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Monday, September 11, 2017

A Metro Apology-Nancy Whiskey

Metro here, with a rare apology.  I am always bitching on here about comments and things that suck and MOST importantly asking Constant Readers to send me any leads.

So a week or so ago I got a private message from somebody saying I should look into Nancy Whiskey bar in Detroit for "stuff".  I did a courtesy check and saw some stuff that was sketchy but actually bored me.  I didn't see any "juice" in the story.  I was thinking of "hits" and not reporting what's happening.  This is my fault, and I take ownership of it.  I had all the info, the tip, a week before this Freep article came out and I was distracted by bad Craig Brown videos.  Here is the Freep article:
Detroit Corruptions Harder

Once again I am sorry to the Constant Readers and my person of interest on the street giving me the leads.  I will not fail you again.  I'm not being paid for any of this, and if I was I would be handcuffed by the powers that be, but Nancy Whiskey is just another cash grab scam.  I can go into it further, but the Freep article covers it, and you don't need me to make any personal jabs against the people involved like I do with......

Lee's Talent Search...

Metro Times has already bogarted the Freep article as their own and took a day off from covering the Kid Rock non-issue and ignoring UFO Factory and the underage music trafficking story that is just waiting to be busted.  Whatever.  This is just an apology and it means nothing....

From the Iceman Commeth,
Bryan Metro

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