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Friday, June 2, 2017

An Essay?

Metro here.
I've decided to take time off from working on my debut novel "The Invisible People" to actually write.  I came up with this nonsense this past week or so.  Stepping back to breathe, I have no idea how Milo (the local one, not the Trump one) can churn out post after post at the pace he does (especially covering godawful boring bands).  I don't even have a title for this because it goes in every direction, tangent after tangent, stream of consciousness Vitamin Water.  The "Sun" that all of these thoughts revolve around is the release of the Wonder Woman movie.  A friend asked "Why this?" and all I could say was "It got me interested."...
     Earlier, last week, I outlined what would be the core of this essay, and planned on posting it earlier this week.  That never happened, and for that I have to explain my writing process:  I have a notebook in, or near, every room in the house and a pen has to be in Every room so whenever I get an idea I can jot it down.  So the Wonder Women outline was in the living room but I got sidetracked in the bedroom starting a list of Top Superhero Villains (more on that later).  So the following is a half-assed gonzo essay of those notes.  I would like it to be a Miller's burger but its probably more a Big Mac.

"I just want to see a good movie."  Simple right?  This was the first of my notes and I actually stole it from a close friend.  I agreed immediately and stole it for my first line.  Speaking of "lines" I must say that I tried my best to be fair.  The social media warriors (who haven't blocked me) will find stuff to bitch about and the other side (do we have a cute name for them yet?) (who haven't blocked me) will call me soft, or S-A-W-F-T.  And those that come here just for the drama and for me to say something ill-advised (or post naked pics of Queen Kwong) will be bored....I'm sorry, please come back.  But all I want is to see a good movie.

The Marketing

"I just want it to be a good movie."   
 Where to start than the pre-release hype (my nickname in college).  This is where the one side with the cute name (SJW) came off bad.  I saw posts on my FB timeline of people complaining about the marketing/promotion and lack thereof for Wonder Woman as another act of sexism.  Nahhh, not true.  In addition to numerous magazine covers (including 2 for Entertainment Weekly), the Wonder Woman marketing budget was 4 million dollars more than Suicide Squad.
   Then there is the whole gimmicky concept of the women's only screenings......What is the point?  It just further divides everyone.  Those who defend it have been using the now-boring, lazy defense of "You're just insecure", but that rings hollow because the entire concept screams of insecurity.  They say that there are other screenings at the same time but that reminds me when the white man told the black man "You can't use this bathroom, but there's one over there."  Yes, I know that's a drastic comparison, so save it, and there is a thread of truth in it
   Finally, the studio has been marketing it as the first female-fronted comic book/superhero movie.  I have Catwoman and Electra on lines 1 and 2.  If I step out of the superhero realm I can get into Laurie Strode, Ellen Ripley, Princess Leia, Katniss, and the kid from "The Nice Guys".  And here's my zinger of a point in my Marketing portion- This is being pushed as the watershed of female heroes, and the irony is, if it does well at the box office, most of the money is going to go to rich white males at the studio.  Oooops.  Anyway, this would be a good transition to the movie portion.

The Movie

This is where the other side (do we have a name for them yet?) comes off bad.  Boycotting movies because of a female superhero lead?  What??? Dumb....  I understand deciding to write this (in one hour; apologies) before seeing it can be seen as ridiculous, but I think it preserves the purity of my ideas from last week with no bias.  I do plan on seeing it and posting a revue soon.  I didn't scram to see it on a pre-screening because of its marketing.  The trailers did nothing for me.  It looked like the same sepia-toned DC movie that we have seen before. Dour; humorless.  I did correctly predict the post-embargo reviews to be universally positive, glowing, because I am a cynical person by nature and I thought that no critic would want to be "that guy" who pans Wonder Woman.  I did see some reviews saying that it was the best of the recent DC movies (not the best of compliments) and Nerdist even claimed that it was the best superhero movie ever (high praise until you realize it is coming from the Ryan Seacrest of fake-geeks, Chris Hardwick aka "can I get another Talking show").
   But then it began to change.  Many friends whose opinions I trust that saw it said that it was great and they nailed it.  That makes me frustrated to be writing this before seeing it but I think it plays all into this nonsense yet ties it all together because don't we all do this?? Judge and attack before all of the facts.  Life is a cycle of wait and see, and the "wait" creates a whole new world in your mind, and sometimes it gets out of control.  I wasn't really waiting for Wonder Woman; I'll see it for sure, but the build-up to it may be even more entertaining than the movie because this is where we live now.  It sucks this is where we are now, but is also entertaining, comedy, drama, sadness, hope, cats, and Metro writing again, and though it may be all over the place, he didn't need a thesaurus to do it.... And.

The Aftermath

I am very curious how Wonder Woman will do in the domestic and foreign markets.  I honestly think that it is a good movie and hopefully will do well.  I plan on seeing it soon and will post an honest review.  It's crazy times we live in, and those times may be bad, and some times may be good.  So all I have to say is "Have fun with it", if you want change Strive for it, engage and work for it, if you want to sponsor a music fest advertised as a non-profit not actually a non-profit due to not filing the proper paperwork for 3 years goddamn it do it!!! And even if it means just going to a movie you hope will be good; an escape. That will be good.

From the Iceman Commeth,
Bryan Metro