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Wednesday, October 9, 2013

RIP No Wave Detroit/Electric Corpse

So what happened M.D./Electric Corpse? People found out you were a registered sex offender that changed his name as to not be ostracized? People found out No Wave Detroit was nothing but a self serving faux scene moniker so you could book your lame non-no wave band on shows and take an extra percentage out the other bands' door takes? Glad there are 39 people going to the last no wave show that has ultimately been exiled to the dregs of Allen Park. Trust me, I know, I lived there. Have fun at Fallout Fest. Maybe, just maybe, XXXXXXX and all his minions will circle around you, stand on their hands, and clap with their feet. I'm happy the mask got pulled back and you can't "sexually assault with an intent to penetrate" any other hard working bands. Bye fucker.

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