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Sunday, August 6, 2017

Pop Culture-Movies by State

Metro here.  Taking some time off from everybody crying and me crying about everybody to have a fun discussion.  Entertainment Weekly published a list of movies that encompass each state in the USA.  They only picked one so what I'm doing is posting the state, then first, their pick in bold, and if I have any better options I will list them also in bold just to confuse you.  I will try to include personal anecdotes as much as possible because nobody likes to read basic synopsis.  Feel free to leave yours in the comments section.  Lets have fun with this.... Going west to east

Movies By State

Hawaii- Lilo and Stitch-  I don't really have an argument here, but some of From Here To Eternity was set here and could have made the cut.  I haven't seen it in a while so not sure where the iconic beach scene takes place.  Fun fact- I actually own the shirt Bradley Cooper wore in that awful Cameron Crowe Hawaii movie.  In LA they always sell used wardrobe and props and I needed a shirt.

Alaska- Into The Wild-  Also a decent pick.  However, also to be considered are Nolan's Insomnia, Liam Neeson in The Grey, and to some degree 30 Days of Night, all of which portray the bleakness of the vast state.

Washington- Twilight-  Ah yes, we have our first disagreement with their pick.  I would probably have went with Singles.  Then there's always Sleepless in Seattle.

Oregon- Stand By Me-  I always assume that this movie is set in Maine but it is indeed Oregon.  I have no issue with this pick. Now I need a blind date with Sadie to eat some lard.

California- Chinatown-  I could probably do an entire post on Cali, and their pick is a great, classic noir.  I would also give consideration to Less Than Zero for its 80's time capsule vibe, Helter Skelter for its end of innocence vibe, Aviator for its golden era vibe, Big Trouble in Little China for its WTF this is in California vibe, Who Framed Roger Rabbit just because, and Pulp Fiction for its dreamlike LA underbelly vibe (which is probably more realistic than some of the previous movies listed).  Yeh, I'm going with Pulp Fiction.

Idaho- Napoleon  Dynamite-  Slim pickings in Idaho.  Their pick was decent.  My Own Private Idaho could also be looked at.

Nevada- The Hangover-  Obvious is obvious, but I'm not sold on it.  I would have gone with Casino.  But then again there are two different types/eras of Vegas so your mileage may vary.  There is also Leaving Las Vegas.  And also (movie nerd alert) the Fright Night remake which is set in Vegas.  I hate remakes for the most part but it was very witty the vampires stayed in Vegas because nobody would notice anybody missing because of all the tourists. Going with Casino.

Arizona- Raising Arizona-  Decent pick that I'm fine with.  I would also consider Tombstone because, c'mon, Tombstone is great.  I would also double down and parlay Arizona and California and include Psycho.

Utah- 127 Hours-  Slim pickings with Utah.  I'm fine with this.  Got James Franco an Oscar nom (now go make MR. Ice Cream Man on Trial!!).

MontanaA River Runs Through It-  Good pick I guess.

Wyoming- Brokeback Mountain-  I was worried that I was getting into the "this is boring I'm bored" part of my post and traditionally get distracted by porn, but Wyoming was sneaky good.  I would consider Close Encounters of the Third Kind, and even Hateful Eight, for its Alaska-like seclusion.  Shit all of these sound like porns....ok porn break.....

Porn Break

Colorado- Misery-  Okay the fix is in Entertainment Weekly.  I know Stephen King does guest articles for you, and while Misery is a great movie, when I watch it I don't think Colorado.  However, it is well known that King does not like the obvious choice here so yerr playing nice here.  The Shining. Duhhhhh.

New Mexico- Gas Food Lodging-  I guess this is a good call.  Ironic that its three things you won't find in New Mexico.  You could also run with Independence Day for the Roswell segment if you're a geek.

Texas- Giant-  I'm fine with this pick like I was with Chinatown.  I would also include Texas Chainsaw Massacre for the obvious reasons.  I did not bother to sift through 300 westerns because as I was taught by the poor geography of the Leone films (all wonderful films by the way) Chicago is west of Arizona.

Oklahoma- Oklahoma-  Obvious is obvious.  Bonnie and Clyde also up there too.

Kansas- Wizard of Oz-  A slam dunk no-brainer.

Nebraska- Nebraska- Ahhhh plain states are plain.

South Dakota- Badlands-  My favorite of Malick's movies and no argument here.

North Dakota- Three Faces West- Not good when I have to look up a synopsis.  I would have said Fargo, but that leads into...

Minnesota- Fargo-  EW double dipped here with this pick as much of the drama takes place in Minnesota.  I would have shifted Fargo to N.D. and listed the greatest movie about Minnesota ever, The Mighty Ducks.

Iowa- Field of Dreams-  Slam dunk no-brainer.

Missouri- Gone Girl-  Slim pickings here.  I liked Gone Girl and am fine with the pick.  HOWever, none of it would have happened if Dalton from Road House was around.  That's my pick.

Arkansas- True Grit-  I'm not arguing with The Duke.

Louisiana- A Streetcar Named Desire-  Decent pick, a classic if you will.  I would also give consideration to The Big Easy (which I've never seen), and Live and Let Die, my favorite Roger Moore Bond film.  I was going to include Django Unchained, as it was filmed in Louisiana, but it's actually set in Mississippi.

Alabama- Selma-  An obvious pick, but isn't even in the same conversation as To Kill A Mockingbird which is my pick.

Tennessee- Nashville-  Another obvious pick.  Decent pick though.  I would have to include Death Proof for the car chase and exposing the only convenience store in Tennessee that sells the European Vogue.  Side note-  all of Tarantino's movies have a Tennessee reference.

Illinois- Blues Brothers- Interesting pick.  I like it.  I would also include Halloween as a strong contender (despite all of the California license plates in Haddonfield, Ill.) along with dark horse Wayne's World.

Wisconsin- Bridesmaids-  I checked for other movies but, Wisconsin, I just can't deal......

Michigan- Dreamgirls-  Ehhhhhh, a swing and a miss.  When I think of Michigan I don't think of Dreamgirls.  I actually would have to go with Robocop, despite the cash grab statue scam that has yet to materialize.  Also of note to fire it up is The Crow.  Finally, an overlooked dark horse, Somewhere in Time, set at the Grand Hotel.  Mackinac films matter.

Indiana- Breaking Away-  Another one I had to google.  Not sure how they didn't go with either Hoosiers or Rudy.

Kentucky- Coal Miner's Daughter-  A solid pick.  Second Sissy Spacek on their picks.  I would also include Goldfinger and Return of the Living Dead, even though the state doesn't really play a part in it; however that tombstone dance scene sure plays a lot with me....

Mississippi- In the Heat of the Night-  I have no problem with this pick at all.  I would also include Mississippi Burning and Django Unchained (finally) in the discussion.

Ohio- Heathers-  No argument here.  I actually had to search for movies in Ohio.  See Ohio, even Hollywood thinks you're boring.

Florida- Scarface-  Interesting choice but DePalma/Stone did capture FLA during that period (I guess).  I'm fine with it.  I would also include Spring Breakers because it satirized the other aspect of Florida (kind of like Nevada), and was inspired by a JCM Blowout performance.

Georgia- Deliverance-  Yep, I'm fine with this call (although people in Georgia probably would have went with Steel Magnolias to represent their state).

South Carolina- The Big Chill-  Slim pickings in S.C. so I'll sign off on this.

North Carolina- Junebug-  They got this one wrong.  Max Cady is sitting in a theater, lighting up a cigar, waiting for Cape Fear to come on.

West Virginia- October Sky- Not that familiar with this one so I'm going to have to defer to my alternates.  Though I'm not on board with the cult following, Donnie Darko should be up there, along with Blue Ruin, which I am on board with.  Great quiet/loud movie that not enough people have seen.

Virginia- Shenandoah- Yep okay.

Maryland- Hairspray-  Ehhhhhh okay, I guess.  I personally would have went with Waters's Desperate Living or Pink Flamingos.  However, the correct pick is Blair Witch Project.

Washington D.C.- All the President's Men-  A no-brainer pick that I have no problem with.  However, a Strong case could be made for Dr. Strangelove, set a lot in DC, Independence Day, which destroys DC, and The Exorcist, and its iconic stairs.

Delaware- Fight Club-  Slim pickings again, but this one probably takes it.

New Jersey- Garden State-  I cannot allow an insufferable Zach Braff movie with an overrated soundtrack take the top spot.  I almost cheated and put the Sopranos up here even though its tv (but its not, its HBO), but then I thought....ummmm Clerks.  Done-zo

Pennsylvania- Rocky-  This is an interesting one.  Penn. is divided between Philly and Pitts.  Philly got the win from Entertainment Weekly via a split decision, which I am fine with.  I would counter with Deer Hunter repping the Steel City.  Also up for nods is Witness and Dawn of the Dead.  This was an interesting one.

Connecticut- Ice Storm-  Ehhhh okay choice I guess.  There is also Mystic Pizza to consider, along with a couple genre movies The Conjuring and The Innkeepers.  However, I will have to side with my pick, Beetlejuice.

Rhode Island- Witches of Eastwick-  Interesting choice on a slim market.  I'm fine with it.  I would also include There's Something About Mary.

New York- Do the Right Thing-  Like California, New York could be its own blog post.  I have no problem with EW's pick, even though it is in its PC wheelhouse. Do the Right Thing is a solid movie, probably Lee's best film, and a noble choice.  I would have went with Taxi Driver, which is basically a kissing cousin to DTRT, and a beautiful time capsule (as DTRT is as well).  Also up for consideration....Ghostbusters, not part 2 even though that is more New Yorky, but part 2 sucks.  Cloverfield, the anti-Ghostbusters 2.  Goodfellas, and if you disagree I have a fur coat for ya.  It's down that alley.  Yeah right there.  Where ya goin'?  Eyes Wide Shut, even though it wasn't filmed in NY it is a New York tale; go pink team! Quick Change, a criminally underrated Bill Murray flick that is NY in a nutshell, American Psycho, which is a great send up of 90's NY culture and image.  Wolf of Wall Street, a great send up of 90's NY culture and image (which I prefer to Oliver Stone's Wall Street because it embraces the absurdity of it rather than trying to change the world).  And finally (and a perfect segue), Escape From New York.

Massachusetts- The Departed-  Tough call here.  I do love The Departed, Scorsese's lone Oscar win, but I am going to have to go with the fictitious town of Amity and side with Jaws here.  One of the toughest calls in the post.

Vermont- Dead Poets Society-  A solid pick for an underrepped state.  Gonna have to be a dick here though and side with Super Troopers.

New Hampshire- Our Town-  Decent pick but more of a theater thing than film.  On Golden Pond has to be in the discussion, but my biased pick would have to be Rules of Attraction.

Maine- Cider House Rules-  Ehhhhh, how is this not a Stephen King film??  I will throw you Salem's Lot and It just to start.

So that's it.  The list of movies for each state from Entertainment Weekly, with my constructive criticism.  I'm sure I left some out, which is where the fun is.  So think, comment if you want, and revisit some favorites, or some you have not seen.

From the Iceman Commeth,
Bryan Metro

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