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Thursday, July 5, 2018

The Final JCM Show- Bombshell

Hey all, Metro here with the big scoop.  The JCM will be playing their final show this Labor Day weekend on September 1st at the New Way Bar in fabulous Ferndale, MI.  Yes, I do realize that this is the same weekend as the Hamtramck Labor Day Fest, but hear me out.  This is "counter-programming" at its finest.  After all, the JCM did point out that no monies had gone to Hamtramck schools after the Fest which prompted a post from them saying it will happen in mid-September, weeks after the Labor Day Fest (and the JCM show at the New Way Sept. 1st).  

Of course one could be cynical and say the HMF never intended to give any money to the schools as stated and will be using funds from the Labor Day Fest to save face and give second-hand used goods (instead of the promised money), but that can't be correct could it?  Actually they have that exact plan on their Facebook page.  These geezers give me instant material.

Here's the kicker.  We have a few supporting acts (who wish to remain anonymous for obvious reasons) and none of the acts on the bill will accept a cent from the door gate (after the venue has their %).  All remaining money will be going to local schools, women's crisis, and animal rescue within a week of the show. Not the 6 months the HMF will (or won't) take to give back.  We are sick and tired of the corrupt nature of local venues and bookers, not to mention the cowards who complain about Metro/JCM.  So go ahead.  Complain about this one and get a show pulled who will be donating every penny to charity.  I dare ya. Oh, I forgot about the MERCH!

We will have merch available at the show including unsold JCM cd's and cassettes along with custom printed fliers signed by Metro.  I have included some of the designs here below.

So once again, lets all have a DELIGHTFUL Labor Day with the JCM final show
From the Iceman Commeth,
Bryan Metro

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