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Saturday, March 11, 2017

I'm Working Towards a Hiatus....

Metro here,

Quick update.  Working on the liner notes from our DVD, and it positively exhausting, then making one final post before a well deserved hiatus, a post that will be a decent send off for a bit.  The dvd consists of our very first show, at the Painted Lady in 2008 along with extras such as the opening bands/karaoke/and our first video (actually our only vid; our video dude went insane and destroyed all the rest). 

Show #2 is the infamous 2010 MT Blowout show, the Inglourious Basterds show where over a thousand Metro Times almost were ignited at Whiskey in the Jar.  Terrible set but the most punk rock this town has seen in years.

Show #3 is the very first HamFest show at who knows where.  Baker's maybe?  God, the difference between the crowd at the show vs. this year....I feel guilty...

And the final post before the hiatus will deal with a certain Sunday event going down in HamTown.

Going to go away for a bit so savor it and follow the buzzards,
Bryan Metro


Anonymous said...

No footage from the final blowout show at whiskey when you passed out shots for everybody?!

Anonymous said...

When's it going to be out? I remember the Blowout show and it was insane.

Bryan Metro said...

While working on the project I realized that we insinuated killing the crowd at every Blowout except for our 1st in 2008. 2010- Death by lighting hundreds of Metro Times on fire. Then the library Blowout with the pressure cooker filled with local band cd's. And the final Blowout with the poisoned kool aid. Subconscious-much?


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