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Thursday, March 30, 2017

Final Four at Uncle Ray's

Hey all!

Created an event page for this Saturday for the Final Four at Uncle Ray's.  Event Fun!  For those in the dark, Uncle Ray's was one of the establishments that took my mom's stolen credit card.  I went to all of them and Uncle Ray's was the only place that was a bitch about it.  So I have asked 3 friends to give me their credit cards and I have created an event page Evennt Page with 2 n's to do the Final Four this Saturday right.  Check the previous comments to see the guy they sent to chat with me.  Its hilarious.  He actually said my mom was in there.  Laughable.

Anyway, Final Four, this Saturday at Uncle Rays.  Big money prizes!  Who wins? Who has both games right?  How many heart attacks will Roger Schultz have between the first and second half?  Big money.  Big thrills.  All you had to do is say "We are sorry and will talk with our staff about credit card procedures".  Instead you pissed me off and made an enemy.  Now deal with it, rock and roll.

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Anonymous said...

Cracking up

Anonymous said...

Coming soon (instead of the book he'll never put out): "The Oral History of How Bryan Metro Killed Himself Wasting His Time"

Bryan Metro said...

See, that's the problem.... I saw it during the Hamtramck Music Festival when I pointed out that the Ben's Encore charity's 501c3 status had been revoked for failing to file the proper paperwork for 3 years....not a year.....3 years. As soon as I find out if they got it back I will let you know. But, back to the problem at hand, everybody turned their cheek at the VERY REAL facts I presented about the corruption there. They just wanted to play the show "Rah Rah community this community that", most bands playing for free so a bunch of geezers like Eugene Stroke, Lee Rosenqueef, and Gabe BadDyeJobson could have their little slush fund.

I've moved on from that (aside from finding out yeah or nay if Ben's Encore is legit) and now focusing on establishments that accept fraudulent credit cards. Places like Uncle Ray's in Dearborn Heights. And of course they did the exact same thing. Turned the cheek rather than improving their business practices. Things and reactions like that just make me want to give up. But I won't. Get back to fucking off.

Anonymous said...

Giveup that dik, U sexy PI! Plz make babies soon & teach em 2 rite gooder then U!

Bryan Metro said...

I'm the World's Worst Dectective

Anonymous said...

does jr have a blog that I can read

because he was funny

Bryan Metro said...

Okay its obvious the last few comments are from Hamtram Music Fest sycoph.....err supporters (sorry, stupid autocorrect). Here's a tip, and I will spin it for you quick: Its obvious I have turned my attention to the credit card scam perpetuated by this Uncle Ray's place. That means my focus is off HMF. Which is a good thing for you if you're okay with all the shadiness of the Fest committee/charity to begin with. I mean if it wasn't for the doofuses at Uncle Ray's (who have all disappeared. Man talk about deja vu) then instead of working today to map out all the local businesses accepting compromised credit cards, I would probably be following up with the IRS on the status of that Ben's Encore 501c3 re-application because god knows the charity itself won't update you on that. Hell, the only reason they issued a statement is because of me. Me! Bryan Metro, the best in the world. And if you want, I can go back to posting funny shit and lists instead of exposing all this. Just please ask nicely next time.

Uncle Ray said...

Uncle Ray here. Asking that the Hamtramck Music Festival continues to fuck up. Nothing to see here.

Anonymous said...

so what happened?

Bryan Metro said...

Gonzaga and North Carolina won, advancing to this past Monday's National Championship.

Anonymous said...

So nothing happened but a bunch of talk.

Bryan Metro said...

I guess its all in your perspective.
With the Hamtramck Music Festival Committee, they all went into hiding.

With the Ben's Encore "Charity", they put on big boy pants and actually addressed the fraudulent paperwork of the last 3 years regarding their false non-profit claims.

With Uncle Ray's they no longer accept lost or stolen credit cards and their trolls who were so eager to comment on the previous post have also disappeared.

And its all because of me. So, one idiot's "bunch of talk" is another man's "job well done".

And really, would going in there causing chaos, throwing fists, possibly getting arrested accomplish more, other than for your entertainment? Everything crooked that I have targeted has been shut down (metaphorically). If that's your definition of "nothing happened", then I guess there's no hope for you. But thanks for reading and keep following the buzzards.

Anonymous said...

yeah, nothing happened but talk.

Bryan Metro said...

What would constitute your definition of "happened"?

I called out Hamtram Fest Comittee and they pissed themselves; many bands were removed.

I called out Ben's Scamcore Charity and they pissed themselves and issued a legally scripted statement (that still hasn't been followed up on).

I called out the staff of Uncle Ray's and this was to their face at the venue and they did nothing, and then pissed themselves.

The FB event page was for laughs, and to get under their skin, and make sure they aren't accepting stolen cards anymore.

And don't worry, I am still keeping tabs on all three, so if they fuck up again expect "more talk".

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