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Saturday, February 11, 2017

Dust Settled??? Not on Our Watch

Metro, back......  Lets get this out of the way right away.  The JCM is officially off the Hamtramck Music Fest.  We are no longer playing Sat. March 4th at the PLAV.  However, we do support the other acts playing that day.  I won't name them because I do not want them to be removed by the old old men and phony Indian Givers that run HamFest.  So we will leave it at that.  Now.....

This post was actually difficult to work on because anybody who had a "white knight" opinion deleted it immediately.  Why?  I have screen capped so many posts from Queen Cunt and HamFest that were posted and then deleted once they got what they wanted.  Soak it in babay.  We accomplished exactly what we wanted to do, and that is to expose the local music scene as being so fucking stagnant.  The top draw is some doff who posed for nude photos to get on the map, and then gave up and hooked up with a 90's relic....really????  Reallly?  And then after getting called out on it pulled all the comments.......Insecurity sucks......bitch.

HamFest-  Well, where to begin....a music festival.  "We will have a meeting to discuss this issue."

When did that happen?  5am?  Pussies.  The fact is that we have done more to drum up interest for this poorly organized festival and then we get banned because we actually speak our minds???????

Queen Kwong crying about the posts till she got her way (at least she didn't need mouthwash this time) and HamFest taking a stand.

Then, everybody deletes their whiny posts to show a pretty little sense of community, when everybody involved is in on the fix:

Eugene Strobe:  An old man who can't get a gig unless he books it.

Six and the Sevens-  See above

Lee Majors-  "Wait you can't say that!!!!"  however, there is smoke and fire for exploiting young guys for "personal" benefit....this scene is so fucking screwed....  Have fun with it.

Hamtramck Music Festival banned us because we speak the truth, and also because of the complaints of their golden child Queen Kwong who has done nothing substantial other than posing topless for publicity and sucking off a 90's relic, and is now the be all end all of the HamFest.

However here is a post from Golden Torsos degrading the female body posted on their Facebook page:
Golden Torso
Golden Torso Also, big clits are beautiful and natural. If you ever have the opportunity to see a clit, I hope it's a big one.

If they are banned also based on your manifesto then fine (Shouldn't have been booked to begin with) but if they're not, then the hypocrite ball is in your park HamFest hypocrites......

The fact is that we didn't "body shame" anyone....we just posted professionally taken pics of a good looking girl trying to "make it" but once we called it out, everybody got butthurt.  She moved on from the nudes to fuck a star of the 1990's scene.  Nothing wrong with that.  Hey, I'd fuck the chick from Garbage if I had the chance.  Not quite Limp Biskit, but hey......  Lets be honest here.   Deleting all of your posts to save face is hilarious.  We have them saved anyways.  Fucking airheads.  We will still be at HamFest, we even have an act that is letting us take over their set.  Pussies.

From the Iceman Commeth,
Bryan Metro


Anonymous said...

Jesus Christ......this is the best

Anonymous said...

What if they find out Retka is a libertarian?

Anonymous said...

Awww man, I was looking forward to see "The Smackdown In Hamtown"!!! LOL

Anonymous said...

This "scene" is fucking pathetic...always the same clique circle-jerking

Anonymous said...

Well, if there is anyone who is an expert in "can't get a gig," it's Robby Scurr.

just_a_grrl said...

Nice guy or not, all bets are off if they find out Retka isn't a Berni-bro. Or he rubs them the wrong way somehow. Sadly neither his talent not contributions to the "community" would count. Sorry. The key to success is to be just like them. Or at least not piss them off.

Bryan Metro said...

Well if its anyone who doesn't about about getting a gig and instead riles up the local pusses, its Robby Scurr. Anonymous puss.

Bryan Metro said...



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