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Thursday, April 19, 2018

Metro's Return + Jack White Show+ Review

Hey all, Metro here.  Still trying to work back into form which is why I'm posting on a Friday because nobody reads on the weekend, and with record store day tomorrow (Spare me), lets just get this out of the way.  There isn't much video or photos of the Jack White show last night and as the best local journalist I am working on finding out why.  Until then, I did have a few Constant Readers at the show (I sold my tickets, see original post below) give me some updates.  I will try to convey the experience...

First off, I don't have any info on Negative Approach.
Next up, word is that the Craig Brown Band bombed.  There was zero reaction and barely any crowd, most likely because they were all tied up checking their smart devices into their Yolandi bags.  Okay, kidding.  Most likely because nobody cares.  So can we just pull the plug on the "push" this dude is getting?  Right now he is neck and neck with Tunde in the "Chance after Chance after Chance" DMA award.  Quick Tunde tangent-  Now his platform is the Flint water crisis.  Way to go picking a cause that 100% of the country agrees on.  Oh wait, you have new music coming out?  How contrived. His Metro Times article has zero heat whereas the one about Queen Kwong that had a solitary mention of JCM was lit. For somebody who has wasted the prime of his life making uneventful music that Pitchfork is obligated to post on and going to Golden Corral you would think he would figure out how to work the media.  Whatever.  Zero heat.

As for the White show, all reports say it was good, which I expected.  I did research the setlist and it did come across as a letdown for my tastes.  I will post it here for any Constant Readers who didn't want to spend $13 on Stubhub to go (see original post below):
Over and Over and Over
Dead Leaves and the Dirty Ground
Corporation April in the D!
Why Walk a Dog?
Hello Operator
Love Interruption
I Cut Like a Buffalo
Everything You’ve Ever Learned
Hotel Yorba (with his mom...Spare me)
We're Going to Be Friends
Steady, as She Goes
Respect Commander
Ball and Biscuit
Don't Hurt Yourself
Connected by Love
My Doorbell
Sixteen Saltines
Carolina Drama
Seven Nation Army

I guess its a decent setlist, but only 22 songs.  When I last saw McCartney he did 12 more songs than that.  I do like that he included all phases of his catalogue. By the way, whatever happened to Brendan Benson?  That scab seemed to be everywhere a few years ago only to move out of town because somebody broke into his loft.  Craig Brown......this is your future. Or, actually, present because nobody cares.  So that's my recap of the show.  I at least tried to get you the setlist.  Oh, by the way, my steak was great last night, and I must say I am a changed man because I managed to avoid any Drinkard Sisters Little Caesar's Arena catering jokes in this update.

*A Message from North Central Positronics*
After further review, we have decided to reinstate blogger Bryan Metro, but will keep him on a short leash.  We have also reported the numerous physical/death threats of Matthew Reed/Reid of Battle Creek, MI to the police.  Thank you for reading. Keep "Making Tomorrow, Today!"- Andy the Messenger (among other functions)

Hey all, Metro here.  I'm baaaaaack.  First off I would like to thank everybody who sent personal messages of support during my suspension, and to anyone who foolishly sent death threats via personal message....well see the statement above.
Anyway, I promised to ease back into the blog thing (which means this will get zero hits) with some random observations of a thing that is getting worse and worse; that being ticket brokers.  I also have a few random notes about the Jack White show tonight at Little Caesar's Arena (LCA).  So if any Constant Readers came here for nudes of Marcie Bolen or Dear Darkness (eeek, who would want the latter??) feel free to click off, or stay reading, like I care.  I don't expect the hits to be high with this one, but I'll get back into the groove soon.

Okay, one thing that really bothers me (out of a thousand) is ticket brokers.  They grab all the pre-sale codes and grab most of the tickets for shows to sell on the secondary market for a profit.  Sure, it's capitalism at its finest but it still rubs me the wrong way.  Which is why I love when it blows up in their faces.  Tonight's Jack White show at LCA is a perfect example.  I have a feeling the show will be a bust, but because of the no-phone policy it won't be documented.  The show "sold out" in its opening week.  More on that in a minute.  Here are the face value prices from Ticketmaster- Upper level: $39 & $59 + fees (usually around $10), Lower level: $69 & $89 +, Main floor:$89 +.  Keep in mind that each ticket purchase includes a copy of his new solo album "Botched Album House" which only means to pad the stats of records sold.  Prince did it first.

Truth be told, I was lucky to grab a pre-sale code and grabbed 2 tickets in the $39 section and beat the brokers because I thought it was an interesting show to see.  I went on secondary markets like Stubhub and saw the brokers already had them at $75.  Ridiculous and sad.  Once the show "sold out" the secondary market crashed.  In two weeks they were down to $54.  I told my advocate to move the tickets.  They sold for $54.  As of this week, seats were available for $14, and today even $13.  Main floor seats for $59.  The brokers who bought up all the tickets are freaking out because the demand does not meet the supply and they are selling for a loss which puts a smile on my face.  Of course White still gets paid, but it has to be jarring tonight when he experiences what the Pistons and Wings did this year and sees all the empty seats that weren't filled.  Or maybe not, he still gets paid.

Also of note, after it was announced as "sold out" tickets were made available at Third Man Records for $5 (why not 3?) but you had to but 3 records one of which had to be White's.  Once again padding those sales.  Also of note, this week additional seats were released and as of this posting are still available at face value on Ticketmaster.  But why pay that when you can get them for 50% on Stubhub?  Yeah you get the new cd included at face value, but have you heard it???  It is god awful.  Completely unlistenable.  I have two of them because of my initial tickets.  I do have to chuckle at the brokers who bought up entire rows to cash in on White's (fading) name.  They now have like 17 cd's of the new record.  Its the equivalent of Best Buy selling "Chinese Democracy" for a buck back in the day.

Plus he did the pop-up show last night at Third Man Records for Vault members and $33 everybody else, so the diehards already saw him. $33 for 9 songs.....good deal! Of course Rock and Rummage was there (probably got in free) and I wouldn't be surprised if Roddy Hogan was too.  Plus it also had the no phone gimmick which is silly.  I can appreciate it when places like the Alamo Drafthouse theater chain invokes a no phone policy because I don't want a flashlight popping up during a movie, but some people like to document their experiences.  And don't give me the BS line about how "You should be listening".  The new record sucks, and I believe the phone gimmick is so that it doesn't get out, despite the fact that "Independent" Jack White sold one of the (awful) songs to Fox Sports for its "April in the D" theme.  Sides. "WHO'S WITH ME?!" The ticket brokers...

Finally, my plan for the show (before I flipped my tickets for a profit) was to get one of those Halloween USA full person phone costumes and wear it to the show.  But then I realized it would be pointless because nobody would be able to document it because of no phones.  Just like nobody will be able to document the lukewarm reaction to the new material tonight.  Speaking of tonight.  I am planning on getting a great steak.  At first I was thinking a $54 high end special at Ruth Chris, but then I decided to stick in the teens and probably go to Outback.  At least the servers there aren't all dudes.  I'm back, have fun!

From the Iceman Commeth,
Bryan Metro


Anonymous said...

That new JW really is terrible. They will try to pass it off as innovative and unconventional but it's just bad.

But be careful... You don't want to bully poor Jack White out of town the way you did poor Queen Kong hahahaha. #itzajoke #fuckem

Bryan Metro said...

Nahhhh I posted the Meg sex tape years ago. Everybody was fine with it then. I am updating the original post with a secondhand revue of the show Thursday.