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Monday, August 28, 2017

Written Podcast-Social Media and the Notorious "But"

Metro checking in with our next installment of the experimental "Written Podcast" where me and a host of co-hosts riff on topics online and then transcribe them here.  Today, my co-host is Written Podcast original Robert "Eddie" Lee.  Eddie and I riffed on social media trends today and there were a few decent points I couldn't let disappear into the desert.

The discussion started around when I made a social media post:
"Totally forgot that the MTV VMA's were on last night, thank god (although they'll probably replay them 50 times this week). My written podcast co-host Eddie Lee said how long can they go on without playing videos and they should just have it on youtube (valid point). Basically its all about fashion these days. There's nothing so awkward and embarrassing than a "celebrity" on MTV trying to make a statement and then cue the predictable crowd shot of pretty entitled teens in the crowd cheering. The irony is that those kids' parents most likely voted for Trump. This is in no way a Pro-Trump post. Just stating some facts."

The main crux of our Podcast is "The Disclaimer Issue"

*Insert New York Times tweet about the Mayweather/McGregor fight describing McGregor as "bloodied and about to fall through the ropes", sent by Eddie

Metro- They didn't even watch the fight lol. I haven't seen a legitimate publication take a hit lately like the NYT.

Eddie- That’s a TMZ-level headline. Hell, I bet even TMZ got it right. Also, I believe that climate change is happening, just not to the degree that many espouse. Regardless, this is just a dumb argument that I’ve seen repeated by many people with more depth than Alyssa Milano.
So what caused the flood 500 years ago? Or the 500 before that? Pyramid construction?

*Insert Alyssa Milano tweet*

Metro- "Look what Goddddd did to us man". My looney LA high school friend just posted recently that we should tear down the white house because it is a symbol of minority oppression and build a new one....... 

Eddie- She may want to wait until Trump is out of office. I don’t think she would like his rebuilding plans.

Metro-  Sometimes I'm not the only person who dares to disagree with somebody on a social forum.  One of my favorite comments was "They'll just give Trump Jr. the building contract."  Also at the VMA's I guess they also trotted out the mother of the Charlottesville girl too.

Eddie- Eh, to be fair that’s par for the course now. All sides do it to some degree. Doesn’t make it any less exploitive. Trump bringing out Bill Clinton’s rape accusers at a presidential debate is the current high watermark.

Metro- Lol, I already forgot about that!

Eddie- The funny part about that whole thing was the reaction from many on the left. They were more incensed about Donald Trump doing that than they were about Bill Clinton’s rape accusations. That’s hypocrisy at its finest.
Flip the script; where do you think the outrage would be directed then?

Metro- I have given up trying to debate anybody these days

EddieI saw your post on Facebook about the VMAs. One phrase I’ve seen increasing in usage on social media amongst those of my friends who tend to be centrists (I include myself in that group, despite where others would place me), “I’m not a Trump supporter, but...”

Metro- I've said that in all my posts since the start. My stance is I like him because he entertains me, which says a lot about me considering I'd rather be entertained than fixing the country.

Eddie- I guess I just think it’s ridiculous that people in the middle feel the need to preface any of their stances with “I don’t support Trump, but” lest they be associated with Nazis or whatever else they’re trying to pin to him. Says a lot about that side of the aisle.

Metro- Maybe it is a subconscious thing I didn't pick up on. I have made it public that when I voted I didn't vote for either. I just voted on local stuff like library millages and local offices. That's true though, maybe it has been burned in my brain that I have to preface it. Which is unlike me because I hemorrhage more FB friends on a weekly basis than Natasha from Gold House Media.

EddieI saw your post and my sisters boyfriend’s comment in another thread, one after the other. Both use the same preface. I don’t know if he voted for Trump, and I really don’t care, but it was just an observation I made. I’ve seen other friends use the same language when going against the grain online.

Metro- I guess there are a few ways to look at it. I can't comment on anybody else but me, and I usually use it because of frustration that people would extrapolate that I was a Trump slappy instead of what I was actually trying to convey. As you said, a product of the times. If I say I'm not a Trump die-hard from the get-go then it diffuses that argument, and turns the focus to my actual post which I'd be more than happy to argue on.

Eddie- For sure. I’m sure it helps get your point through. The problem is the association of Trump to anything contrary to the accepted viewpoint in these bubbles. You and others are obviously cognizant of that. I guess that’s probably the case in any echo chamber.

Metro- To use my VMA post as an example, I would be bored with any comments like "Oh you're just saying that because you're a Trump supporter." In bored iz bored. But comments like "Why are you hating on people using their celebrity as a platform for change." Now THAT I can sink my teeth into.

Eddie- Fair point. My question is, how effective is it? Do they actually focus on your point or do they still try to shoehorn your opinion into whatever political box they deem appropriate?

Metro- Well most social media interaction I have is my comments on other people's posts. Nobody likes to comment on my stuff because they don't want to be associated with me haha. But it is effective however because it takes away the easiest argument. I also use that preface on my comments "Now I'm not a fan of Bryan Metro but..."

Eddie- “I’m not a misogynist and I support privacy laws, but isn’t The Fappening great?!” I’m using the Bryan Metro preface in all posts now.

Metro- Your observation did make me equal parts self-conscious and also wanting to troll you by starting all of my posts with: "I'm not a Trump supporter but you have to see this kitten."

Eddie- “I’m not a fan of Bryan Metro, but here’s some pics of my kids.”

Metro-  Oh shit, jinx!!

So that's it kiddos.  A couple decent points buried in there that hopefully gets some people to look at themselves in the mirror (unless they write for Hip in Detroit).  Thanks for reading and we'll have another one up later this week.  Wrestling themed.

From the Icemen Commeth,
Bryan Metro and Eddie Lee    



Anonymous said...


Podcasts were created because nobody cares about reading the hilarious-only-to-you discussion you had with your friend.

What you're doing isn't an audio-free podcast, it's called a transcript. These are only not boring when it's a copy of kwame's texts with his mistress and similar such things: things people don't WANT other people to see.

I suggest this. Keep writing your blog, keep following the buzzards, but tweak this shit. Share your blogs PUBLICLY on your personal page, because people are too lazy to leave facebook to trip themselves up. Anons will always come here, but if you expect the Mock's & Dodsons to come here, it won't happen.

Do next level shit, Robby. This is boring.


Anonymous said...

"...but if you expect the Mock's & Dodsons to come here..." Jesus Christ, you're fucking stupid.

Anonymous said...

Why? Robby is only as entertaining as the people he's calling out.

This is fucking boring. You're fucking stupid if you think this "not a podcast" podcast thing is worthwhile.

Bryan Metro said...

I have made no bones about it being nothing more than a transcript. I never said I would stop doing my normal shit starting or pop culture lists. This is just something different I'm trying out. If I stopped writing about HamFest the minute somebody complained then what happened wouldn't have happened. The Written, Transcribed not a podcast does have its merits in that for those who care to read can find interesting topics to discuss. And I do post it on my FB for friends who don't normally come to the blog. The Written Podcast is just a once a week thing. I'll have another pop culture list up later this week if that's what you prefer, and if there is something petty going on in the local scene you can bet I'll find that too because when you think of petty you think of me. Also to say that I am as entertaining as my targets, well that actually hurts me. I am far more entertaining than anyone in the local music scene.

Bryan Metro said...

And calling me Robby is about as hip as me meeting Iggy Pop and calling him Jim. Not that I'm comparing myself to the Stooges....


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