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Wednesday, August 30, 2017

Help!!! A dilemma!

Hey folks Metro here.  I have made the call to do just one written Podcast per week since some people like it and others don't.  However, I am in a pinch right now.
This afternoon I received a text from the Hamtramck Labor Day Festival regarding my volunteer application.  Now I have vague memories of filling out the application but don't really remember what I put on it.  Apparently, my phone number was one.  I may have referenced the HamFest/Ben's Encore stuff in the "about me" section, but it was probably 3 in the morning and I most likely drunk so there may not have even been an "about me" section. 

Anyway, I digress.  So my volunteer app was approved by the Labor Day committee and I have the Saturday evening shift if I choose to accept. First off, much respect to the committee for actually responding to the app (I've been ignored in the past by other fests, fairs, and Blowout.  With Blowout I could understand because I tried to volunteer when I was scheduled to play and wanted to work the door during the show).
But I have a dilemma.  In the time since filling out the app I have acquired primo Tigers tickets for that day.  So lets take a look at the pros and cons.....

Tigers Pro's-  Primo seats + potential to sleep with Prince Fielder's wife (if she's there).

Tigers Con's-  The season is basically over and everyone is hurt or on waivers.

Labor Day Fest Pro's-  The opportunity to help out the local community by offering my services free of charge, and my services are always 100% maxed out bay-bay, something the Hamtramck community isn't used to based on what I saw earlier this year with the Music Fest.  The feeling of satisfaction seen in a young child's eyes who has not been exposed to the horrors that await them (while I steal some of his popcorn).  Finally, the opportunity to multi-task and cover the event for the Lavender Blog and give the local music readers the type of honest coverage you won't find from your Hip in Detroit's or Milo's...

Labor Day Fest Con's-  Emphasis on "con's".  I mean really.  I have spent the entire year, hell the entire past 10 years ribbing, poking, exposing (no pedo), the local music scene and out of nowhere they extend an olive branch??!!  Something is amiss in the state of Denmark (for you Faulkner fans).  Not sure if I buy it.  I am to meet in a "parking lot near the car wash on Caniff".  Seems reasonable.  Then I checked the acts who would be playing during my shift:
Dear Darkness-  Sucks.  Total feminazi headcases who like to get people get kicked off bills. What do we got here?  A cuppa bitches? A cuppa bitches?  What next? Asia Muck parking cars?

The Idiot Kids-  Okay gotta be careful here.  They're a really cool band who is getting a well-deserved push and are already signed to Jett Pizza Records (see what I did there? Cool, now see what I really did there?), so all the best to them.  Whew, I made it through without even a Lee reference....  OH DAMMIT!
Anyway, here is a clip of an interview with them with Sadie from Hip in Detroit.  I can't vouch for the entire interview because I only made it to the 0.13 mark where she said "I wanted to get to know you for MYSELFS".  I'm not making this up.  There are so many ways to dissect that.  See for yourselfs!

Craig Brown Band-  You all know I am a huge fan of this act.  Okay, my hypocrisy only goes so far, Wyatt.  I have made a year out of roasting these chumps (and this is coming as an admirer of Terrible Twos).  This act is so forced....forced in so many ways, the whole country angle to appease Third Man Records, the whole forced down everybody's throats at every single major show there is, the whole drunk version of the Jamaican Queens gimmick where you can switch out drugs with booze, "Oh look, I'm drunk, look how drunk I look in these professionally shot promo pics."  So lame.  And the backup band.... What da we got here?  A cuppa passes?  A cuppa passes?

The only thing missing from this stellar lineup is Queen Kwong.  That would make it a Royal Flush of Ass.  But we all know why she won't be there.  I covered that a few posts ago.  She hates Detroit and probably there was little to promote/profit from a lowly Labor Day Fest. (Craig Brown you have a ways to go my friend).
If I decide to volunteer and show up at the parking lot I fully expect Joe Don Baker to be there with a cuppa guys with 2 pipes and a bike chain....

But wouldn't it make for a good story?  So, help me out constant readers.  What does one choose?

From the Iceman Commeth,
Bryan Metro

Monday, August 28, 2017

Written Podcast-Social Media and the Notorious "But"

Metro checking in with our next installment of the experimental "Written Podcast" where me and a host of co-hosts riff on topics online and then transcribe them here.  Today, my co-host is Written Podcast original Robert "Eddie" Lee.  Eddie and I riffed on social media trends today and there were a few decent points I couldn't let disappear into the desert.

The discussion started around when I made a social media post:
"Totally forgot that the MTV VMA's were on last night, thank god (although they'll probably replay them 50 times this week). My written podcast co-host Eddie Lee said how long can they go on without playing videos and they should just have it on youtube (valid point). Basically its all about fashion these days. There's nothing so awkward and embarrassing than a "celebrity" on MTV trying to make a statement and then cue the predictable crowd shot of pretty entitled teens in the crowd cheering. The irony is that those kids' parents most likely voted for Trump. This is in no way a Pro-Trump post. Just stating some facts."

The main crux of our Podcast is "The Disclaimer Issue"

*Insert New York Times tweet about the Mayweather/McGregor fight describing McGregor as "bloodied and about to fall through the ropes", sent by Eddie

Metro- They didn't even watch the fight lol. I haven't seen a legitimate publication take a hit lately like the NYT.

Eddie- That’s a TMZ-level headline. Hell, I bet even TMZ got it right. Also, I believe that climate change is happening, just not to the degree that many espouse. Regardless, this is just a dumb argument that I’ve seen repeated by many people with more depth than Alyssa Milano.
So what caused the flood 500 years ago? Or the 500 before that? Pyramid construction?

*Insert Alyssa Milano tweet*

Metro- "Look what Goddddd did to us man". My looney LA high school friend just posted recently that we should tear down the white house because it is a symbol of minority oppression and build a new one....... 

Eddie- She may want to wait until Trump is out of office. I don’t think she would like his rebuilding plans.

Metro-  Sometimes I'm not the only person who dares to disagree with somebody on a social forum.  One of my favorite comments was "They'll just give Trump Jr. the building contract."  Also at the VMA's I guess they also trotted out the mother of the Charlottesville girl too.

Eddie- Eh, to be fair that’s par for the course now. All sides do it to some degree. Doesn’t make it any less exploitive. Trump bringing out Bill Clinton’s rape accusers at a presidential debate is the current high watermark.

Metro- Lol, I already forgot about that!

Eddie- The funny part about that whole thing was the reaction from many on the left. They were more incensed about Donald Trump doing that than they were about Bill Clinton’s rape accusations. That’s hypocrisy at its finest.
Flip the script; where do you think the outrage would be directed then?

Metro- I have given up trying to debate anybody these days

EddieI saw your post on Facebook about the VMAs. One phrase I’ve seen increasing in usage on social media amongst those of my friends who tend to be centrists (I include myself in that group, despite where others would place me), “I’m not a Trump supporter, but...”

Metro- I've said that in all my posts since the start. My stance is I like him because he entertains me, which says a lot about me considering I'd rather be entertained than fixing the country.

Eddie- I guess I just think it’s ridiculous that people in the middle feel the need to preface any of their stances with “I don’t support Trump, but” lest they be associated with Nazis or whatever else they’re trying to pin to him. Says a lot about that side of the aisle.

Metro- Maybe it is a subconscious thing I didn't pick up on. I have made it public that when I voted I didn't vote for either. I just voted on local stuff like library millages and local offices. That's true though, maybe it has been burned in my brain that I have to preface it. Which is unlike me because I hemorrhage more FB friends on a weekly basis than Natasha from Gold House Media.

EddieI saw your post and my sisters boyfriend’s comment in another thread, one after the other. Both use the same preface. I don’t know if he voted for Trump, and I really don’t care, but it was just an observation I made. I’ve seen other friends use the same language when going against the grain online.

Metro- I guess there are a few ways to look at it. I can't comment on anybody else but me, and I usually use it because of frustration that people would extrapolate that I was a Trump slappy instead of what I was actually trying to convey. As you said, a product of the times. If I say I'm not a Trump die-hard from the get-go then it diffuses that argument, and turns the focus to my actual post which I'd be more than happy to argue on.

Eddie- For sure. I’m sure it helps get your point through. The problem is the association of Trump to anything contrary to the accepted viewpoint in these bubbles. You and others are obviously cognizant of that. I guess that’s probably the case in any echo chamber.

Metro- To use my VMA post as an example, I would be bored with any comments like "Oh you're just saying that because you're a Trump supporter." In bored iz bored. But comments like "Why are you hating on people using their celebrity as a platform for change." Now THAT I can sink my teeth into.

Eddie- Fair point. My question is, how effective is it? Do they actually focus on your point or do they still try to shoehorn your opinion into whatever political box they deem appropriate?

Metro- Well most social media interaction I have is my comments on other people's posts. Nobody likes to comment on my stuff because they don't want to be associated with me haha. But it is effective however because it takes away the easiest argument. I also use that preface on my comments "Now I'm not a fan of Bryan Metro but..."

Eddie- “I’m not a misogynist and I support privacy laws, but isn’t The Fappening great?!” I’m using the Bryan Metro preface in all posts now.

Metro- Your observation did make me equal parts self-conscious and also wanting to troll you by starting all of my posts with: "I'm not a Trump supporter but you have to see this kitten."

Eddie- “I’m not a fan of Bryan Metro, but here’s some pics of my kids.”

Metro-  Oh shit, jinx!!

So that's it kiddos.  A couple decent points buried in there that hopefully gets some people to look at themselves in the mirror (unless they write for Hip in Detroit).  Thanks for reading and we'll have another one up later this week.  Wrestling themed.

From the Icemen Commeth,
Bryan Metro and Eddie Lee    


Friday, August 25, 2017

Metro's Mayweather/McGregor Prevue

*Note, normally I write all my posts out longhand and then type them up.  No time to do it for this one so if it seems more rambling than usual that's why.  See starting already....

Metro here.  Last week I had my Summerslam prevue for the biggest wrestling show of the Summer.  This weekend its the biggest "hyped" boxing match in history, Floyd Mayweather vs. Conor McGregor.

Now I'm no boxing master so this will probably be shorter than the actual fight.  I feel that they did some things right with the fight and some things wrong.

The Fight Itself-  Will it be the greatest fight of all time?  No way Jose.  But they (who are "they" anyway?) managed to get the biggest name in boxing today to agree to a fight with one of the biggest names in MMA  This is the very definition of the fight that sells itself.

The Press Tour-  The four city press tour they did after the fight was made official was a stroke of genius. McGregor sold himself to a boxing world that may not be familiar with him or his antics in a big way.  I remember telling Eddie Lee, my written podcast co-host, at the time that the pressers would be more entertaining than the actual fight.  McGregor sold the fight during these with constant profanity, allegations that Mayweather could not read, and actually rubbing Mayweather's head at one point (a big no-no).  Mayweather was more subdued and laughed most of it off, but you could tell he was seething.  Great move by the fight's PR team.

Overall Hype- They were building up this fight even before it was made official.  Then the 4 city presser.  Then the Vegas presser this week.  Today's weigh in.  The fight itself probably won't be great but everyone involved made it feel like the fight of the century.  Hell, even Eddie Lee even created a Facebook event page for it.


The Fight Itself- Yep, this one minor thing gets in the way of everybody's fun....they actually have to fight on Saturday.  This has the makings of a classic trainwreck where 90% of the viewers will be crying online about wanting their money back seconds after its over.  Mayweather is 40 and hasn't boxed in 2 years.  McGregor has never boxed in 29 years.  People need to realize they are paying for the spectacle, not a fight.  Doing so would help ease the worry that they just paid $100 for this.

Timing of the Press Tour-  As I mentioned above, the four city press tour was marketing genius.  However the timing sucked.  It happened so early in the build that it lost some of its luster.  It was entertaining as hell and would have been better closer to the fight.  However, I do understand logistics probably played into this as the fighters would be concentrating on conditioning, diet, sparring as it got closer.  We'll call this a draw.

Health of Participants-  Okay, right off the bat, both of these guys are making more money in one day than most of us would see in their lives so this isn't a pity party.  However, Mayweather is 40 years old and hasn't fought in 2 years and agreed to drop the weight of the gloves to a more mma friendly size.  Speaking of dropping weight, McGregor has to get down to 154lbs by 6pm today.  He usually fights at 170.  His training team said that after he makes weight he will rehydrate/diet back to 168lbs in time for the fight Saturday.  That can't be good for the human body.

Legitimacy of Fight- There is a reason the actual fight is not sold out yet, and its not quite the price tag.  People think this is just a cash grab by all involved.  There are some who don't even think it'll be a real fight.  That hit on credibility has hurt the build to this.  Will this be more Raging Bull or Thunderlips vs. Rocky?

The Betting Angle

I consider myself an amateur gambler, but with an addictive personality, so I like to follow most Vegas betting lines from home anywhere from baseball, basketball, especially football, and of course boxing/mma.  Interesting things have been going on once the fight was official. Mayweather opened at -2500, a gigantic favorite.  What that means is you would have to bet $2500 on him just to win $100.  For historical perspective, Mike Tyson was -4000 vs. Buster Douglas.  As of last week Mayweather dropped to -500, still the favorite, but nearly every casual bettor's bet was on McGregor for the upset, around a 50 bets to 1 click.  With that amount of money on McGregor, if he pulls off the upset, it could be the biggest financial loss in Vegas history.
But pump the brakes here....this week the "smart money" has started to come in. The high rollers have started to roll into town and place their bets.  Just yesterday two bets of a million dollars (one made in cash; nothing to see here) were placed on Mayweather, thus bumping his odds back to the -600 range.  What does all this mean?  Well lets get to....

The Prediction

Okay, after digesting all of the above, now we come to the prediction.  Me and my written podcast co-host Eddie Lee have discussed how the fight could go and came up with this.  McGregor comes out blazing (as he said he would) and gets the stunning knock out.  He's not winning via decision, lets not fool ourselves.  Mayweather comes out blazing as he said he would to make up for disappointing his fans with the Manny fight.  That just seems like lip service.  Mayweather has a "prop bet" on how many rounds the fight will last and will dictate the fight accordingly.  Or, finally, what most likely will happen....The first round will see a quick flurry followed by nothing monumental.  The 2nd round McGregor goes all in and is knocked out.  Metro has Mayweather in 2 rounds.


You know I love my lists so I decided to throw in a bonus list of my Top 5 boxers of all time.  Its my list so if you bitch about it save your time and make your own.

5.  Mike Tyson-  I know his career record took a hit at the end but for one stretch in time he was the meanest, toughest, hardest hitting fighter on the planet and helped boxing get that new star to recover from Ali retiring.  That's top 5.

4.  Joe Louis-  Local bias here I guess.  I am familiar with his big fights and some of his not so big fights.  But he did mean a lot to Detroit.  He had an arena named after him along with the iconic big fist.  That's top 5.

3. Floyd Mayweather-  As much as it pains me to put him here, I kinda have to.  The pound for pound best fighter of his generation (both genders/never beat up a tranny....yet), and a perfect 49-0, soon to be 50-0.  Perhaps the best defensive fighter of all time.  That's top 5.

2. Muhammad Ali-  If you need me to recap all of his accomplishments in and out of the ring, you are reading the wrong blog.  Side note, I met him when I was in grade school at a signing.  He took time away from the line to do a card/magic trick for me.  Now that's top 5!

1.  Rocky Marciano-  My favorite boxer of all time.  When men fought men and didn't care about weight cuts and diet and probably had a fifth of whiskey the night before and the night after.  Oh and also undefeated.  That's top 5.

Have fun if you're watching tomorrow.  I may do a quick pop-up pop culture written podcast with Eddie Lee next week.

From the Iceman Commeth,
Bryan Metro

Thursday, August 24, 2017

Serious post-For the underagers

Metro here,
You know me, I am notorious for pissing people off and getting bands kicked off shows, but lets get serious for a minute.

Numerous people have contacted me about potential underage trafficking that is going on in town where geezers use their clout to get young'uns gigs, records, or a push.  I've joked about it here before but only because of thing's I've witnessed and was just being a prick.

 However I have received numerous messages lately that it is indeed a real thing, and something that I should look into.  I haven't decided to fully look into it as of now, however immediately, if you are in a local band, underage, who feels they have been taken advantage of in any way, please contact my advocate at arthurheathca@hotmail.com and we can get the ball rolling. Don't worry I already have all of the names and info and they are in multiple places in case anything happens to me, but if it ends up being nothing, than nobody has anything to worry about and we all toast a pint!  We can chat over it over some pizza.  Hot N Ready Babay!

From the Iceman Commeth,
Bryan Metro

Tuesday, August 22, 2017

Metro's First ever Experimental Podcast

Hey all, Metro here on a gloomy day with a weird idea.  Everybody and their mother has a podcast now.  Their easy, cheap, and fun....just like me.  You can listen to them on the way home from work or before bed. One thing I do hate are the video ones.  If I want a movie review I'd like to read it, not have to sit through a 30 minute youtube clip while on the toilet.

So I woke up today with a weird idea.  The very first ever written Podcast.  (If I'm wrong and there are others out there, I'm sorry and replace "first" with "best").
Hear me out.  Every day my life is relegated to private Facebook Messenger conversations.  Some are about politics, some about wrestling with local performance artists, some about the latest celebrity nude photos, but most are about pop culture.  And when I woke up today, I thought "Man, there is a lot of good content and opinions right there....all being lost in the ether."  So I decided to try something new and transcribe these conversations into a written Podcast form.  I've always wanted to do a real one but coordinating schedules made me lose interest.  This way, my thousands of weekly readers can read it on their own time.  Its an experiment, but if people react to it then I will do more.  Maybe some wrestling ones, maybe more lists.  As always...have fun with it.  So here we go.

Your hosts today will be me, Metro and co-host and pop culture savant Eddie Lee. I woke up today (at noon, as usual) to a link from Eddie from the BBC website listing what they view as the top 100 comedies of all time.  Everybody loves lists right????
I will include the link here so you can follow along: Top 100 Comedies

Eddie: It’s a British list so I guess you have to take it with a grain of salt (or whatever you put on British food to make it less bland).

Metro: Stopped reading when I got to Caddyshack at #65

Eddie: Yeppp

Metro: Stopped reading again when I got to Pulp Fiction at #46 (one ahead of Animal House). That's one of those comment-bait entries. C'mon, if there's anybody who knows comment-bait its me.  I have a folder of embarassing D. Brisbois photos saved on my laptop for future photoshops, and lets not get into Christina Criss (everyone has anyways).

Eddie: Pulp Fiction is kind of a stretch as a comedy but I guess its genre bending. And Clueless? GTFO. 
Take out Clueless and move any of the others up or throw in Superbad or Revenge of the Nerds (both missing).

Metro:  I'd pump the brakes on Revenge of the Nerds, but Clueless is definitely too high. However, most criminal snub- National Lampoons Vacation!

Eddie: Yikes I didn’t even notice that. Also (dating myself) no Dumb and Dumber or Old School. But let’s put Mean Girls in. Burn the list.

Metro: I date myself all the time.  About 5 times a week. Also no Planes, Trains, Automobiles.

Eddie: Jesus. I mean, I understand you have to include stuff like The General and a host of other classics which I probably haven’t seen, but give me a fucking break. Airplane top 10 is a good choice though..

Metro: Both John Hughes and Chevy Chase must not be popular in England. No Home Alone either. Loved it as a kid, though as a near 40, its a little dated. Good to see Lebowski get some love.
Airplane top 10, I approve

Eddie: Lebowski, Blazing Saddles top 20 has my approval, though Blazing Saddles could be bumped higher.

Metro: Alright, lets get down to it. Concentrating on top 20 now (until I get distracted by another snub).

Eddie: Yeah there’s definitely a cultural element to it.. Bridesmaids above Animal House..
Cue the guitar smash gif.

Metro: Life of Brian higher than Holy Grail is suspect.  They're both funny movies, but Brian was more of a satire on religion and lost a lot of steam before the final sequence.  I'm not calling "agenda" here with this list yet, but its in my head.

Eddie: Never was a Month Python fan so I can’t comment. Team America over Caddyshack. Just stop.

Metro: Team America is fun, but I think Caddyshack at #65 will be the death of this list.  It was my first thought when I read the article, and will probably be my last. Groundhog Day at 4 and Annie Hall at 3 are a tad high in my opinion.

Eddie: Nutty Professor remake was funnier than the original. I’ll take that fight to the streets.

Metro:  You shouldn't have a problem with that nowadays, but that's for another written Podcast. If they included Pulp Fiction why not include Dog Day Afternoon? I'm not saying top 50, but lets be fair.

Eddie: They threw in a Fellini movie over all those omissions. I’m done. Silence of the Lambs has some funny parts.

Metro: Philadelphia.... Back to griping. Hanks not represented on this list. Can't include Groundhog Day without Big. Both comedies cut from the same sentimental cloth.

Eddie: 2 South Park movies is completely unnecessary and I’m a South Park fan. Pick one and put it in the bottom 20. And they’re both ranked higher than Ghostbusters. I have to think Parker and Stone would disapprove. Also, Goodfellas is arguably funnier than Pulp Fiction.

Metro:  Tough call with Goodfellas vs. Pulp Fiction in terms of laughs, but good point. Now that I'm going through it a 3rd time this list was composed with the idea of not ruffling any feathers, yet ruffled feathers. Trying to include things to please everyone "Ohhh there aren't enough female based comedies" is a mistake. That being said there aren't that many african american comedies repped. I guess you could make a claim for Blazing Saddles.  Also I didn't say "black comedies" because that would just confuse the few readers that are actually still reading.

Eddie: Good eye. Like I said, Eddie Murphy Nutty Professor, Beverly Hills Cop, Coming to America, Trading Places. Not sure if any of those are on the list because I didn’t bother to look. Friday, Amistad, Top Secret shouldn’t be on there, at least not in that spot.

Metro: Agree regarding Top Secret.  Funny but overrated. Trading Places is on there.  No, on the others.

Eddie: Somewhat redeemed. I think the others i listed are funnier. Completely subjective of course.

Metro:  Watch out with that subjective talk.  These are strange times. But yeah me too. Plus the age thing. I was too young when Trading Places came out but loved Beverly Hills Cop and Coming to America.

Eddie: Coming to America and Nutty Professor both showcased Eddie’s talent. Dude had so many characters.

Metro: Maybe its too American (as you said its BBC) but Fast Times could've made the cut.

Eddie: Yeah that’s a good one. Lots of huge omissions for some extremely questionable picks and rankings.

Metro: Major snub, especially from BBC....no Peter Sellers. Ok this list is invalidated. I may make my own out of spite. Oh wait....Dr. Strangelove at #2.

Eddie: Yeah that’s a little high IMO since it’s much more than a comedy. But whatever, I won’t argue against a Kubrick movie being placed up there.

Metro: Same. I think we hit all the main snubs so now I'm stretching but I would include a Cheech and Chong movie in the 90-100 area.

Eddie: Up In Smoke is the only one I can see cracking that list. Granted I have only seen maybe three of their movies and don’t remember much for obvious reasons. Friday was my kind of stoner comedy. Speaking of, is Dazed and Confused on there? I guess it’s more along the lines of Fast Times.

Metro: I would include Up in Smoke as much for influencing stoner comedies, and no I looked for Dazed and Confused. Seeing this list makes me sad how little output Belushi had. Blues Brothers and Animal House both on the list, but I had to check imdb because all others I could think of were 1941 and Neighbors.

Eddie: Yeah cut down way too soon. Consequently I was also thinking of Farley though only Tommy Boy could be considered since his others are flops. Is Wayne’s World on there? I’m assuming Austin Powers is.

Metro:  Wayne's World is painfully dated but still worthy as a time capsule pick. No Waynes World. No Powers. No Farley.

Eddie: Fuck this list in the ass. Again, generational me is biased. Still though, those were huge hits regardless of when they came out.

Metro: Checking imdb. Belushi didn't have anything other than the ones I mentioned other than cameos/guest spots. Also he died 5 years younger than us..........

Eddie: Same with Farley.

Metro:  Yeppp. Belushi seemed much older. Maybe generational bias there too as I grew up with Farley and that took me to Belushi.

Eddie: Too many Wes Anderson on there also. Give me one and the others get association nods.

Metro:  Boom, I agree. Surprised to see Step Brothers 1 ahead of Caddyshack. Hangover 1 ahead of the Jerk.

Eddie: Yeah after seeing that, the Wes Anderson movies, Clueless, Mean Girls, I take back my generational bias statement. These writers are just idiots. Anything they have a generational and PC bias.

Metro:  Fuck it.  I'm turning this into a written Podcast.

Eddie: I’d love to do a podcast just don’t know when I’d be able to squeeze it in these days. Maybe someday. 

Metro:  You're too busy and I'm too lazy.

Eddie: Maybe Callwood will chime in with the Brit perspective.

Metro:  I'll tag him in it, CHAP!

Eddie: His first response “Oi!! Why iddn’t Snatch on there, ay?!”

Metro: Hahahahaha. Snatch actually could be in the 90-100 range to be honest. But that's personal bias.

Eddie: I noticed What We Do In The Shadows is at #62. Recent movie. Never seen it but the same people who swear by it are also huge Rick and Morty fans. I remain skeptical but will give it a shot one of these days.

Metro: Never heard of it. Seems high for something new.

Eddie: Yeah 2014. Barely made a blip at the BO but seems to be an indie hit amongst the AV Club crowd.

Metro:  I hate it already.

Eddie: Lol me too but I’m gonna muster up and give it a fair shake. A few of the people I know that like it have good taste.

Metro: So you're saying -jr hasn't seen it.

That's it.  Like I said this is an experiment in written Podcast that I don't believe has been done before.  Hope you enjoy the banter and mor importantly think your own thoughts about what was too high, too low, snubbed, included......  Have fun with it.

From the Iceman Commeth,
Bryan Metro           

Monday, August 21, 2017

Total Eclipse Update

Everybody out there be safe when viewing the eclipse (also known by its scientific term: "The Sadie").  Be sure to take proper precautions for your eyes.

Metro:  Looking out for you; the more you know; for your health!

From the Iceman Commeth
Bryan Metro

Friday, August 18, 2017

Queen Kwong Update!!!!

Okay, just when I thought it was the weekend.....
Then I see this from Queen Kwong......

I don't even know where to begin......let's start with, "I told you so".  Before I continue, I want everybody who stuck up for this idiot during the Hamtramck Music Festival and threw shade towards me when when I FUCKING POINTED OUT that this person (I decided against "bitch") was the most insincere person in town to look in the mirror.  Take a minute..  I don't know whether to be seething or laughing right now.  Keep in mind that the people (I decided against "assholes") who were involved with the Hamtramck Music Fest/Detroit scene defended her inclusion on the bill, along with numerous articles online from people (I decided against "journalists") saying how her decision to move to Detroit would invigorate the local scene.  Hahahahahahahaha, how many shows has she played since the Festival??????  Okay, take another minute for that one.  And finally, for everybody who turned a cheek and liked everything on social media that she had to say and the promise of an upper-tier local band to get behind, and maybe even....oh god....please.....maybe even on the same bill... (and friends on social media I am indeed looking at you)....well, just ignore all this, I guess.

Okay, I've decided...I cannot stop laughing at all of the egg on the faces of everybody who stuck up for her around town.  Of course you'll just turn the other cheek again, but who cares.  One of the best feelings is vindication and everything I wrote about her being a carpetbagger looking to latch onto a music scene that, lets say, is in an ebb and not a flow at the current time was completely true.  Y'know what.... I have to repeat that quote:  "Let's just say I'm reeeeeally looking forward to spending the rest of the year living in NYC."

Here is a quote from an interview earlier this year when she had something to sell:
"“This place, something feels really good about it. It was something that both of us, while living in L.A., hadn’t felt in a really long time. Everywhere we went people were wearing Detroit stuff – where I’m from that’s a faux pas, but everyone had so much pride for the city and it was so cool. It’s just a good feeling – a community feeling, even though everyone is different.”

AHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!  Detroit Gets Played Harder!

Full disclosure:  I'm not a fan of the Dream Cruise or Trump.  However when something bugs me to the point of "regret", I stand up, use my voice, try to make a difference. Not run away.  I've never run away from anything I believe in in my life.  Been kicked off, yeahhhhh a little, but never ran.  How many Anti-Whatever shows could she have booked before today?  Zeroooooooooo

Oh and there's this....She was asking people to find a classic car for a fucking music video:

So classic cars are cool only if they benefit you.  Kinda like local music fests.  Got it!

There's these doozies too:

Cute cat in the first one, but the 2nd one was a liiiiiiitle too close to the nude pics she took to jumpstart her shit (I decided against "career").
So to be fair, I would assume she's never playing another show in town again, which I'm sure is fine with her.  Palms were greased from the HamFest Committee.  Mission Accomplished.
And once again, local music scene Detroit (and north of...), where else would you find this type of vintage journalism?  Not from Milo (the local one, not the Trump one).  Even if you still sympathize with this creature (I decided against another C word), you must admit that your disappointment with her post about Detroit/Michigan will feed me better than a $2 steak.
Do you want to see a magic trick????  Goodbye Queen Kwong.
Do you want to know how I got these scars?  Tune in next week.

I have included the link to this nitwits public page here:  Queen Fraud in case any local music fans contributed to her nonsense, or played with her (a show!!!! Dirty minds) and wish to let them know how disappointed you are in her blatant anti-Detroit (north, east, west)/Michigan post.
And before anybody says I've been anti-Detroit in the past.  I just want it to be better.  Actually with her skipping town, we are on the right track....

Update:  Metro here.  Just had to update this post with a Kwong "defender" who I guess is cool with a "benign post" where QK reeeeeeally can't wait to leave Detroit.  I'll leave her name out along with the FB link because she likes dogs.  Ok go:

S.L.  Just out of curiosity, what horrible injustice was done to you by her? She must have really fucked you over, huh?? You must know her really well to make these incredible speculations about what she means by one apparently benign tweet. Thank you for filling us all in on what an apparently horrible human being she is!! We are all so much better off now!! What would we do without you?? Oh and a couple questions.... do you even LIVE in Detroit you dumb fucking asshole?? Are you 15 years old and angry that all you can do is jerk off to her photos because she wouldn't give a loser like you the time of day?? And lastly how small is your dick that you actually have to post angry (inaccurate) misogynistic posts about someone YOU DON'T EVEN KNOW??? Now go away you fucking troll. Not one fucking thing you say means ANYTHING TO ANYONE. And if it does, then you need to unfollow this page because the asshole who writes this nonsense has NEVER EVEN MET HER. Think about how fucking asinine that is for just a second. It is people like you dear Arthur (or whatever the fuck your name is) that give Detroit a bad name. It's assholes like YOU who make people not want to live in, visit or do business in Detroit because there are a bunch of angry bitter assholes here that think everyone owes them something which is exactly what your problem seems to be. Try working for something you loser and once you have worked as hard as and have achieved a fraction of what QK has and once you have actually met her then maybe, just MAYBE you will be entitled to an opinion about her but even then I have the feeling that you will still just be a pathetic wanna-be. So fuck off and go away. Your opinions mean nothing.

From the Iceman Commeth,
Bryan Metro