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Wednesday, August 2, 2017

R.I.P UFO-Now with Update!

Before I start I have to say....it wasn't JCM's fault.

With that out of the way, if you are one of my thousands of weekly readers you probably know that the Corktown institution The UFO Factory was severely damaged this week by a construction crew headed by Michael Bay.  Word is that won't be re-opening and will be condemned.

First of all this totally sucks for the employees of UFO.  It also sucks for many of the local artists who played there (many of whom were actually good) and the fringe national acts (many of whom were actually good) as they no longer have this unique venue.  I remember seeing Chain and the Gang here years ago (I think) and I lost my phone.

Now if you are one of the thousand constant readers (aside from the really weird 3% of clicks from Iraq) you probably have heard that El Club is hosting a fundraiser the 7th for the employees.  I would post the link but its probably on your Facebook feed 50 times by now; not a bad thing.  There's also some other type of fund if you can't attend you can find HERE which I will most likely be using because a member of Seraphine Collective is a guest DJ at the El Club show and her humorless expressions and overall bitchy demeanor will force me to cut my wrists.  Anyway, I digress.  Support your local mates any way you can.

I know a lot of you cynic commenters out there will see this as a contrived "face turn" from me and that I am garnering sympathy for something totally else.  Nahhh, I have nothing to gain from this rare semi-positive post.  Just to help those who have to adjust their lives.  So go to the benefit (but bring earplugs and/or sleep masks for S.C.) or donate to the fund.

One final thing.... after exposing the Hamtramck Music Festival and charity as being corrupt this past spring I got the "itch" and kind of became an unlicensed P.I.  Now you've all probably seen the generic posts of what happened to the Factory, but I have the "itch" again.... How entertaining would it be if I put my uncanny snake-like personality to use and find out the real deal behind what happened between the building and construction crew that day.  From the comments I've seen everybody thinks its shady.  What I ask you is if there is any other "local music journalist" that would have the guts to go after them?  Jeff Milo?  Haha, too busy writing a 5000 word eulogy for the building.  Melody?  Maybe, but hands most likely tied because of her writer job.  That's it.  That's all the local music scene journalists I can come up with.  Which leaves me.  Somebody with nothing to lose.

Corktown.....we're coming.

*Update-  The developer has agreed to pay the entire 15k goal of the employee Go-Fund-Me. This is after the goal had been surpassed by private donors already on the Go Fund Me. Plus there is still the benefit at El Club, not to mention any insurance money coming in (unless the people running Ben's Encore are also handling UFO's insurance paperwork filing). Plus if they decide to sell the lot, that's even more $$$.The only thing is if the building has already been condemned by the city as some reports say they may not get much for the building itself. Its no secret that, despite being a local favorite, the Factory wasn't really making money. This just seems like a cash grab where everybody wins. The developer semi-saves face with the donation plus gets the lot. The UFO gets the sympathy and all the donations plus any insurance money, gets to save face, and possibly partners with another local business or re-opens in Ferndale. As for the employees, well its not that tough to get a gig at a bar. I'm not trying to be mean or callous (that just comes naturally), but everybody is only looking at this story one way. I try to look at both sides of the coin. When in doubt, always look for who would benefit. In this case the way I put it here; everybody.

From the Iceman Commeth,
Bryan Metro


Anonymous said...

Will you be exploring the option of this being an elaborate settlement to give up the space/insurance cash grab/ old school "bust out"?

Bryan Metro said...

First of all, I have not decided whether or not I will be pursuing this story. Second, if I decide to do so I will definitely explore every option including what you mentioned above. But right now I am undecided and I have very little of the actual logistics of the situation. I see a lot of FB posts that they will have to cover the damages out of pocket which seem.....lets say, off. I do not know their insurance situation. I would like to "get to know" some of the construction people involved with that specific project. Plus there are reports that the building is already condemned which raises eyebrows since it just happened. What I am saying is that there are a lot of variables in this juicy story and I won't make any posts till I sort them all out. So right now I am sticking with the mantra- help the employees via the benefit or go-fund-me and Seraphine Collective are a bunch of humorless nitwits.

Anonymous said...

Typical snakes of Detroit are out already. The guy from Imaginatron/Marco Polio was on social media today asking people to come to Lager House to "protest" the construction crew incident along with other nonsense I couldn't understand because he's so arty. Turns out his band had a show booked there tonight. Hahahahahaha way to use people's emotions to get 3 extra people in house. Detroit stumbles harder.


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