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Saturday, March 4, 2017

HamFest/DDA October Surprise

Metro here.  Logan was great but saw this comment on the open blog:  "The DDA money was to recoup money for the Hamtramck Labor Day festival not HMF"

Alternative facts???  Well let me look through my documents (sent to the IRS and Channel 7)...,ok..

Hamtramck DDA Minutes/Board of Directors meeting Jan. 7th, 2015:

Those in attendance were: Mayor Karen Majewski, Vinny Szymborski, Alissa Shelton (Bank Suey), Larry Ingram, Jerry Duncan, Kathy Angerer, Andrew Dow (Painted Lady), Joan Bittner

Those absent: Dr. Golani (aka my next screen name), Mark Hausner

Guests: Saad Almasmari (City counsilman), John Bissa (HMF committe), Shannon Lowell (Cafe 1932/HMF), Konrad Maziaraz (Ham Library/committee), Tony Liggett, Ciolleen Conroy, Matt Luke, TJ Gretch (who designed the copyright sketchy t-shirts), & Andrew Perotta

Now lets have some fun.....

Section One: Agenda Items- 

B.  The Hamtramck Music Festival representatives made a presentation to the DDA board.  The summary presentation document was prepared and presented by the Festival group.  As part of the presentation, the group is looking for financial support.  The specific request is for $2,500.  After a brief board discussion the motion was made to approve $2,500.


The Festival committee reps made a presentation to the board regarding their current financial situation.  According to their own unaudited.....(Metro chiming in....I stress the actual use of the word "unaudited" in the ACTUAL MEETING MINUTES...ok carry on) records, they appeared to have a shortfall between $4,200 and $4,500.  There was some confusion as the exact financial position (not my words....these are in the meeting minutes).

After some discussion, a motion was advanced as follows: Approve the expenditure of $4,000 to support the 2016 Festival.  The motion was made by Vince Szymborski and seconded by Mayor Majewski.  Motion carried.  This will make the total 2016 commitment equal to the 2015 commitment.

Please don't make me dig that stuff up now too.....

The best part is......this is just a taste

From the Iceman Commeth,
Bryan Metro


Anonymous said...

Jesus Christ

Anonymous said...

Damn, fucking served!

Anonymous said...

Pretty sure HMF got the $2500 this year for the billboard (which was split with the DDA for countdown to packzi day up until last Saturday). The $4000 was for the Hamtramck Labor Day Festival 2016 to recoup costs of either overtime or reserve police officers. That's why it says the 2016 commitment is equal to the 2015 commitment and also why Shannon and Konrad were at the meeting (they aren't involved in HMF but run Labor Day Festival). Can't say for certainty because I don't have the minutes from that meeting in front of me but I think this one is shitty minute taking by the DDA person.

Can you post the minutes so they can be dissected?

Combover said...

Lol, at 7:25. Seriously, it was another clerical misunderstanding!!! Also, the City is required to make the minutes publicly available. Now its also Metro's job to serve as City Clerk? Shit is too funny.

Cjohnst said...

What this festival needs is the hard lessons!

Anonymous said...

Happened upon this blog, saw content warning. Was hoping for porn. Nothing to see here folks. Amateur music band blog featuring , 40 year old virgins, poor grammar and scene "commentary" ---- zero yelp for blogs stars - sad�� .... don't give up day jobs fellas. ��

Anonymous said...

Chris...the hard lessons were booked but it turns out they accidentally booked them for the labor fest and then it turned out they had actually booked "the hard messons" and then it turned out the their bass player had once made a joke about a cock-ring so got the boot.

Anonymous said...


This meeting is from January 2016 but even the date at the top says 2015. The two committees went back to back. HMF was given the $2500 for print materials and the Labor Day Festival was asking for money to pay the police. The relevant minutes for DDA meetings for this years festival haven't been posted yet. They would be the meeting in December and the meeting in January.

TMoore said...

Poor anon could not be more transparent or sad. But we'll just start here...there's a timeline on when minutes need to be posted...

Bryan Metro said...

The fact that there is such confusion about all of this proves the incompetence of everybody running everything. Anon at 10:25, you are a blind idiot. And the anon who said I am not your city clerk is right. All of these doc's are public knowledge. Nobody bothered to actually read them until I came around. And the man always comes around.


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