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Thursday, July 12, 2018

Metro's Pig and Whiskey Preview

Hey all, Metro here.  I always have felt that August is the February of Summer.  Everybody is sick of the heat and ready for September, Labor Day, the onset of Fall, JCM's Final Show, etc.

Thankfully, it's still July and Summer fever is in full swing.  A local tradition is happening this weekend, that being the Pig and Whiskey event in Fabulous Ferndale.  This is a FREE event where you have the opportunity to spend your big bills on small portions of bbq, along with high end cups of ice spritzed with some whiskey.

Even though my schedule is booked rock solid this weekend with multiple birthdays along with a mini-JCM reunion, I was still interested in what was going on elsewhere.  So, of course, I went to the top two most trusted journalism sources in town, Hip In Detroit and Milo at the Freep.

Lets start with the Hip in Detroit link:  Hip and Whiskey
As expected, it was half-assed regurgitated words from the Pig and Whiskey Facebook page.  I would expect better from them considering "Pig" is in the event's name.  The funniest part is when they referred to the Loving Touch afterparties as featuring some of the more grittier bands such as Tart.  I stopped reading at that point.  And I was pissed.  Goddammit, Hip in Detroit, I was only a few words away from actually finishing one of your posts.

Also, just as sad, is Milo's Freep preview, even sadder because he may have actually been paid for it.  It is a typical Milo write-up.  Copy and paste the band's "About" page, add a few fancy words, etc.  Curiously though, he also mentioned Tart in his Friday preview, even though they are not playing the actual event, but the Loving Touch After Party.  So to the other acts playing the event Friday who could have used a rub from a mention from the Freep that were passed over for a Von Bondie managed pet project band, this Milo's for you!  Here's the link: Spare me!

So, to every act playing for free (wait for it, Electric 6, wait for it), here is the full list of acts performing at Pig and Whiskey.  No set times or youtube reviews.  Look them up.  You may say this preview is as half-assed as Hip In Whiskey or Milo's is but at least mine has everybody playing.  Finally, I have not confirmed that all of the Ferndale cash-grab parking violations that will be issued this weekend will be part of an elaborate 50/50 raffle.

Friday- Pokey LaForge, Ohio Wild, Bear vs. 2008...I mean Shark, Messenger Birds

Saturday- Billy Brandt and Sugarees, The Doozers, Kevin Thibodeau, Ben Keeler, Holly Bernt, Robert Bradley, Stone Clover, Laith Al-Saadi

Sunday- Kimball, Strange Heart, Mark Mallman, Duende (pussies), The Beggars, Ancient Language, Electric Six

Okay, couldn't resist.  Requisite Electric 6 dig.  Playing for "FREE" yet collecting a decent performance fee.  My buddy Simon messaged them the other week when their next Kickstarter would be and they responded with "Maybe later this year".  Then they realized he was friends with me and blocked him.  Total scam artists and pussies.  All Simon wanted to do was buy the keyboardist a shot of whiskey. Based on the latest photo they're trotting out, somebody get Zach Shipps on the phone (but leave the producing gear at home).

Anyway, Pig and Whiskey, this weekend, and its free.  Everybody be safe.  I do mean that.  Responsible driving.  Don't be a dummy, and don't grope girls like 2007-era Tait and then go into rehab and use it as a moral bankruptcy chip so that any transgressions that happened before are irrelevant.  So yeh, Pig and Whiskey!

From the Iceman Commeth,
Bryan Metro


Anonymous said...

Now that Justin has been fired from Smalls and had to move his shitty make-believe Satanic band to Redford who will Smalls enlist to threaten Metro next since Malosh is still in the band?

Anonymous said...

God that lineup...the detroit scene really took a bet to prove you do not have to age gracefully

Tait said...

This lineup makes me long for the days at the Belmont slinging drinks and looking for young quim.

Anonymous said...

Free tip. Do a piece on "Art Babies". Fake feminist group using modern trends to get attention but do nothing for the people that need it. Imagine Flint Eastwood, but as an art gallery.