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Thursday, December 3, 2009

Top 10 bands we became pals with in 2010

1 Marco Polio And The New Vaccines
2 Rogue Satellites
3 Carjack
4 Darling Imperial
5 Electric Lions
6 Sunshine of Your Siters Vapor
7 United States of Mind
8 Woodman
9 Blase Splee
10 The Pizazz

Honorable Mentions:
Sex Ghost (but we were friends prior)
Steve Barman and The Camera Cadillacs
Kirk and The Motorcitybloggers
Jeff Milo And The Jerky Boys

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Steve Barman said...

I feel honored to be honorable.

Bryan Metro said...

It's 2009 you fuck.
Perhaps it should be Ivan "The Doofus" Drago

The Jesus Chainsaw Massacre said...

whoopsi goldberg

i clicked the wrong keys

my soul needs saving


Anonymous said...


Negativeions said...

so glad to be Cadillac and not a Pontiac.

Santa's favorite little boy said...

Dear Santa,

Here's a list of people that I hope in 2010 will find my rampid internet faggotry and macho, really cool music to be super rad!

Don't forget to nibble on my sweet treats!

Steve Barman said...

-jr does have some sweet treats, his other job is as an ice cream man.


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