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Tuesday, March 21, 2017

Wrestlemania Season Continues

Metro checking in.  I'm taking a break from stopping rape culture to happily announce that the JCM has once again been added to the pool of nominees for the Detroit Music Awards.  This, after last year, when we were ignored completely, makes it all the more sweeter.
We are nominated for Best Electronic/Dance Group
Best Electronic/Dance Producer (Dash)
And TWO, TWO, TWO songs under Best Electronic/Dance Song: "Altered Photographs" and "Leather #2"( which isn't even finished yet).  Yes, we have a song nominated that isn't even done yet.  This has to be a first, even for us....

You need to be approved to vote so start the process by going to the DMA website : http://www.detroitmusicawards.com/index.php

JCM for DMA 2017

Once again, thank you for your support and readership!

From the Iceman Commeth,
Bryan Metro


Anonymous said...

So you're concerned with corruption in the local scene, yet you are nominated for a DMA with a band that hasn't played a show in ages, for a song that isn't finished.

O.K. then!

Anonymous said...

Self nomination doesn't really count. And no one cares anyway

Bryan Metro said...

Comment 1- You really are dense. That's the point. Exposing corruption in the local scene and nominated for a song that isn't even finished. You don't get irony do you. We were nominated a few years ago for a song that was 4 years old at the time. We were nominated for a song that was never even released. And these are not "self nominations" these songs made it to the finals at the Fillmore. Brief history lesson- We won a DMA in 200? and the reason was most of the independent voters thought it would be hilarious if we won (and the fact that we were the Best Electronic/Dance Group at that time). Since then we have amassed over 20 nominations including Outstanding DJ (??!!!). This is not "self nominations" and we are in on the joke. To get that far in the process you have to have a significant amount of votes. On the flip side, numerous people complained to the DMA's about what we were doing, and lo and behold this year they completely changed their voting process. Hmmmm coincidence? Kind of reminds me about how the Ben's Encore fake charity decided to reapply for their 501c3 non-profit status after I....one second......after I pointed out that they had failed to do so for three goddamn years. You think I care about winning a DMA? Then you haven't been reading. Now get back to fucking off.

Comment 2- Tell that to Odd Hours


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