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Friday, August 11, 2017

Asia Mock Update!!!!!

So anyway, Asia Mock, the nobody from Pretty Ghouls messaged my advocate whining and bitching about posts (AGAIN UGHHHH) and she actually threatened violence on Bryan Metro (me).  Here lets take a look at the conversation....

Asia- "
You and Robby Sturr can meet me at Java Hut on 9 mile tomorrow. I'm off all day.
Meet me so I can fuck you both up. Please, god do it.
Me-  "
Pick a pub and Bryan Metro is up for it. Although he just wants to talk, not "fuck anything up". Yikes!!
It cannot be at at a coffee shop (because really?) but if you can name a pub, Mr. Metro would love to have a conversation. As his advocate I have to tell you he will have a camera crew filming."
Asia- "Compile your screenshots. And meet me at the hut. WITH CASH. Because my time is valuable dear. I'll still beat that ass too. That's for free"
Me-  "
Mr. Metro/Sturr just wants to have a conversation. Threatening violence is not in his interests. And based on recent Pretty Ghouls bookings you have a lot of time.
Let me point out that your documented threats of violence do not show up as pretty to the people in charge (I'don't like them either so there's that).
Decent person.
From the Iceman Commeth,
Bryan Metro


Anonymous said...

Is it me or is Robby Sturr/Starr really the most honest person out there, sorry Bryan Metro. These bookers and venues are all cowards

Anonymous said...

You should file a police report. Honestly. Threats are threats.

Anonymous said...

It's not just you, Anonymous 4:30. It's true. He really IS the most honest person out there. No secret agenda, no circle jerks, no crying, no bullshit. Realest guy in the room.

And I agree with Anonymous 5:39, too. Threats are threats. (And bitches are bitches.)


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