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Monday, July 2, 2018

Power to the People....Right On!

Hey all, Metro here.  As you very well know, as Constant Readers, I was selected to be a primary vocalist for the Rocking 1000/Hart Plaza/Seven Nation Army thing on July 3rd, where 1000 of the top elite Detroit area musicians would converge and cover the White Stripes' hit single.  I posted on it a few posts ago in case you need a refresher.

As with everything I attach myself to, I treated it like a joke, a lark, a gag while everybody else involved thought they were going to change the world.  I thought it was something different to do on a Tuesday.  Plus, with it being on national television at some point, I thought it would be just Delightful to sneak in some JCM product placement.  Well.....pump the brakes.

This morning I received this e-mail from the lovely Francesca at the event:

"Good morning Brian, we have received many complaints about your involvement at Rock Detroit, and after talking to the production, we have decided that your presence could lead to an unpleasant situation that we prefer to avoid.
For this reason, we are forced to cancel your participation in the event.
We have security at the event and they have been made aware as well.
If you do arrive at location you will be turned away by security. 
Francesca - Team Rockin'1000"

First off I have to say that I am completely flattered. Getting booted from a Hamtramck venue along with the Hart Plaza event in the span of a week is no small feat.  I am flattered that "many" cared enough to ensure this happened, and maintained the "integrity" of the local music scene sarcasm alert.  To the Constant Readers, I assure you I have replied with questions about the nature of the complaints along with what an "unpleasant situation" is.  I can only imagine the things said in the complaints.  "He makes fun of Sadie.  Queen Kwong abandoned her quest to save Detroit because of him, etc."  Now, I am just one person, but I am honored that according to the e-mail "many" felt the need to ensure I could not participate in this event, free of charge I might add.  I have a really unfortunate sense that these same "many" are completely okay with the Electric Six Kickstarter frauds, the Hamtramck Music Festival being corrupt as fuck for years, and grown, old men taking advantage of local young, naïve, boys and their little white candles.  Yeah, that's all good.

To anybody who complained....congrats!  You got what you wanted, and saved me gas.  I am a little bit bummed because I acquired a new hat specifically for this event, but I will survive.  Have I mentioned how flattered I am?  I really am.  What disturbs me is everybody says they don't read this blog.  If that is true, how could something of this magnitude happen.  The complaints must have been fast and furious because if you look at the list of people participating I was the biggest name on there.  That is not hyperbole.  THE biggest name on there.  Not sure if that is a knock on me or everybody else involved.  Finally, to all those who complained, I salute you.  You have stroked an already out of control ego.  Can't wait for Labor Day Fest! Oh and this:

From the Iceman Commeth,
Bryan Metro


Bryan Metro said...

Working on issues with the site. Prayers please.

Anonymous said...

Who did you piss off to get many complaints about an event nobody cares about?

Anonymous said...

It's funny that "the many" (and let's be honest: it's the same pussies as always) who complain about Metro being a bully and petty and bitter and a misogynist loser with nothing better to do... are actual petty, bitter, bully losers themselves who don't have anything better to do. All their contrived caping for "good," when they're actually worse human beings than Metro. Who has the time to track down the organizers of this thing and complain? And who cares enough to even think about complaining in the first place? Must be crazy from the heat. Or total dumbasses. Yep. Probably that.

Skinny White Candle said...

Blow me out big boy. Everybody else has.

Anonymous said...

Seriously? Fuck that. Show up anyway and ask the "security" to speak to somebody in charge to substantiate the complaints. Its absurd that Anonymous John/Jane Doe has this much pull. I guess they'd rather have Detroit represented by extras from a Buffalo Wild Wings commercial.

Bryan Metro said...

Full disclosure: I applied as a joke, never expecting to be picked as a primary vocalist. My application included a video clip of me along with a direct link to this blog. This application was reviewed and accepted. I am being serious when I say that after reviewing the lineup on their official site that I am the biggest, most talked about name. Or was. Not counting the Muggs who are playing but are too big of pussies to publicize it in fear of ruining their (non-existent) cred.

Anonymous said...

Very telling the lack of negative comments here. Should go back to making fun of bands and Hip in Detroit.

Mrs. Walter said...

With all this extra cash I recently came into. I could, how you say, bribe them to get you back in.

Bryan Metro said...

Cracking up.

Bryan Metro said...

Now that the sun has gone down and the big bangers are banging I can honestly say I saw zero talk/heat about this venture which may or may not have happened today. If 1000 people played a song and nobody cared does it make a sound? To the pussies that complained....way to go! you fucked up an entire project just because I made you sad with something I wrote.