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Sunday, March 19, 2017

Hiatus Over-Perspective

Well, it wasn't long but I'm back (in blood red letters on the Chemical Bank).
I've laid low for a bit, but as always, something got under my skin.

This past weekend there was a tribute show for Rabeah Lteif and the Planet Ant Hall (that is being shoved down everybody's throats these days and I won't even get into the corruption of the venue with HMF).  Rabeah was a friend of mine, not somebody I talked to every week, but a friend.  He repeatedly said (off the record) that he loved what the JCM did and how it was against the grain and made the local scene dangerous and fun again (his words), and how he wanted to collaborate on stuff.  Unfortunately, I take full ownership of my laziness and fucked that up and it never happened.  Now he is gone, and I no longer have that opportunity, and that really pisses me off.

R had his demons, as many of us do, and I think that his wishes would be to learn from them.  I hear you spirit brother.  So if you are friends with somebody who has a problem, be it drugs, alcohol, gambling, crime; make an effort to reach out and offer help. Its way more effective than a bunch of yarn or t-shirts. Don't wait until its too late. That's what real friends are.

There has been a lot....a LOT of pats on the backs this weekend, and it kind of makes me sick, and no amount of 2008 yarn can make up for it.  We all failed here local crew, and yes I consider myself the local crew, so yes, we should remember, but also learn from this very very sad situation.  I am 100% confident that all moneys will go to the charity (unlike the Ben's Encore debacle), but to anyone who knows of a friend in need, please act!.  Yes, this gathering encouraged me to cover local music for 10 more years, but I'm doing it for the right reasons....   And there is your "pipebomb".

Rest in Power,
Bryan Metro


Rogue Satellites said...

Lets not wait for another local death to happen to celebrate. Lets celebrate now!!!!

Combover said...

Ah the co-opters of grief strike with another tribute show

Anonymous said...

Co-opters of grief? Are those the same as people experiencing the grief? Because that is who planned the show on Saturday. Rabeah's close friends and band-mates. It was a wonderful show and everyone enjoyed it. No one made a dime except Music Cares, an actual charity. Fuck off with your shitty attitude.

Anonymous said...

I was pointed here.
I was a sponsor of his.
I call bullshit.

Bryan Metro said...

First off, with all sincerity in my heart. Thank you (if what you are saying is true) but as an anonymous commenter I have no idea if it is true. If you are just commenting to comment, then I say, maybe should have tried harder. I can be reached at bryanmetro1@hotmail.com if you want to have a real conversation, and if it is real I will offer a sincere apology and take down this post.

Bryan Metro said...

I was sitting, working on some projects when I realized that I needed to apologize for my response to Commenter 9:11am. If you were his sponsor it was very insensitive of me to ask you to e-mail me as with you being a sponsor it may mean you have addiction problems of your own. For that I am sorry. He was a friend of the band and I still smile at the 11pm e-mails that XXXXX would read to me where he wanted to work on a project or maybe "one more show". The pompous back patting after the tribute show just left a bitter taste in my mouth. And unlike the Hamtram Music Fest I really do believe all of the money went to the charity. If you are who you say you are and were a sponsor, thank you


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