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Saturday, March 4, 2017

Revised Saturday HamFest Prevue

Gotta be quick now, but I have revised my initial schedule for Saturday at HamFest.  Myself, Bryan Metro, Baron Corbin, Jean, and E First have scrambled the plans.

The decision to revise our schedule was made after the HamFest site advertised some silly podcast inviting that anybody could participate, and obvious bait for me, only to find out that the committee member who sent the drunken, mildly threatening 3am e-mail "I truly hope to never see you again." was there the entire time (or most of it at least).   Soooooooo, let me do my best HamFest impersonation and throw out the previously posted schedule (see what I did there?) and issue my too little too late revised schedule.

Metro's Saturday HamFest Schedule

I first would like to apologize to all the bands on the initial Saturday prevue for letting you down:  the entire Hamtramck Public Library  I am sorry I couldn't work the doors to protect you from the leeches out there. To Six and the Sevens I am sorry that you will never see me again.  To Golden Torso, I am sorry I will not be at your show, but you are welcome for me opening your eyes to how things work around here.  To Red Robe (formerly W.O.M.B. and formerly JCM)....wait, now I'm cracking up.  Has that ever happened before?  Can we make a meme of the "Curse of PLAV #6 Headlining slot"?  Anyways to Red Robe, I apologize for not being there.  I really did want to see what they replaced us with....

Okay....the revised Schedule QUICK!

I wanted to just be lazy and pick the Painted Lady, who has seen a dramatic shift in acts aside from the headliner "Dark Red".  Ahhh fuck it
9:15-  696 Blues Band:  Just out of principle

10-  The Beggars:  Playing a little too early, but they do rock.

11-  Detroit Party Marching Band:  Just so I can recreate the church scene from Kingsmen.

11:15-  The "HMF All stars":  Just so I can see everyone they scrambled to fit that slot.  And once again I apologize to every other band booked at that time for not meeting the qualifications of being a "HMF ALL STAR"

11:45-  Ryan Allen:  For one last time, for old times sake.

12:15-  The Faux Montreux:  Only because I have intentions of stealing the bass player's gf.

So there you have it!  Honorable mentions go to Lo and Behold Records for completely pulling out along with the acts at Trixies which also aren't quite the same.  Can't put my finger on that.  Give me a month.  See you soon, and keep your eyes open.  Metro out.

Bryan Metro


Anonymous said...

Thank you.

Bryan Metro said...

Colorwheel, the midnight slot at THE Planet Ant Theater backed out the day of the show. I wish the Fest could book a second set of all stars.....

Anonymous said...

What happened

Tish the Dish said...

I waited around all evening to be wooed, yet somehow I ended up going home with a bass player instead... #shattereddreams

Bryan Metro said...

I aim to please babe.


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