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Wednesday, February 15, 2017


Since we/I are moving on from the festival that shall not be named, lets move on to this:

What in the fuck is that?  It totally looks like a flier for an independent wrestling show in Lincoln Park (I would know).  In the (since deleted) posts I predicted this act would be shoved down our throats in 2017 and it looks to be off to a great start.  Ten dollars????  Hold on one second.......

Ten dollars?????  That's the same amount as a wristband....well you know the rest.  Of course Third Man Records is involved so the money will be going directly to the bands playing.  Ahahahahahahahaha kidding.
So why wait until March to waste $10 on a multitude of boring, safe, acts when you can do it RIGHT NOW for only three acts!

Look, I'm sure the dude is a good guy, and has paid his dues in the local scene for years (and years), but this is just another example of a single artist (or 2) "chosen" to be shoved down everybody's throats.  Just wait you'll see.  And like everyone in the past (George Morris, Jamaican Queens, etc), the push will amount to nothing and they will be under a different name within a year.  Yeah, you may think this is mean, nasty, harsh, but.....Am I lying to you?

You would be better off just donating the money to a charity.  But make sure you verify that it is a legit charity that filed their tax information for the past three years!!!

Or just see John Wick 2 (review:  It was really really good!)

From the Iceman Commeth,
Bryan Metro


Anonymous said...

JP from the HP rules

BM said...

K Den...still not worth $10 (and if what you say is true, why aren't they headlining?

Anonymous said...

Have you listened to his music?

BM said...

Unfortunately yes. He was good in the Terrible Twos, but this faux country gimmick is going to go nowhere. Would I ever lie to you????

Anonymous said...

Metro/Sturr/or whatever he is calling himself today is actually the only person in the scene that does not kiss ass and says exactly what everybody is thinking. And, everybody knows who he is. And I proudly say this as an anonymous commenter.

Anonymous said...

And he always has. Since Day One.


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