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Sunday, March 5, 2017

Serious Time-For a Moment

This link of a terrible situation came across my desk today.  The link was posted at 11pm Saturday, 10pm on tv, and the hit and run incident happened around 8, the start time of some venues at HMF.  Of course I'm not surprised that no other people associated with the HMF, played, or covered it has reported this as everything is "great in town", and people have to rely on this ridiculous blog for any info.  It is disgusting nobody has reported this.

It is a hit and run of a pedestrian and it happened at the corner of Joseph Campau and Caniff Saturday between 8 and 9pm.  If anybody has any info at all please contact the proper authorities.  The link is below:

Hit and Run Incident/Hamtramck



Anonymous said...

I tried validating that no other people have reported this and instead found an interview with Odd Hours on the Freep (written by Milo of course). It included this gem of a quote: " It motivates me to encourage other people to feel safe and to be themselves and show their feelings instead of hiding behind a mask of how anyone else expects you to act. That makes some people around me uncomfortable, but I can’t let that stop me. I understand why people are nervous about speaking up in what is, after all, a small scene, but I feel like some of the events surrounding this year’s HMF (see sidebar) were a turning point. Things need to change. The more we discuss things as a community and the more we are our constant true selves, the faster things can be accomplished."

Hasn't that what the JCM has done all along, not acting how people expect you to act. This is exactly what you predicted in your previous post, "Things need to change", oh but okay lets still perform at the festival anyway. Fucking hypocrite central. Hope they at least got some quality shots. My favorite was the one with a zero crowd shot and the Gold House dude taking pictures in the background. Roll of the fucking eyes.

Anonymous said...

Has it been confirmed that Dodson wasn't the driver at the hit and run?

Anonymous said...

The driver was an African American woman with a shavded head and small child in the car.

Anonymous said...

Just kidding.

Anonymous said...

I get it. I knew you were wrong though when you said child in the car. He was with the dad.


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