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Saturday, September 2, 2017

Hamtramck Labor Day Bust

Hello all, Metro here and yes I am a jerk.  I'm here with a partial revue of this year's Hamtramck Labor Day Fest.  I say "partial" because I decided not to accept the volunteer spot due to a few poorly veiled threats sent to me, along with taking watch over the grey kittie who has decided to move into the backyard.  Now don't get cocky you haterz, the threats really didn't phase me, and they never have.  Okay, full disclosure, I did plan on attending early in the day but I ended up sleeping till 3pm.

So instead, I decided to live vicariously from those attending via social media.  It did take me a while to find any actual content, but from what I did see, it looked really, really dead.  I'm talking JCM on a Thursday dead.  I'm talking George Morris interview in the Metro Times dead.  Yeah, that kind of dead.

I know that some constant readers will accuse me of complaining rather than supporting, but let me assure you, that the low turnout stings me.  That's real talk.  I feel bad for the local artists/craftsmen/foodies who are naive to the bureaucratic bullshit that goes on with these fests.  But I do have to say that it's up to those in charge of organizing these things to sell me on the event.  Sell me this pen.  That's not going to happen when you trot out the same tired acts that haven't made a blip on anybody's radar all year.  Dear Dykeness?  Never happen, never will.  Craig Brown Band? Has the Third Man juggernaut behind them, yet still can't get over.  The Idiot Kids??....well here is a pic from their set today...

Yeah, I know the angle benefits my argument, but I didn't really find any other pics, so do with that as you will.  As Bobby "the Brain" would say... "You can cut the electricity......with a knife."

Add all that up in addition to competing with Arts Beats & Eats in a much trendier area (ask Metro Times) and its a recipe for disaster.
Speaking of disasters, I did see pics posted of donation boxes for the Houston situation.  Now that is pretty cool, and a wonderful cause.  I made my donation via a different method, but it is cool that a working class city would give to people hundreds of miles away.  But PLEASE keep Eugene Strobe as far away from the donation boxes as possible.

Finally, I'm not the most tech-savvy person in the world (have you seen this site??) but I did try to set up a free mobile app to track where Lee Majors is at any time during the Fest.  For your health.  Alas, I didn't get it up in time.  Sorry for that.

I still want to hit up the Fest the remaining days.  But you'll never know when.  So keep your eyes open constant readers.


And this is me at my most genuine....if you are a band playing then you are responsible to promote yourself to get as many people out as possible. I know many friends who depend on their vending for income and it pisses me off that so many bands feel so entitled.  And I don't mean a lazy re-post of a flier or even a youtube clip, or a FB message saying "Hey come check us out!".  You need to sell yourselves, and from the pictures I've seen, that didn't happen this weekend. Say what you will about the JCM, there is no debate that we didn't sell the shit out of whatever show would take a chance on us, and we always delivered from 3 Blowouts to the 1st HamFest; people were there.  Some to see what would happen, some to maybe take a shot at the title but pussed out, but people were there.  I don't see that today.  Its just the Chad Brown Band looking to pick up their next gimmie handout. Now that statement is not "boring", that is the truth.  Blowout is toast, HamFest is on the ropes, Labor Day Fest is up in the air.  Why am I the only one who has been able to make this connection.  Ship these committees out of town.  Old men......

And that's a Pipe....errr From the Iceman Commeth,
Bryan Metro


Anonymous said...

As predicted, you did nothing. Boring. You're father is crying in heaven.

Anonymous said...


P.S. fuck off, you write your blogs by hand first.

Bryan Metro said...

I totally did something. I did a partial coverage of the Labor Day Fest. I actually updated the post with additional pics, plus I plan on attending tomorrow. If you want to talk about people doing nothing take a look at the empty spaces in the pics I posted. In fact I plan on writing a new JCM track tonight called "Empty Spaces" and will donate all of the proceeds to the poor vendors who wasted their time for a wasteland. And stop kidding yourself. Nothing boring here.

Bryan Metro said...

And please, referencing my dad is as bush league as you can get. You expect me to fly off the handle and go even more nuts, but honestly I spent my first few years in a flat in Hamtramck on Belmont and my dad spent most of his early life there, and he wouldn't be crying about anything I do but at the pics of dead space I posted. As I alluded to in my original post, its up to the people organizing to submit an event people would want to be at via music and art, and they obviously failed. Sometimes you need to think outside the box. Can we sweep the Eugene's, Lee's, and Gabe's out of this town already?

Anonymous said...

If they really want people to turn out they'll put Lee, Strobe and Gabe in the dunk tank!

Anonymous said...

Hell, I would make the trip just to dunk Majors.

Bryan Metro said...

That's actually funny because I actually covered it Monday and thought, if they really wanted to make some scratch, they'd have Metro in the tank. Also, New post by 9pm.


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