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Saturday, August 12, 2017

Punk Rock +BBQ= Hamtramck

The hits keep coming.  As I posted on my Facebook, as of 1pm I will shelve all of the cases that I am working on and try to enjoy the day, catch a movie, stand in the rain with my mouth open staring at a garage, getting some coffee around 9pm at Java Hutt in Ferndale, and just relax.

More and more I am getting messaged with requests from local music people who feel they have been hosed (and after my usual digging, yeah, they've been hosed) along with messages of support from local music mainstays who wish to stay anonymous, and I can understand.  Alright, enough blowing myself and lets get to the real meat of the story.

So it has happened again.  This very day Kelly's Bar in Hamtramck is hosting a "Punk Rock BBQ" event.  And this very day they have started shuffling bands, removing the schedule from the FB event page, and removing acts.  The reason: (stop me if this sounds familiar) Complaints about some of the bands that were never verified.  I can understand not releasing the name of the complainer, but not releasing the content/context of the complaint??? Not willing to work with the act for a resolution??  I understand that the venue can add and remove acts because, duhh, its their venue.  But why add an act only to remove them the day of the show????  Same thing happened yesterday with an act from Hamtramck Labor Day Fest. Same thing happened at Trumbullplex.  Same thing happened with Hamtramck Music Fest this spring.

Here is the event page:    Puss Rock BBQ at Kelly's

I'll give you a minute to click the link and read about the acts playing.  I'll do the same.....
-Whoa, there's no set times???  They were there last week!!!  When is Carjack playing so I can take a piss break?

-Dear Darkness:  Well there ya go.  Don't get more punk rock than that, with all the complaining they do. Having two hair colors does not make you edgy these days.  It isn't 1998 anymore.

-Trite Ignition Screenprinting:  Good lord, this really is a clunker (although I still need a JCM shirt from them; ohhh the irony).

-Once again as of 12:30 THE DAY OF THE EVENT there is no set times posted.  This is Hamtramck these days.  Hamtramck Scrambles Harder.  THERE'S your t-shirt.  Somebody get Trite Ignition on Line 1!!!!!

Update!!!!  The event page changed the comment procedure that all comments need approval.  There is nothing more punk than free speech, so why would they feel the need to censor people's opinion?  Just throwing that out there.....
Okay, done reading?  Cool, me too.  Let me get back to my rant.....

My band played our first ever Blowout show at Kelly's.  It was cool.  Everybody had fun.  Place was filled.  I don't know the owner or booker situation back then, but they were cool, got it, and the staff was great.
These days Kelly's Bar seems to be the illuminati of the local music scene where the same 7 to 10 people huddle in the back room trying to figure out how to profit while fucking over people using phantom, fake complaints, and generally caving in to everything in general; all in the guise of "community".  If that is punk rock in Hamtramck in 2017, then hell yeah, count me the fuck out.

From the Iceman Commeth,
Bryan Metro


Anonymous said...

If Metro ever does another local show, it will be must see.

Bryan Metro said...

I have zero intentions of continuing with music. I made my mark there and am now focusing on movie lists and exposing local bullshit. However, if the right offer comes around I can be swayed to do a one-off.


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