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Wednesday, February 15, 2017

You Are Going To Love This...

Well, maybe a little earlier than preferred, or maybe just in time, here we go again.

But first, an interlude....  The narrative about the Ben's Encore charity is amazing, and their words equally are inspiring.  This is from the heart, and you never want to see anybody go too soon.

But here is what really pisses me off....after our/my initial barbs caused them to update their site (one sec)
....okay back....but completely ignores that they have been a non-profit, tax exempt charity for three years is preposterous.  So what exactly happened to the money that was written off the past 3 years?  Its just butter on the bread that Third Man Records is involved.

And its very glaring that the Festival That Shall Not Be Named removed the post about removing us (without mentioning us by name of course).  Why did they take it down?  It had so many likes on Facebook, and was a message of love and community.  Why take it down? Okay, one more time....why take it down?  There was nothing bad about it.  It was a good post.  Why take it down?  I have one more question for you....Why take it down?

Ahhhhhh fuck it, it'll be all swept under the rug eventually.  However, if you want to keep the ball rolling here is the list of the "board" of Ben's Encore.  Feel free to message them.  Hell, they're probably as surprised as I am at all this shenanigans.
Da Board....

And don't forget....follow the buzzards,
Bryan Metro


Anonymous said...


I guess the moral of the story is not to kick the JCM off of a festival or else people will think that their money is not going where they think it is.

Anonymous said...

Or, you know, maybe the moral of the story is to open your fucking eyes every now and then. Be real. Be woke (like you claim to be). You're screaming at these guys for speaking opinions and the truth when there's so much more going on... Understand that not everything is what it seems to be (or what YOU want it to be)

Anonymous said...

Metro is at the best that he's been....and will probably be dead in a week....

Anonymous said...

Seems like someone else has been busy deleting posts. What's the word you use? "Hypocrite?"


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