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Monday, September 11, 2017

Monday-Protests-C. Brown Band- Pizza

Metro here! Let me start right off by saying I phoned this in more than usual.  Basically, a hodgepodge of my thoughts on the state of things all Detroit.

First off I went to my first Lions game this weekend.  It was a blast.  Met Herman Moore and Lomas Brown.  They're fans.  Can somebody add a Brazzers logo.
I woke up today (I know really!) and really didn't have any focus on any type of posts, so I grabbed the blender and will stream of consciousness this shit....

Next- The big story is the organized protest of the Kid Rock show to open the new arena that shall not be named.  As reported earlier last week, lots a people at Metro Times are pissed about this because when I think about a paragon of the community I think of Metro Times who fleeced Blowout till it died.  But they are so pissed at Kid Rock (not a friend) and also previous cover stories no longer count and never existed.  Its a running joke that they post a daily article bitching about it and most are written by this Violet Iknowhowtowrite (covered in previous post).  Now, there is this group: Metro Detroit Political Action Network" who are staging some probably unorganized protests at the shows.  They have already blocked me because dialogue is so passe these days, I guess.  No links to either the article or this group because you haven't earned that yet.

Soooo, I, myself, will be covering the protest Tuesday and I don't even have any interest in the concert.  What I plan on doing is asking every protester two questions: 1) What are you protesting? and 2) How come you haven't protested for the past 20 years?  I cannot wait for the "deer in headlights" look after Ques. 2.  So if any of the thousand Constant Readers are protesting, consider this a spoiler alert.  I'm not going to make fun (the Tunde sign is retired), but I honestly want to hear people's voices and trust me, you won't get that from any local journalists from Violet/MT to Milo.

Next- I actually had a dialogue with Metro Times about my complaints regarding the lack of follow-up on the UFO Factory incident.  I mean we have 10+ posts about the Kid Rock show because that's easier than Marcie Bolen.  But what happened to the UFO Factory fallout??  Did the money raised via the benefit/Go Fund Me actually go to the employees as stated?  Was there any skimming?  Did the construction company follow through on matching the Go Fund Me goal?  Did any of this even happen?  What is the current situation regarding the land/lease or possible new location?  Does this even matter?  Everybody has gone silent about it, even the bands that hopped on the charity tribute train. There is your real story Metro Times, not some recycled click-bait garbage.  That is, unless you want me and my advocate Arthur Heath to come out of retirement....

Next-  I was going to rant about the DIY Fest, but my last post about it was among the least read, so why bother?  That's what happens when you give Jesse Shepherd Bates the keys to the Pontiac Aztek.

Next-  This video showed up on my Facebook feed today.  I have never blocked anybody in 10+ years but I was close here.  Here is the Craig Brown Band at the Hamtramck Labor Fest:  Waste of Time
God-awful.  And these are the people getting the big push around town in 2017!  Its like Peter Dinklage, Fake Judah Friedlander, and Hip in Detroit formed a band....  I love how there are no crowd shots (or audible crowd) and how they cut the vid after the song before any type of response.  Also, the Size 12 redhead isn't even singing and looks lost.  No crowd reaction, no crowd shown.  Third Man Records is on Line 1: "Can we call this experiment a failure yet?"

Finally-  The "Gabe's Bad Dye Job" site is no longer banned on Facebook.  However, due to being reported, they have had to change their name.  It is now called "Lee's Talent Search" and you can find it here:
Lee's Talent Search
Pop-Up Parties!!!

From the Iceman Commeth,
Bryan Metro


Anonymous said...

I would fuck Bryan Metro....

Anonymous said...

Get in line.

Anonymous said...

Metro on fire. Scary when somebody stops caring. All you Hamtramck "punks" should take notice. This is punk rock in the 2010's.

Anonymous said...

Peter Dinklege is better looking with tons more charisma...

Anonymous said...

I hope this works out for the Craigster because no one deserves him as a soundman.