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Monday, December 7, 2009

Top Ten Things You Should.....

Metro here with Monday's list.

Top Ten Things You Should Look Forward To In 2010
10. The Expendables-Stallone, Lundgren (together again!), Jet Li, Statham, Bruce Willis, Arnold, Steve Austin, Eric Roberts...do I really have to go on?
9. The Zany Siblings Cover Lady Gaga- If the stars align, your humble narrator along with the Zany Siblings will be covering the upcoming Lady Gaga show in January. Review, photography, interview?? Stay tuned...
8. "Imperial Bedrooms": The sequel to "Less Than Zero" which revisits the characters in the present day with Hollywoodland as the setting.
7. Palm Springs July 2010: I will be taking a sabbatical to Palm Springs this summer to begin working on what will be Novel #2.
6. More amazing original music/shows by local artists: LOL just kidding.
5. The 2010 Detroit Music Awards: Repeat???
4. "The Invisible People" Spring 2010: The debut novel from Bryan Metro's alter ego. Publishing is kinda, sorta set and it is in the process of being editing this winter. Look for it on Amazon and at all JCM shows. (Yes I know it shares the title of a nonfiction book on AIDS, but the JCM is bigger than AIDS nowadays.)
3. "The Invisible People" -jr solo instrumental disc (untitled): -jr will be assembling an instrumental cd or two with original, ambient music to accompany the novel "The Invisible People".
2. "The Invisible People" JCM full length #2 (Tentative Title): The 2nd full length release of orginal material by the Lavender Blog guys. 2, 3, and 4 are all going to be released at the same time to coincide with the media blitz to follow. Book, CD, Instrumental disc. The Big Three.
1. The Lavender Blog: Duhhh, it's the most consistantley accuratte and entertaining blog in Detroit and its suburbs.
From the Iceman Commeth,
Bryan Metro

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