maybe Echo and the Bunnymen at the Fillmore.  Everything else looks dull.  Whatevs, I'm packing my bags for sunny California to spend some time at the house by the beach.  See you in December Constant Readers.

Oh, I almost forgot, one more thing.  I want to close the book on the whole Asia Mock/Logan Sade and her close knit group of 30 friends drama.  Here is her last statement, and I would love to address it in a public forum.

Allow me to address her statements:
-"He's gotten my friend blocked from posting after he reported her defending herself from him to FB police".  Laughable.  The friend in question is Miserable Mere B Louve and she was reported because she wasn't "defending herself" but posting unfounded claims about me along with my mother's (a senior who doesn't even know the blog) age, address, and phone number.  What the fuck does that accomplish?  Poor Mere can't post because she's a fucking imbecile who deserves to be blocked.

-"images of me posted without my permission".  Okay Asia/Logan, sit down for this bombshell.  Everything posted on Facebook is public knowledge/domain.  If you are encouraging violence online (as I have posted proof of) then I can use it on my blog.  I have never posted any private messages out of respect to the parties involved.  Your followers can't make the same claim.  The glamour photos I posted were public domain and it was last year not a few years.  Do you even know what year it is?

-"killing everyone in sight"   What???  One more time, what???  This has to be the lamest attempt at emotional triggering I've seen all week.  I have one stop sign ticket and one expired tabs on my record and in ten years on this blog never threatened anyone physically.  This coming from someone who encouraged violence against me, and even said it herself.  Hahahahahaha.  The screenshots are in the previous posts.

-"I'm tired of leaving work scanning who's around because I'm afraid to see his face.  I'm tired of checking inside my car before I get in it because I think he'll be in it."-  What??? One more time, what???  This has to be the new champion at lamest attempt at emotional triggering I've seen all week.  This is just flat out pathetic.  I want Asia to get the mental treatment she deserves, not harm.  Not once have I made a single threat. Yet her idiot gallery of friends have made numerous threats of PHYSICAL HARM (yeh I can use CAPS LOCK too), including Asia herself.  So let me get this straight.  Asia/Logan says the offer to beat my ass at Java Hutt still stands, but is too scared to get in her car??!!!  Hahahaha.

-"So look, I need a favor"- Another haha moment.  It seems like every other Asia/Logan post is her begging for help.  Oh my car, doctor's appointments, work.  Here's the best part:  Her favor was for people to post screenshots about me, the VERY same thing she was complaining about earlier in the post.  She's beyond hope, although I honestly hoped she would get help.

And next we have this Brainiac:

To be fair, here is the actual link where she/he shows they didn't even bother to read:  Read a book!
Here's a tip.  "How do we help to get a lawyer?", you get a lawyer.  Also read the article.  The person in question was accused of hacking and extortion, neither of which I am guilty of because of public domain. In terms of screenshots I think the worst I posted was the Powder one, but really, was I wrong?  I think the person who should be concerned is Mere B Louve for posting this:

A false unsubstantiated claim about something that was not true, but thought it would shut me up.  Nahhh, FB zapped her/it and shut her up (for a while at least). Along with posting my mom's address and phone number because yeah, she's behind it all.

Also, you should find this hilarious. This Robin character had a post regarding black Friday and the comment section included these gems:

Yeppp.  Great people.  To its credit Elouise does not have a Paypal on its page begging for money, but c'mon.  I know Logan has the theory that I have all these mirror accounts, but all of these individuals seem to be the same individual.  That was sarcasm.  I know they're not.  But the fact it seems plausible is scary.

At least my post, the only one I fudged with, was somewhat accurate.  It does look like Powder.  Amiwrong?

Basically these individuals's usual tactics backfired, and blew up in their face despite their mild success at El Club, and now everybody knows how misinformed, toxic, and shitty these people are.  Thanks for reading!!!!!!!!!!!!

Lol, also a scholar!

From the Iceman Commeth,
Bryan  Metro

Saturday, November 17, 2018

Metro's Survivor Series Preview/Predictions

Hey all, Metro here with my WWE Survivor Series 2018 prevue.  Hard to believe, but Survivor Series is the 2nd longest running ppv behind WrestleMania.  Yes, it has lost a little luster the past few years, but it is still considered of the "Big Four".  And as an added bonus, it is not funded by a crown prince with a taste for the blood of journalists.  The pre-show starts at 5pm and the main show runs from 7pm to 10:45pm.  So 5+ hours of wrestling to cover.  Dammit.  Lets get to it.

Team Raw Tag (Bobby Roode/Chad Gable, The Revival, The B-Team, The Ascention, The Luchas) vs. Team Smackdown (New Day, The Usos, The Club, Sanity, and the Colons)
This match shows how shallow the tag divisions are on both brands.  All involved are talented and it should be a decent match, but they are just not cared about.  I'm going with Team SD with my "lock of the night".
Will win-  Team SD
Should win- Team SD

Main Show-
Buddy Murphy vs. Mustafa Ali (Cruiserweight title)
This could be the match of the night and no one would care.  I think Murphy retains as he is still a new champ, but Ali saves face with a showcase match.
Will win- Buddy Murphy
Should win- Buddy Murphy (although Ali deserves a title run).

Team Raw Women (Mickie James, Natty, Tamina, Nia Jax, Ruby) vs. Team SD (Asuka, Carmella, Naomi, Sonya, TBA)
This is probably the closest team elimination match to predict.  I am going with Team SD after Natty and Ruby eliminate each other due to Ruby breaking Natty's dead father's sunglasses this past Monday.  Team Raw is doomed also because of Nia ruining the ppv main event of Rousey and Becky Lynch.
Will win- Team SD
Should win- Team SD

AOP vs. The Bar
The Authors of Pain have just kind of been there while The Bar are great workers, so this should be an interesting match.  My gut says this will be a double dq/count out, but if I had to pick a winner, I'll go with the new guys.
Will win- AOP
Should win- Draw

Seth Rollins vs. Shinsuke Nakamura
One of those matches that should have had a month build up, but tossed together because of the silly Survivor Series brand split format. This also has the potential to be the match of the night.  Dean Ambrose is not scheduled for the ppv sooooooo Nakamura wins despite not speaking English.
Will win- Nakamura
Should win- Nakamura

Ronda Rousey vs. Charlotte Flair
WWE had to scramble to replace the literally red-hot Becky Lynch after a botch this past Monday.  With little time to hype it, I expect more story than fight.  Watch out for the MMA Four Horsewomen to cost Charlotte the match.  I'm going with Ronda with a heel turn and the win.
Will win- Ronda
Should have won- Becky Sturr

Team Raw Men (Drew McIntyre, Dolph Ziggler, Braun Strowman, Finn Balor, Lashley) vs. Team SD (Jeff Hardy, Shane O Mac, The Miz, Rey Mysterio, Samoa Joe)
I really think that Team SD has no chance.  There is no way Drew or Braun loses here.  Well Braun might due to Baron Corbin interference.  But there is no way Drew/Raw loses here.
Will win- Team Raw
Should win- Team Raw

Brock Lesnar vs. Daniel Bryan
This is a mess.  Another match that has never happened that could have used a month of build.  Instead we get a title switch five days before, along with a heel turn for Bryan, who goes on to face a heel Lesnar.  Just a total botch.  Lesnar with an easy win after an AJ Styles beatdown pre-match.  Or, a triple threat.  Either way, Bryan is eating the pin.
Will win- Lesnar
Should win- AJ Styles

Bryan Metro vs. Asia Mock in a Ferndale Street Fight
Despite the odds stacked against me, I will channel my inner Roman Reigns and overcome all odds.  I predict a forfeit decision when Asia can't make it due to car issues, another DUI, or just plain laziness to walk the mile from Webster.
Will win- Bryan Metro
Should win- Everybody Asia has fucked over with her toxic behavior.

Facebook is public domain dumbass.

And speaking of toxic behavior I want to take a minute to call out Aubrey A. Wolfe.  Yeah, she's a nobody.  Your typical 38 going on 50 year old

She is a wonderful example of exactly what I was saying in my El Club posts.  I can't stress enough how I didn't take a side in it and just wanted the facts/proof to come out.  It never happened.  The original poster Chanel is basically a ghost at this point and the venue has gone through an ownership change and bands are still dropping out.  And then there's this from Ms. Wolfe:

Do you see the problem here?  What is her end-game? Messaging bands making them aware of a situation THAT HAS YET TO BE PROVEN telling them to cancel!  Its easy for Tunde and Queer Dance Party and Will Sessions because they are local, and nobody really cares about them, but you have to understand that national acts like Tom Morello probably have their travel arrangements set and other venues may be already booked.  But then, I checked and this nutso lives in the Traverse City area out of a PO Box.  She doesn't even live in Detroit!  She has no perspective on the situation other than unfounded Facebook posts most of which start with "I heard from somebody that....". Ahahahahahaha! Give me a break.  This peanut gallery is the gift that keeps on giving  This is the part I want to stress.  She is contacting all these acts but offering zero suggestions on how to make things better  She just wants to see another Detroit venue become an abandoned building.  AND SHE DOESN'T EVEN LIVE HERE!!!!!  Yes, these are the people who will save you Detroit.  Aubrey, you just earned the "Fuck Off" badge of the week.  Message me in the always anonymous comments section.  Again, and again, if you wish. Idiot.
Will win- Metro
Should win-Detroit

I try to pace my chaos and complaining with local business recommendation, movie reviews/recommendations, GoFundMe's that aren't scams.  My full take could be seen in the comments below.  People like Asia, Aubrey, Charlie Carter, Abby Ropp offer zero solutions to anything.  Well, unless you count hate memes have solutions.  The amount of people privately messaging me agreeing is staggering.  Aside from their little inner FB circle, nobody gives them the time of day because its all the same.  They are as one dimensional as they can be.

Here's a refresher on Mere B Louve.  She is completely insane. Loves to start shit but is completely a coward.  Her claim to fame is being on a podcast years ago, loves to hide her face (I wouldn't argue with that), causing a shitload of hate in the local community.  She also claims to be a martyr that I blocked her on FB.

I haven't blocked anybody in my life.  If you are jealous that I actually know who my parents are then fine, but if you don't understand that when YOU block somebody on FB you can't see it anyway.  God these people are hilarious. And just for fun.  This is you right, fugly (to steal your term)?

Here is the issue with this clique.  They always get what they want, and when they don't they can't process it, so they turn to tactics like harassing my mom. Not a prediction, but a spoiler, its not going to work.  The same circle of nobodies will keep liking the same generic hate posts, but it won't mean a thing.  Their own social media footprint will define them, and I am a-ok with that.  All of the 30+ members of their little clique have nothing on my thousands of Constant Readers.  Added bonus:  I'm right in all this with proof. Total zeroes.

So that's it.  Your Survivor Series preview.  Enjoy the show and remember, not to be sheep, but follow the buzzards.

From the Iceman Commeth,
Bryan Metro