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Thursday, August 10, 2017

Local Show Bullshit

Okay, so every now and then people message me asking for my talents to be used for the greater good of the local music scene.  Well, not a single god damn person messaged me this week so now I have to go through the trenches....

Found something!!!  Check out this event page!


I was looking around the internet for events I was planning on skipping and I saw the event page for this, and its shoddy cover photo, and wondered out loud (to my 10 cats), why was somebody's name scratched off of the flier??  I asked the page and was greeted by a rather polite comment that when acts leave the bill they dropped off or are removed.....the plot thickens.....

I and my assistants discovered that the act in question was removed because they know somebody who did something, paid the price, and is back in general public.

Let me stress.....because they know somebody.....

So, my grandpappy was involved in numbers running with the Detroit and Chicago mob (rip) so does that mean I can't play a local show?

One of the people behind it messaged me on the event page playing dumb, then once she found out I was researching all this she deleted all her comments.  Everything on the up and up here.  I had my assistant Arthur research her and her FB profile is like a Seraphine Collective application.

  Please note the twerp with the black fingernails (how very 2002 chic) on her cover photo with the homemade shirt saying "Kill your blah blah blah".  Cool, so you're cool with murder??  And as usual....disappeared once when confronted with a logical argument.  Way to go.  The only benefit of this is that it showed me the Thumbullplex was still open.

Edit from the Trumbullplex pussies who blocked me....

Robby Sturr No worries, the post has already gone viral regarding the hypocrisy. I've copied and will update with your comments. Just to clarify, you booked a rape apologist for a show, then kicked them off a show because they were not playing with a sex offender, and now have the public stance.....could you confirm that for me (you really don't have to, I have it already screencapped). Finally, how are you still in business?

From the Iceman Commeth,
Bryan Metro

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