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Sunday, March 12, 2017

First Public Appearance Revue/Patti Smith

For the first time since the Hamtramck Music Festival debacle, I, Metro ventured out into the music scene and attended the Patti Smith "Horses" show at the Royal Oak Music Theater.  I was warned by some of my constant readers that there very well may be members of the aging HamFest Committee there using the undocumented money from the festival and charity to get tickets second hand.  But still, I had to go.

Okay let me get my jokey JCM stuff out of the way first:
-Saw Margaret Dollrod there wearing wayyyyy too much clothes for my liking.

-Saw a group of young guys near the bar and made a joke that they need to be kept off Lee Majors' radar and literally seconds later Lee shows up and with them.  "I'll make you big!"  Laughably predictable. Looks like the HamFest share went to a good cause after all.  Creeper saw me, turned, went, and never saw him again the rest of the night.

The show:  It was seriously one of the best live shows I have ever seen.  The energy, vibrancy, and god damn, the voice at 70 years old was a sight to behold.  The Horses album was predictably amazing, and they even did a post Horses set with other memorable hits like "Dancing Barefoot", "Citizen Ship", and numerous tributes to Fred "Sonic" Smith (the good guitarist from MC5).  It honestly felt like a goodbye.  Patti gets it, always has, and has a genuine love and sense of equality for her and her man Frederick that the nitwits who populate the Seraphine Collective can never even understand.
After the show they took some footage for a "project" and Patti and Lenny did a 30 second rendition of "Rock and Roll Nigger" which made me jump out of my seat.  I have never called a concert transcendent before....but....

Outside of Society,
Bryan Metro


Anonymous said...

Majors is a lousy tipper, when he tips at all. He's setting a bad example for all of the young men he's "mentoring".

Anonymous said...

Piggybacking off of the above comment, I recently saw him park in an alley with his emergency flashers on, instead of putting a fucking coin in one of the meters while he stopped in at a certain store. I died laughing.

Anonymous said...



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