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Sunday, March 12, 2017

On Hiatus

Metro here,

Though there is much left to be done, I am taking a hiatus.  All of the chaos the past month has taken a legitimate toll on my physical and mental state.  I can't do it alone, and I really made an honest attempt to point out some sketchy things going on around town.  So here is what I had planned.  The What If's:

What If's

-Covering Raw at Joe Louis Arena:  The final WWE event at the JLA, where the Big Show and Undertaker both won their first titles.  Lot of history there, and Metro will be the timekeeper.

- March Madness JCM tourney:  I was going to have a bracket contest with the grand prize being an autographed Bryan Metro nude, but I scrapped it when I realized you had to reveal yourself to participate meaning it just would have been me, my advocate Pauline Human, Peter the Freshman, and the Eat This City guys (throwback).

-Ahhhhh and here is the biggest What If.  Attending the Seraphine Collective's campfire "Stop Rape Culture" discussion with a camera crew (for my safety along with documenting it). With these "pat on the back" discussions they always freeze when given a real question.  It happens on both sides.  "Why do you support Trump's wall?"  Frozen.  "Why are you marching for women?"  Frozen... This is the part that you want to focus on.  I'll give you a second........

Here is a post from this blog from Oct. 9th, 2013 about a local musician who was a registered sex offender (with intent to penetrate).  I didn't know "Stop rape culture" was a thing back in 2013, but here's the link along with a few interesting screencaps.

Did any other local blogs, music "journalists" like Milo, or ANYBODY report on this?  No, of course not, because everything was hunky dory in the local music scene.  But we did.....pause a minute for a back pat.

In 2012, there was an absolutely terrible incident at the MT Blowout where there was a kidnapping and sexual assault that once again NOBODY wanted to talk about (aside from Broke in Detroit blog).  I contacted the MT numerous times for comments but nothing.

Seraphine Collective officially went online in late 2013 with a poorly written blog (worse than mine even) mostly about feminist music.  Flash forward to 2017 and they are hosting "Stop Rape Culture" discussions.  Where were you a year after the Blowout assault? (We were one of the few sites to raise awareness of it even happening). 

Where were you for the No Wave Fest (screencaps in the link) where a registered sex offender (with intent to penetrate) was booked.  I know both events occurred shortly before you going live but why not mention them?  Even worse look at all the bands booked to play the Fest that DIDN'T drop out because a sex offender playing on the bill.  Lets do a roll call:
Laura Finlay
Wasabi Dream
George Morris
Mexican Knives
Kickstand Band
Radio Burns
Silent Lions

Where was "Stop Rape Culture" then?  Yet we were the only site to bring it up.

Flash forward to 2017 with all these self-righteous back outs and votings to boot people.  Spare me.  You are advertising a slogan and not an idea, and you have no idea what it even means (especially when it benefits you).  I could bring in somebody from the street to the discussion, cut him loose and yell "He supports rape culture" and the entire collective would point and repeat "Rape Apologist" like a bunch of Oompa Loompas.  

This is what it has come to and I no longer want to be a part of it.

Seraphine Collective, I did in 2013 what you did in 2017, and I did it better.  We really could have been friends, but honestly, you are too fucking stupid.

In closing, the HamFest finally issued a statement from themselves and the Ben's Encore charity (probably because the board members are jumping off the raft) thanking everyone for the 2017 HamFest.  Only a few days after I pointed out that they didn't.  Yeah, the thousands of readers matter.  Maybe next they can post the numbers or another statement on their 501c3....

After all that, and everything around the local scene including how everyone turns the cheek at the HMF/charity corruption, I have come to a decision........ and it will disappoint a lot of people.......

I ain't going anywhere!!

I will be zapping the comments for a bit, but will approve all of them.

This is the game that moves as you play,
Bryan Metro


Anonymous said...

You just invalidated their pity party.

Bryan Metro said...

That's harsh, and I wouldn't call it a pity party. Maybe Misdirected Party. I'm sure they have good intentions, but they really are kind of crazy/scary.

Anonymous said...

This is classic! All the stuff you posted in the past about rape (with screenshots) and all the bands playing, when in 2017 it no longer is good. This is too funny. Oh, its only convenient when the political climate deems it. All those bands should be ashamed of themselves.

Anonymous said...

I took the time to look up some of the people in the Sera Collective. One is a therapist. I would cringe sending my kid to her to be poisoned by rhetoric instead of actually helping. These people are nuts and using a good cause on paper to just be fucking nuts.....

Bryan Metro said...

They are nitwits and I am on hiatus.... K?

Anonymous said...

"Look at how great I am". Trumpy. Why don't you actually do something productive instead of taking credit for "exposing" people. In the big picture this whole argument is about a bunch of trolls. The HMF is a joke as are the people who run it. The charity is a scam. All music in Detroit sucks. Rape and moslestation is not a joke but you pipe up on this subject when it serves you. Like is full of hypocrites and your attempt to frame yourself as some kind of a local folk hero is a joke. Get over yourself. Why don't you start a real charity that brings some love into the community. I'm not talking music but something more meaningful. I say beware of the braggart wannabes that write there own press releases in a blog. Intelligent people see right through your bullshit Trumpy. And by the way, outstanding creepy photo your yourself on the previous post. Enjoy your time off. jr sucks

Bryan Metro said...

Thank you

Bryan Metro said...

I am doing something productive by not taking credit, but by actually exposing the corruption in the Fest and the charity. Actual facts!! Who would have thunk it?? Bryan Metro has divulged more information about the HMF and the "charity" (still pending) than both of those entities have. In the "big picture" this argument is about due diligence as to where all the money from these things is going. I have absolutely nothing to gain from this and am far from a local folk hero. I do smile that Seraphine Collective disabled their comments on their site along with event pages. Oh lets have a discussion, but not really a discussion. Finally, I have no interest in starting a charity. I'd much rather take creepy photos..

Bryan Metro said...

Decent comment

Anonymous said...

"That's called bias?" Sure...reminds me of all those biased parents that didn't start advocating for tougher drunk driving laws until it directly impacted them. Doesn't matter what good it accomplished...that's called bias. Smh.

Anonymous said...

They got kicked off a rock show. Give me break.

Anonymous said...

He acted like a reporter with an ax to grind. That is bias. Reminds me that the public schools need to start teaching logic again.

Anonymous said...


Bryan Metro said...

I don't get any of these last few comments. Step it up


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