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Thursday, September 7, 2017

Metro Times/Kid Rock Update!!

Hey all, Metro here, and ohhwhoooo boy I'm on a roll lately, eh?  I guess it makes up for zero posts in 2014.

Anyway the Metro Times FB page has posted their weekly anti- Little Caesars Arena/Kid Rock post of the week.  Just to get it out of the way, read it here: We hate pizza but turn the cheek at young'un pizza!

So if you decided not to click, it basically is the same old, same old whining about tax-payers partially paying for arena and having Kid Rock open it.
First off this happens everywhere, not just Detroit, and will always happen.  All the roads lead to money, and that will never change.  If you have read the last written Podcast you will get this inside joke:  I'm not the biggest Kid Rock fan in the world BUT, if this was such an issue why wasn't it brought up years ago when he did the multiple concerts at DTE gimmick.  Was it fine then?  And its not fine now?

I'm just using logic here.  Dude hasn't used the Confederate Flag in years, but when he did, everybody was fine with it?  See, none of this makes any sense. And here is the quote from the "Reverend Charles Williams II (working on his tax returns as we speak)" from the protest: "we’re definitely gonna launch a campaign that says we don’t want anymore hot and readies".
Really?  Really? I stopped reading after his misspelled "going to".

This is just a mini-rant because the Metro Times seems to have a hard-on lately for Little Caesars Arena and by proxy, the jobs and revenue it would create for Detroit.  Oh for sure, the suits will make their money, but how is that different from any other big city locale??? Yeah, it sucks, but people will be making money, and jobs will be out there.  Maybe Metro Times should move from Ferndale (or wherever their phantom site is in Ohio, etc) to the vacant Russell Bazaar site and turn that around using your own non-taxpayer money.  Yehhhh, don't see that happening.

This from the same sponsor that let a Detroit institution like Blowout go to pasture. Without any explanation/journalism to boot.....

Hey maybe we can get Sugarman Rodriguez to write a protest song about it!!!  Oh wait, he vanished after his little local push.....just like everybody else.  Pussies.

And to think I could've written for them a few years ago with a concept I created that would hype local acts and venues on a weekly basis but was denied due to me having to water my style down. For shame.
That's this week's pipebomb

From the Iceman Commeth,
Bryan Metro


Anonymous said...

Picture is uncanny. Is that jr on the right and Justine on the left?

Anonymous said...

Doesn't matter. Based on your Labor Day pics, you look like shit too.

just_a_grrl said...

Of course, he looked like shit: he was impersonating Gabe Dodderson. #zing

Anonymous said...

there's something truly pathetic about a guy who is closing in on 50 (Gabe Dodson) who in his midforties got into doing festivals. seems like he had to wait for everything to be dying to get in a position of leadership since his band has like 4 fans and has never made a remote impression on the local scene. seems like a way to get booked for events, since all the promoters around here know he has no draw.


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