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Tuesday, June 19, 2018

JCM is For the Children

** Update Update- I received a private message from somebody who has booked for HMF in the past saying that Eugene's fingerprints were all over that statement and that there was no April meeting with the Public Schools and no wish list and that anything given in September will all be second hand and used because "all of the money is pretty much gone".  Take that as you will, but I will look into this as best I can until then.

*Update-  I sent this e-mail today to one of the few people I can confirm are actually on the Fest committee, somebody who messaged me last year saying he hopes he never sees me again and to keep his identity secret.
Metro's e-mail: "The Constant Readers are cracking up at how the lazy HamFest committee waited until I posted about the lack of transparency (that still exists) as to where the funds from the 2018 went.  Now you guys are on the clock to deliver what you promised to do, even though you are stalling until September.  I am flattered though that the committee finally got off their asses and did something not benefitting themselves.  As far as the mystery April meeting with HPS, there is no record of that.  I verified it. I wish I wasn't retiring in October because I can't wait to see what missteps the committee has in store for 2019. Have a good one!  You were right.  You wish you never saw me again.  I'll give you that!".

Yeah, that came across as kinda mean (cry your pardon John Bissa) (oops), but I am intent on making sure these shysters make good on their promise.  And, yes I am sorry, but I don't have the motivation to look into where the money went in previous years. Here is the original post below.

Hey all Metro here, I would have had this up sooner but I had to let the laughter subside.  The braintrust at the Hamtramck Music Festival just issued a statement today regarding my expose into where the money from the Fest did or didn't go to.  Here it is, unedited in the issue of fairness:
The 2018 Hamtramck Music Fest was our most successful ever. We are currently working with the Hamtramck Public Schools art & music teachers to provide the kids with much needed music & art supplies. HMF met with HPS in April and was thrilled to have received their ‘wish list’ for fine arts resources and much needed equipment.
We are procuring those items now and anticipate presenting them to HPS in mid-September once school goes back into session. — Planning for next year’s Fest is already in the works. Look for more information about HMF 2019 and its continuing community involvement at the beginning of September.

Well, wow.  Well lets dig into this.  But first here is the link to my initial post asking where the money went:
Where did it go?

-First off, I am honestly stunned that they actually commented on the school promises.  But you have to realize that they commented without really commenting.  Based on my research I do not have any record of them meeting with HPS in April, and if it did happen why wait till the end of June to post about the progress.  Then again it took them a week to come up with two paragraphs after getting freaked out by my post.
-Another thing that caught my eye, one of the many holes in their statement, is why wait until September to "present" them?  The money from 2018 is already in, and we know the Hamfest committee works slow, but why not have the new equipment already be ready to roll when school starts?
- Are they just waiting for a photo op with the kids.  That argument has no weight because nobody on the committee wants to show their faces.
- Why is it the Fest's responsibility to procure these mystery items on the "wish list"?  Why not just distribute the money to the schools? Ah, logistics...not HMF's strong suit.

It still baffles me that they waited until the middle/end of June to put up this statement, a mere one week after I posted my findings that they had made no effort in regards to the schools.  They also waited until one day after I contacted Channel 2, 4, and 7's respective Problem Solver teams regarding this along with all my findings.  Weird timing don't ya think?  And yet their statement yielded no real concrete information.  A vague meeting in April that was not documented in the Hamtramck Public School meeting minutes.  Okay, I'll be the nice guy here and give them the benefit of the doubt on that one, but why wait so long?  Why wait till September?  It still doesn't make sense.  Did they have to wait until Eugene Strobe successfully returned his new Dodge Charger? John Bissa returning his new smart phone?

The main thing that comes out of this is that (hopefully) the schools come out on top because god knows the government could care less about funding the arts in education.  The other main thing is, and you knew this was coming, that I won.  If I wouldn't have made my post about where the money went, I guarantee today's post would not have gone up, and they probably would have kept most of the money.  Now they have to scramble and actually produce something concrete by September.  Sorry for the inconvenience geezers.  Now get to work and do what you said you were going to do.  And guess what?  The blog shutdown date is October 8th, so I will definitely be watching every day in September for that big presentation.  Oh and I like how you made a point to say middle of September.  Gives you time to skim off the top of Hamtramck Labor Day Fest to make up for the funds already pissed away.  Quite clever.  Quite clever indeed.  Oh, and I won geezers, and to everybody who says nobody reads this blog, and to all the "local journalists" who turned a blind eye to this situation, this one's for you.  Best in the world.

From the Iceman Commeth,
Bryan Metro


Anonymous said...

Hilarious. They would have kept all the money.

Bryan Metro said...

I never said that, but it was in the back of my head. I'm just amused by the timing of their post compared to my post last week, and I am also disappointed by all the people "liking" it who continuously turn a blind eye as to how fucking inept that Fest is. All around disappointing (although it feel delightful to be right yet again).

Anonymous said...

At this point just leave them alone. You made your point. Ahhhh just kidding. Keep it coming. This is hilarious. I also find it hilarious that Melody and Woodman were some of the first to like the post on Facebook. What a bunch of fucking sellouts. They could care less about schools and one just wants to get his tired band booked on the next show and the other trying to book the same bands at Smalls, while double dipping at the News. Do NOT retire this year. Who else is left?

Bryan Metro said...

I like Woodman and have never had a problem with Melody. Just keep focused on the follow up from the HMF committee, the real dirtbags in this situation. Thanks for reading.

Anonymous said...

You know that money is all gone. Did Ben's Encore even get what was owed to them in years past? It was all supposed to for Ben ("Here's to Ben!") but did they even get anything? (oops about that charity forgetting tax stuff) Why does HMF even pretend anyone else is getting the money?

Bryan Metro said...

I have reached out to the charity for comment but have yet to hear back. I'm betting they're going to want to stay out of this one.