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Wednesday, June 13, 2018

Is There Anything I Can Do? (A Post About Nothing)

Hey all, Metro here, with a problem.  I have been off and on as part of the local music scene for ten years now, mostly on the edge looking in, but still there; watching.  I am 100% confident in saying that in those ten years I have never found the Detroit music scene to be as dead as it is now in 2018.  Even worse than dead, it is boring.  There is literally nothing going on.
I never thought I would admit to missing the days of CJohnst and Morrow organizing music fests only to fall on their face.  Even though they usually botched it at least there was something to talk about.  Man, those late 2000's Blowouts were fun, even though I couldn't stand over half the bands.  It was the bands I could stand and the connections made that made it so much fun....and interesting.

There is nothing like that today.  I think a lot of it has to do with a lack of local journalism, or even local blogs.  I really think that plays a much larger part than people think.  Some of those comment threads on sites like Eat This City and Motor City Rocks are legendary and actually helped create buzz around bands for good or ill, but at least people were talking.  These days nobody is talking about anything, and that is a fact Jack. And don't say that I don't know where to look.  I shouldn't have to look.  Plus it doesn't help that everybody has turned into (even bigger) wusses.  Nobody can say anything witty, fun, sarcastic these days without being skewered on social media.  Even worse is most sites require comment moderation which is partly the reason sites like Hip in Detroit and Deep Cutz have zero comments (the other half being that nobody reads them).

These are really the dark days, and it will only get worse once this blog shuts down on October 8th.  The local scene used to be so vibrant (for better or worse) but now it is just plain dull.  The bands themselves don't even put forth an effort to promote themselves anymore.  Just a Facebook post for the same people that saw the last Facebook post.  Then once the event passes then its on to the next Facebook post.  There isn't a single consistent local site that provides photos or reviews of local shows anymore, this site included because I don't care about any of these bands.  You have to sell me on it, and nobody is doing any selling.  And don't even bring up Krillin, the band du jour currently being shoved down everybody's throats.  That's just lame, safe Gwar for the 10 year old Special Olympic crowd.  I think the problem is that everybody's so nice these days.
For example, the other week I left a flippant comment on the FuzzFest Facebook page pointing out that the majority of the bands played the HamFest and don't even get me started on Ryan Allen being included on an event called "FuzzFest".  I received a direct message from the event booker actually asking me to be nicer and how hard it is to book a fest especially with not many friends to help.  (My response:  Get better friends).  Here's my point: The previous few sentences were more publicity for FuzzFest aside from Facebook event pages it has received.  Here, I'll continue.  It is sometime next weekend in Ann Arbor. You're welcome.

As I stated in the post title, this is a post about nothing.  Just wanted to vent.  Maybe most of us got old, and the newer bands have zero clue how to get people talking about them.  Maybe its the lack of local blogs.  Maybe its nothing at all and I'm reading it the wrong way.  Any way you spin it you do have to admit that Detroit in 2018 is pretty damn boring.  Feel free to use the unmoderated comment section to say anything I may have missed or something I should check out.  Despite my dickish persona I always appreciate a good joke.

From the Iceman Commeth,
Bryan Metro


Anonymous said...

Detroit bores harder

Anonymous said...

Look in the mirror.

You think stirring the pot is interesting or compelling, but you have done harm to "the scene" than any one person.

Legitimate criticism would be a huge win for those who are passionate about local music. You are the opposite of that.

Bryan Metro said...

You are absolutely going to love my next post then. "Doing more harm to the scene than any one person" to five years ago me would be flattery. Today, especially after the next post, 2018 me says it must mean I'm doing something right. Keep your eyes...open.

Anonymous said...

So wait. Anonymous 1:15... Bryan Metro has done more harm to the scene? The local scene isn't suffering because it's really just the same 10 people who go to the same 10 friends' band's shows time and time and time and time again? And those same 10 friends' bands all put on the same show each time? Bryan Metro is the reason and not the way bands or "artists" get shoved down everyone's throats but never really make it big because they weren't ever really going to make it big anyway? Bryan Metro caused harm instead of people who take every goddamn thing too seriously (including themselves) and who will bitch and moan and censor until there's nothing left?

The scene has done more harm to itself. But giving Metro the win on this works, too.

Anonymous said...

You’re out of touch dude. Plenty of new bands and new people but metro doesn’t know any of them cuz he never goes out. If he runs across a new band for a festival review he clearly states he has never seen or heard of them. But listens for 10 seconds and say that they suck. They might but al least their new. He’s just trying to be controversial. He’s done at least one funny as hell review of the blowout and did uncover the whole handset crap. Cudos for that. But he’s never been about the music. Really take a good listen to the shit he’s put out. All crap. He just likes to make fun of people because it makes him feel better about himself. Carry on.

Bryan Metro said...

Only half right. There may be plenty of new bands and people (whatever that means) but my point above was that they do shit to promote themselves aside from the typical "Here's a FB event page!" The fundamental flaw of that type of promotion is that it only reaches those that like your page who have already decided whether or not they're going anyway. You need to branch out and reach the people who have no clue your page existed. Music was never my strong suit but when I was active musically I got out there and hit the podcasts, did interviews with Metro Times and Real Detroit, did youtube shows, and yes, made fun of people here. And it generated interest and all of our Festival shows were well attended. Then again there aren't as many podcasts/youtube shows today. I dunno, maybe there are, and they have the same promotional problem. But when the only thing out there is "A Minute With Milo", then yeah....this is probably the worst I've seen it in ten years. Sidenote- After I posted this and my critique of FuzzFest I saw a bunch of FB Fuzzfest event pages pop up. Its like they forgot about their own Festival. And you do have to admit, the promotion for that event totally sucks.