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Saturday, March 4, 2017

Now that its over. A spoiler alert on the future

"Why do you have to be such a fuck up?  All you do is get drunk and everybody hates you!"-  The Nice Guys (2016).

Yeah the title is a little redundant, spoiler alert on the future and all, and I may be a fuck up, and drunk all the time, and everybody is on the record as hating me.  However, I do have one last thing to say.  Actually that would be a lie.  I do plan on doing a (belated) preview for all the bands added to the fest after so many were booted or dropped off that I was not able to profile in the initial, infamous, prevue.

So spoiler alert, let me spin it for you quick.
Now that the Fest is done this is what is going to happen.  Everybody is going to distance themselves from everything, especially the committee.  There will be rumblings of staying together, but all of the bands who did not have the balls (or more importantly the integrity) will very very quietly move on to their new endeavours and forget any of this really happened.  Most will abandon contact with the committee members which is sad because they supported them up until the end of the Fest, but hey, any chance for Odd Hours to have a platform to take pictures of themselves that only themselves can look at....why not??

Its already started.  Here is a link for a Milo post that is typically 9 paragraphs too long with Lo and Behold Records:

Nine paragraphs too long

A real journalist would have have asked the most important question.... "Why?"  I love that it was posted the last day of the Fest.  Just getting a jump on things I guess.

Now that it is all over I do feel a tinge of sympathy for the committee as everybody will be jumping of the sinking ship and Lee Majors slips into the shadows for another year, or until Blowout returns.

Final preview for tomorrow:  Here is rare footage of Hip in Detroit Sadie attending the all you can eat brunch on Sunday:

Sunday All you can eat!!!!

It was fun,
Bryan Metro


Anonymous said...

Cracking up at the Odd Hours comment. Its funnt because its true. All they do is take pictures of themselves......

Anonymous said...

Fuck Odd Hours and that whole Gold House thing. I guarantee they did not show up at HamFest Saturday because their band or Tunde were not playing. Only support the scene if it benefits them.

Bryan Metro said...

That's a little harsh with the f bomb, and I cannot say here nor there that they showed up Saturday to support other local acts and the venues.....However, Odd Hours/Gold House is on the short list for the "Satori Circus Hall of Fame" of only being at shows they are booked on. Thanks for reading.

Anonymous said...

With so many acts/venues bookers backing out I'm stunned Pretty Ghouls wasn't drafted to fill in. They'd fit right in with this mess. Asia with the phony feminist angle and TJ with the phony t-shirts, and other girl with the phony.

Anonymous said...

Please......do not retire

Anonymous said...

Its great how Robby looks just like CM Punk because he would last the same amount of time in an actual fight.

Anonymous said...

@3:09 Your epidermis is showing.

Anonymous said...

It was cool u still came and it was disappointing so many people suddenly turned into high school jocks "someone should beat his ass" or catty bitches "no one likes you" so sad

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

What happened


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