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Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Its Wednesday....You Know What That Means......

Big announcement time!

Okay okay, let me start off by saying that every local music "big announcement" is and will always be a massive letdown.  C'mon you know it.  How many times have you seen a FB friend post something like "Big news coming!" or "Got something in the works.  It's huge!" only to have it peter out or even funnier, nothing at all.  Hell, Sheefy McFly and Gold House Media have made a social media career out of this.  I'm not saying this announcement is any better than those (hundreds) but at least it's two parts, so there....

Part One

I'll get right to the point in that I have begun curating a restoration of all the Metro Lavender Blog posts.  These date back to 2007 and I have them all saved and plan on posting them without any edits, and original comments (positive and negative) included.  I can promise you that there is no other local music site, blog, etc that can offer ten years of content.  I can promise you that there is no other local music site out there right now, actually.  I plan on doing 10-20 posts per day from recent to past.  So now you can revisit the Winter of Lists, all of the Weekend Previews, the show revues, the Blowout coverage, the festival previews, the HamFest preview that triggered everybody and got us kicked off along with other bands, venues shutting down, a IRS investigation into fraud local charities, and Gabe Dodson's bad dye job turning white (its actually not that bad in hindsight, oh and whatever happened to that local act/activist Queen Kwong Detroit??)  Plus there will be never before published material such as my HamFest music prevue where I take one song from each act and see how long I can last listening to it.  I started it but never finished after we were booted and they got enough free publicity.  You can deny it all you want but I have been doing this for a decade, like a tick in the local music nonsense when you have people like Milo recycling press releases and calling it "music journalism".  Spare me.  Everybody here turns a cheek and is lovey dovey only because they want their act to be on the next "big show".  I've said this for years.  Plus there will also be new content.  More lists!  More revues!  I think my next list will be "How many permutations of bands that Ryan Allen, JSB, George Morris, Prussia, etc Have been in since 2007?"  Maybe an essay on how dour, unfun, and humorless the Seraphine Collective are?  You cats make it too easy.

Part Two

Coming soon

From the Iceman Commeth,
Bryan Metro

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