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Friday, May 18, 2018

You Don't Know JACK! #metoo #update

*UPDATE*- One day.  All it took was one day for Jack Lessenberry to resign from the Metro Times due to.......well what really? Before I "get into it" here is the link to the Metro Times statement:
The Times They Are A Changin'

Ok, all caught up?  Ok, all of this is so golden. Both the Metro Times and Jack-o need to hire professionals to help deal with this.  From what I gained from the latest article is that the Metro Times nor any of Jack's other employers received a single formal complaint and the Metro Times is "proud of the work he's done".  The editor in chief decided to suspend him anyway instead of supporting their employee.  What a fucking pussy. Actually Pussy #1. Zero names, zero formal complaints.  Is this all it takes today to fuck somebody up?  My favorite line was "Unlike the rest of you, however, I was faced with a difficult decision on how to respond. "  "Unlike the rest of you".....way to talk down to your readers, how many little are left. Lets be honest here, this was handled, in the words of Walter, BY A FUCKING AMATEUR.

On to Pussy #2-  Lessenberry himself.  His reasoning for resigning was because he felt the suspension was unjust (a valid argument), basically falling on his sword in the name of integrity. Ummmmm nahhhh.  Lets take a look at this from a national perspective.  The #metoo movement has righted some wrongs (Weinstein/Spacey/etc) and made things worse also in that anybody can say anything and have it taken as fact.  Both sides do it.  This is just what we have to live with in 2018.  Lessenberry's biggest fuck up was how all over the board his comments are on this.  In the original links (found below) he said that "most" of the accusations were untrue. Ummmmmm, and you have been a journalist for how long?  Why use such a subjective term as "most" in your official statement.  In the latest link (found above) he is quoted as "not being a perfect person". Here's the catch, nobody is.  Based on the number of (not formal) complaints, there may be something there.  Where there's smoke type thing.  But if there isn't why not stand up for yourself and fight the suspension, maybe even flirting (okay wrong choice of words) with legal action.  This is the Metro Times we're talking about here.  They don't even have a decent writing staff, much less a legal team.  Hell, Lessenberry would have come off better if his reason for resigning was he found out Lee DeVito was his editor.

*UPDATE X 2*  He just stepped down from Wayne State:
Nothing To See Here!

In closing I did send my original post (found below) to Lessenberry, and yeah, it may have been a tad too mean, but I also tried to rectify it by offering another perspective above.  So basically, I'm not taking sides in this.  Both sides are fuck ups.  Here is the original post:

Hey all Metro here.  I usually write longhand and then transfer to the blog but I'm too lazy to do so today so if this seems more off the rails than usual, there's your reason.  I don't really have anything of note regarding the JCM other than the blog archives have reached back to 2010, so I decided to look for external links to fill your time.

The first one that comes to mind is the report of Metro Times writer/Wayne State geezer Jack Lessenberry getting suspended amid allegations of "misconduct".  I have been reading, well actually scanning through, this geezer's shit for years and have even roasted him a few times on this very blog.  I've never been a fan.  I'm what you would call a moderate in that I agree with some right stuff and with some left stuff.  The fact that this waste of air is even called a "journalist" is even more ridiculous than me calling myself one.  You see it on both sides, the far right and far left; the inability to have a reasonable discussion.  For the past ten years, Lessenberry's Metro Times columns are not journalism at all, but just a bitter old man's ramblings, long winded and with an agenda, lets call him a nutty political Jeff Milo.  Now that he has been caught....ok, accused, with having his hand in the honey pot, drawing the love curtains, etc he finally decides to shut the fuck up and "let the university's attorney speak for me".  What a pussy.  Anyway, here are two links from the Detroit News and Deadline Detroit to get you up to snuff:

He gone!

Scumbag alert!

The second link is the better of the two because it goes into more detail what this sad old man has been doing while the News' post tread lightly because of his previous employment there when a few of these accusations took place.  The first, News, link gave me a laugh though because it included a comment from the Metro Times' editor in chief Lee DeVito.  I had to check my memory banks, but this is the same guy who used to write for Motor City Rocks and hated the JCM.  Now he has graduated to apologizing for filthy old geezers in one sentence comments.  Here is my prediction:  The Metro Times "look into the matter" will be about as thorough as HamFest's look into the validity of Ben's Encore and you won't see Lessenberry's work there again.  He'll probably pull a "Paterno Special" and be underground in a year.  No loss.

When it comes to the #metoo movement/fad I feel the door swings both ways.   It can, and SHOULD, affect everybody, but too often it is used for personal agendas like the Aziz Ansari situation.  In this case it makes me smile jusssssst a little bit, seeing some geezer who got a little too big for his britches being cut down to size.  And just to get it out of the way, to anybody saying "he hasn't been convicted of anything", the same can be applied to anybody else.  Remember the door swings both ways.  And there is this quote from the "man" himself: "In a response to Deadline Detroit, Lessenberry said the Detroit publication “presented me with a list of allegations, most of them untrue, that essentially amounted to innuendo."  For somebody who has painted himself the smartest guy in the room for years how can you make a mistake using the word "most" in a public discourse!!?  Then again he does, sorry, used to, contribute to the Metro Times.

That's about all I have.  I will post another link that most of you won't click.
Post Empire
  It's from a Bret Easton Ellis interview where he delves into some of the stuff I touched on above.  There are a lot of good fair points there and is worth a read. As most of the Constant Readers know, Bret, along with Stephen King, are my main writing influences, so if its worth my time, then it's double yours.  I know I promised new content and this is kind of cribbed content, but I totally would have cracked the Lessenberry case if I still read the Metro Times.  Soooo, keep your eyes open for new, Original, content Constant Readers!

From the Iceman Commeth,
Bryan Metro


Anonymous said...

Now that he is gone from MTs how long until Metro takes credit for this as well?

Bryan Metro said...

About 20 minutes. Give a second man, I'm working on an update on the original post.

Friendly Neighborhood Just A Grrl said...

It's fun to note that Lechtenberry's “defense” is textbook Trump: doesn’t remember anything, authors blame him for their failing careers and one of the complainants was too fat to harass. Oh, and of course, this stuff happened years ago in a different culture. So I guess in his mind it was OK to make remarks about women’s breasts then but nooooow he has seen the light. It was never OK. It’s just that women put up with it because they knew nothing would be done. The accounts of retaliation really struck me. And, you know, the Deadline Detroit piece is *really* well-reported.

Anonymous said...

One of the complainants was too fat to harass? Well at least he knows where he can write to get back on his feet....this blog.

Bryan Metro said...


Anonymous said...

I don’t give metro a free pass on this even tho I whole heartedly agree with you. Metro crosses the line with people and especially one very nice lady. Never understood why you support this prick.

Anonymous said...

I'm pissed Metro did the stuff with QK. Because, all it did is give her a shitty out to bail on this city. Not because her music is god fucking awful, but, "people are mean, poor me." - I believe was a direct quote. She thought she could actually be looked at as a savior, when she realized she could never do that, she jumped on the first thing she could. Which, ironically, was Metro's dick.

Bryan Metro said...

Anon 9:13. There has always been a certain car crash mentality when it comes to my posts. Some people tune in even if they hate my guts to see if its anything interesting, offensive (and there are some Constant Readers who like that), me saying something stupid. Sometimes there's even a home run in there. What "very nice lady" are you referring to? I was under the assumption that all women are bad.

Anon 10:53. Backhanded compliment of the month. I didn't set out to give her an excuse. Even before I posted her (poorly shot) glamor pics I pointed out/predicted that she'll be gone before you know it. It was painfully obvious.