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Friday, August 11, 2017

Trumbullplex and Hamtramck Labor Day

Rare, never before, DOUBLE POST....

Bryan Metro here.  Its rare but this post is a double post because I'm pissed off instead of being bored which is terrible for those I am pissed at.  Lets get to it.

Post 1-Trumbullplex
So this safety hazard place does shows.  I would know.  JCM played there around 2010.  It was a nightmare.  So unorganized (I'm talking about the venue, not JCM).  We ended up sitting around for hours on end because of "logistics".  I was with my nutso ex at the time who said she would love to move in there (she was in rehab months later).  It was a terrible experience.  We actually had a band vote to leave or not, a JCM milestone.  

Anyway, my problem with this place today in 2017 is that they have been sucked in to the whole "lets accommodate everybody/exclude everybody" mentality.  They have some shitty show coming up that nobody's probably heard of and 3 days before the show they removed a performer because they are also in a band with somebody with a criminal record.  They were playing solo......criminal dude not playing.  Why book them in the first place????  They then posted on their Facebook the person's name along with links to the criminal history (once again, for somebody not playing there).  Their reason was they strive for a "safe" environment for people.  Are you serious???  So this person may show up and "rape" everybody there?  Then again, they still could show up and rape everybody there, then follow them home, and rape their families.  You should just cancel the whole show, close the venue, and move to Montana.  And believe me, as somebody who has set foot in Trumbullplex, the word "safe" is not the first thing that comes to mind; almost fell through the floor.  Which brings me to this.....

I saw on their page that they are a non-profit.  Well that got my attention as I was the guy who exposed the Hamtramck Music Festival's charity Ben's Encore as being a fraud and not filing proper paperwork for over 3 years (full disclosure; since corrected; Yr welcome). Now you may be thinking what does this have to do with this show. Well, I think tax fraud and not being up to fire code is a little more serious than happening to be in a band with someone with a criminal record. Trumbullshitplx let me know if you would like me to look into Trumbullplex's paperwork to ensure you guys are on the, what do they call it, "up and up".

Now, on the flip side, let's look at it this way.  If you guys are truly "anarchists" as you have said (haha so cute) why pay taxes at all?  Its a no-brainer.  Feel free to also contact me if you would like to not pay taxes at all to stick it to the man.  The fire code thing can also be swept under the rug ($20 additional fee).  But based on how you handled this situation you misspelled anarchists with fascists.  Looks like UFO Factory was the wrong place to get accidentally wrecked...

Post 2-Hamtram Labor Day Fest

Then I wake up today and get a message from a person of interest saying that their band was removed from the Hamtramck Labor Day Festival.
Anyway, my problem with this fest today in 2017 is that they have been sucked in to the whole "lets accommodate everybody/exclude everybody" mentality.  They have some shitty fest coming up that nobody's probably heard of outside of town and 3 weeks before the show they removed a performer because...... whoa major deja-vu moment here......because.....because..... that's where it gets hilarious.

Here is a transcript from the message sent to them.  I also have the screencap because it was sent to me because I am the lone local music journalist in town not names Jeff "everything is beautiful" Milo but I chose not to post it because it includes the name of the person sending it:
"So we've received some complaints about XXXXX playing Labor Day Fest. We're concerned about potential problems that may arise and have decided to remove you from the festival."

Im not making this up.  There was zero explanation of the "complaints" and zero explanation of the "potential problems".  Once again, why book somebody to play only to kick them off when they could be making a living elsewhere????  Just a bunch of pussies.  Everywhere around town, using drama to be white knights.  
Here's a screencap of one of the white knights in case you want to be a true friend and tell them to get their head out of their ass... "Achievement Unlocked" indeed.  You're on my radar.

In conclusion, if the people running venues, booking shows, attending Cowards 101 at Wayne State were around decades ago, doing what they're doing now, we never would have had Alice Cooper, The MC5, Patti Smith ("Oh no she has a song called Pissing in a River!!!  She's off the bill), The Stooges.  Fucking grow up Detroit.  And that's what you call a pipebomb.

Also, Carjack has lost his mind....

From the Iceman Commeth,
Bryan Metro


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Lol, Asia Mock posts a comment, then deletes it and flags everything as spam. What a fucking headcase.

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Asia Mock is an idiot. Where have you been?


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