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Thursday, November 7, 2019

The Return of the Weekend Preview

Hey all, Metro here with the return of the vintage Weekend Preview. I used to do these every week back in 20XX recommending, or making fun of, events happening. I honestly looked all over social media and really didn't find anything of interest, but I could be blocked by everybody. If I missed your event please contact me and I will update this post.

*Post Update- Here is an event for fans of Twin Peaks (not the restaurant with all the doff). Of course the movie is being shown twice today with actor Ray Wise in attendance (Sheryl Lee cancelled due to the dreaded fake scheduling conflicts) at the Senate Theater. However there is an afterparty at Lager House with proceeds going to the theater. Here is the flyer:

Ok, we have a problem here. Why did I just see this hours before the event, the day of the event? I swear does anybody promote anything anymore? I had already made plans to start drinking early Saturday but I would have been interested if I knew about it BEFORE THE DAY OF THE SHOW. It has the potential to be a cool thing for fans of the movie/series or it could end up being another half-assed Detroit vs. Detroit snoozer. I will have no idea which it will be because once an event is over bands already move on to their next events and nobody covers shows around here anymore. Also of note, The Lavender Blog was the first local website to promote the Senate Theater and their desire to renovate the marquee along with the empty space next to them. This was before the News and Freep (which nobody reads anyway). I promoted it as a safe venue despite the neighborhood and worthy of your business. I also was in touch with management regarding ideas to bring up business. My suggestions: A hybrid movie/music performance (done-the Bowie thing), a movie and guest panel (done, also the Bowie thing featuring Weekend at Ricky Rat's), more older/cult movies that people may have missed when initially released (done), movie showings with cast members (done-this weekend), and a full day "film festival" of classic and new movies curated by the venue, me (haha), and online polls (not done......yet). Despite my reputation I am a supporter of local venues that deserve support instead of getting places closed and people fired so I am happy that the Senate is doing better. But as John Travolta said in Pulp Fiction, "A thank you would be nice."

Instead I'll just have to concentrate on movies. Of course "Joker" is still out there and highly recommended. And then there's the new Terminator movie "Dark Fate" which bombed but got good reviews. I like the Terminator movies. I remember my parents taking me to see T2 (a personal favorite) at the Rialto in Grayling and me not wanting it to end (the sign of a great movie). Based on the reviews of the latest, and backlash, and grosses, they should have called it "Terminator: Fury Road" as the filmmakers tried to replicate (pun intended) the success of the Mad Max reboot. Well, it didn't work, but has decent word of mouth so I'll probably check it out.
Next up is "Doctor Sleep". As you know, or don't, The Shining is my favorite movie so of course I'm interested. I am also concerned because my chief film correspondent Vinnie was unimpressed with the trailers. I do think it will be tough to pull off. It technically is a sequel to a book from a book, yet includes elements from the 1980 movie that weren't in the original book. My expectations are low and I hope to be surprised (same as my dating game in college). At least I can visit the Overlook Hotel again even though it blew up into flames in the book. And don't even with the spoiler alert. Nobody reads books anymore.

That's all I got for the Weekend Prevue. Slim Pickins, I know. In a side note, last week I stood up in a wedding as the "Man of Honor" and it wasn't until the reception that I found out I had to give a speech. I had left my notebook at the hotel so I had to improvise (actually, not my strong suit). Most of it will remain private but I do want to emphasize my closing statement: The world is filled with so much anger, negativity, and hate that it makes it difficult to interact with anyone anymore or even go online. It is all so depressing. This is why I was so excited to see everybody at this event so happy. I concluded with "You will receive many Congrats tonight, but not from me, I just say Thank You." People cried.

As you know I have been at odds with a certain group of people on public social media the past year. I was frustrated seeing the hate, loathing, and the eventual threats. I advocated for people to help them seek help if the anti-depressants were not working, but never any harm, or even worse, death, which is what they were tasking on me. I am very proud to say that they have finally found a sprinkle of happiness. I don't care to see anybody miserable at any time, even people that don't like me (or publicly wished I was dead). I just want people to be happy, and I will include a few public screencaps from public social media to confirm this turnaround from advocating violence into embracing happiness and love...

Once again, it makes me happy to see others so happy, and I hope the Third Judicial Court can see the strides being made (no worries, they will). I am glad that you are happy with people being killed and it enriches your life and even posting it on public social media, and for that I will invoke my wedding speech, and say Thank You.

From the Iceman Commeth,
Bryan Metro


Anonymous said...

I can't believe those were actually posted by real people. They should be suing Facebook for allowing that bile to be posted. Actually, they probably are.

Anonymous said...

I don't see how these people are fundamentally different from everything they claim to oppose. I used to know some of the people in A.M.'s circle, and they are "toxic" and "problematic" to the extreme. Also, they're not as bright or insightful as they believe themselves to be. The scholars out there might want to check out, say, Areo magazine and the grievance studies hoax for some debunking of the Mock Gang's favorite talking points.

Bryan Metro said...

Anon 9:26am- The fact that they don't realize your initial point is funny in itself. If you look at their social media feeds they really don't have an original idea. It is all reposts from people who could form a coherent (and often hate-filled) thought with the endorsement "This!" or "Bloop!". There aren't many thoughts in those noggins (including the latest ill advised post above). But I am getting away from the original point of the post; that being I was relieved to see them happy for once instead of complaining, even though it was at the expense of somebody losing their job or even losing their lives. But at least they were happy and that's all that matters.

Anonymous said...

I doubt they have the capability to be happy.