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Friday, May 4, 2018

Latest Milk Carton- Asia Mock

Spending the past few days re-upping all the old blog posts unleashed a wealth of forgotten (probably drunken) memories along with forgotten writing habits on the blog.  The past year or so has seen the blog become slightly bloated with taking people to task and righting the wrongs in the local music scene.  IE:  not as "fun" as it used to be.  I completely forgot about the posts that were posted just to get under people's skin and have no real merit.  I'm not saying I can go back to that mindset but I can at least try to compromise and have something irreverent along with helping out the local community.

So, after my shift at CVS and before going to my mother's basement to crash (saved you the time anonymous commentors) I stopped at a party store for cheap drink and milk for my mom.  Something on the milk carton triggered my memory to a time long forgotten.  It was a "Missing Persons" advert for Asia Mock, and it got me thinking.....whatever happened to that nutso?

For the new(er) Constant Readers, Asia Mock is/was the frontwoman for a shitty local act named Pretty Ghouls who only got booked because the guitar player was banging Danny Dust Rod and had a drummer that did not own a single piece of clothing that actually fit him.  They had a Cramps vibe and were about to get the "big push" but then Asia went insane.  This happened around the time of 2017's Hamtramck Music Festival controversy where she went full social justice warrior thinking it would propel her to even higher heights, but as usual when this sort of thing happens, it of course backfired.  It got so bad that she lowered herself to commenting on this blog, even challenging me to a fight....at a coffeehouse no less.  After chatting with a few local scenesters when I saw the missing person's carton, the consensus is that she is/went insane and is no longer on social media, or may be even banned from it.

Since I have been notified by North Central Positronics that this blog will be terminated on Oct. 8th of this year, I am making an effort to tie up all loose ends with feuds through the years, and this recent one would be a good place to start (next week will be the Ryan Allen Planned Parenthood post).  So if anybody has any contact with Crazy Asia Mock please pass these links along so I can close the book on this:
Michigan Mental Health Network

Keeping Michigan Healthy

T-Shirt Guy

Hopefully they can get the train back on the tracks and maybe one day we can meet at a coffeeshop, not to fight, but rather to have some java. I take mine with lots of cream and lots of sugah.

From the Iceman Commeth,
Bryan Metro


Anonymous said...


Bryan Metro said...

Dear lord that twitter feed is a gold mine of a stereotype.

Bryan Metro said...

BTW, what happened to that TJ Ghoul guy. The skinny fat guy whose clothes never fit who played drums for them? Did she fire him for being a white male?

Anonymous said...

Who knows. Hoe’s been dating a white person, gender to be determined. She has no problem pulling the race card out though any chance she gets and playing the victim. If she fired him, it was probably due to the fact that he was more attractive than her.