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Saturday, April 14, 2018

An Apology to Detroit

Hello, this is Andy the Messenger (among other functions), and I am here on behalf of North Central Positronics LTD to address the nationwide situation regarding Bryan Metro's posts.  Recently Bryan Metro, a ten year employee at North Central Positronics, has caused quite the scene regarding the local scene, so I have been commissioned to apologize for it.

It finally came to a boiling point.  For the past ten years he has covered, poked, prodded, lambasted, roasted the local Detroit music scene.  Now that will come to an end because as of now Bryan Metro has been once again suspended by North Central Positronics and the Lavender Blog.  Because of the backlash from the Independent article and the Metro Times article we want to apologize to everybody in Michigan.  Because we are a fair corporation, the Crimson King has allowed Mr. Metro/Sturr to speak his piece.  I will turn it over to him.

Hey all, Metro here, about to start serving my suspension, but I did ask for a chance to apologize to a LOT of people in the hopes I get my job back.  To start here, I want to include the links to the two articles that caused all of this...
Here is the Independent Article:   The Independent Article
Here is the Metro Times Article: Metro Times Article
The Facebook comments are even worse.
I had no idea that things I said in 2017 would blow up this much.  At the time, I just wanted to get another Detroit Music Award nomination.  I never, at any time, intended for the Detroit music scene to be nationally thrown under the bus because of one person, me.  There are so many local bands that are deserving of attention that may have been slighted because of all of this, and for that I am sorry.  To any band that has been affected by this, I sincerely apologize.

For the past ten years I was just having fun, but yesterday my perspective changed.  I received a direct message threat from a Facebook user Mathue Read threatening physical harm, even death.  This was a very sobering moment for me, and sent me on this track to apology.  Here are the screencaps that caused this apology:

Okay, I think that is enough.  I want to apologize directly to this person for offending him so much he had to resort to physical threats of violence.  For me to awaken that type of anger in somebody is inexcusable. And for that I am sorry. 

I maybe just got a little bit out of hand in my previous posts which would set off somebody to actually direct message me with physical harm, but I never intended any harm to anybody, and if people like Matthew thought so, I want to offer the sincerest of apologies.  Before today, I had zero personal contact with Matt, but his passion regarding my posts, along with the death threats, caused me to take a step back and finally apologize.  I really mean it. 

Back to the task at hand.  I really do want to apologize for anything I have said over the past ten years that may have offended anybody.  I really thought it was satire and I like to think it gave a lot of local, homegrown, acts a rub.  So, on a personal level, if I ever said anything about you that hit the wrong nerve, I am sorry.  At this point, apologize is all I can do.  If I can promote your next show or record release please contact me.  My positive posts don't get nearly the number of hits as my negative ones, but I will try.

I am retiring this blog on Oct. 8th, so keep living the dream till then.  Once again, I am sorry, but what was up with that Small's reference??

To close, I compiled a list of specific people I should apologize to.  This is it:

-George Morris:  I am sorry.  You are a handsome man.
-JSB:  I am sorry.  You are a good booker, and can have 5 more bands for all I care.
-Marcie:  Sorry for the "Bug" stuff and the photoshops.
-Anthony Morrow:  Sorry.  You get it.
-C Johnst:  Sorry.  You get it.
-Ryan Allen:  Sorry.  You get it.
-Allen James: Sorry, I guess.
-Any act that had to share a bill:  Sorry, hope we brought in people.  Never got paid.
-Jeff Milo: Sorry for making fun of your whimsical, kaleidoscope, of a writing style.
-Hip in Detroit: Sorry for making fun of you in general, but mostly your writing skills.
-Superbomb: Sorry for retiring you.
-Matthew Dallas:  Sorry for posting that you were a sexual predator at a time when nobody around here cared about it because it wasn't the "in thing".  Basically ignored by all the people commenting now.
-Metro Times:  Not sorry at all because every time I pop up in articles and/or comments the hits and comments go nuts.  For that, you're welcome.
-The DMA's: Sorry for exposing you as not a real thing.
-Lee Majors:  I'll just say "sorry" and leave it at that.
-Tunde: I apologize for pointing out you have been given chance after chance in the local scene and did nothing with it.  I would also apologize to Gold House but nobody knows who they are.
-Seraphine Collective: Is this even a thing anymore.  If so, I apologize
-Scott "T shirt guy" Boyink:  I apologize for making fun of his efforts to stock local Hamtramck bars with narcan kits when just last week somebody on his friend page od'd and he made zero mention of it because it doesn't fit his narrative.
-Jason Von Bondie:  I want to apologize for the grandpa story at Famous Daves
-Smalls:  Well any time I get physical threats they usually are connected to Smalls.  So I want to apologize to everybody there, and I promise you will never see me again.  I'll be with everybody else.
-The Constant Readers for the last ten years:  I apologize for keeping you entertained.  I tried.

From the Iceman Commeth,
Bryan Metro
North Central Positronics

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