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Wednesday, December 2, 2009

top 1-0 bands we got in fights with and such

1 the hard lessons
2 the kid from lee marvin that gave me the finger in the most pussy of ways
3 the hounds below
4 jrc
5 anthony morrow
6 the hick at the pike room
7 ryan allen and the ADD dweebs
8 christpuncher
9 spitting nickels
10 the ego of mick bassett



Bryan Metro said...

Nice to see you're in the list spirit.

just a grrl said...

'tis the season for top 10 lists...

Nice to see Mick Bassett's ego has its own line.

Anonymous said...

Hahaha - Not one punch thrown? These aren't fights – maybe in Canton or Plymouth they are.

Let’s recap a couple “fights”:

A drunken Augie breaks a couple of CDs on your table at a show – you cry on your blog like a baby. Whaaah!

The kid from Lee Marvin gives you the finger – you do nothing but write about it. POW!

You yell at Anthony “cause you didn’t get free tickets to a show” – then pout and write about it. ZONK!

You endlessly take cheap shots at RA for months – his pen bitch slaps you around. BANG!

You do the same to Mick Basset for months – and he doesn’t care. ZING!

Fights? You wanna be a fighter? You’re gonna have to do more that complain about people on your own “one sided” blog. You need a nick name.

Here are some potential “fighter” monikers for you.

Marvin “the guitar” Hackler

Leon “the clown” Stinks

Cashless “the jar head” Clay

Come on people – let’s all join in. We need the Top 10 fake fighter names for Junior. Next?

The Jesus Chainsaw Massacre said...

good one aj


Anonymous said...

I'm not aj

Play along Junior - give youself a "fighter" nick name.

Anonymous said...

you are a fucking dweeb and you never used your penis once

just a grrl said...

Jeez! Anonymous #667 (who isn't aj)(whoever that is/isn't), you aren't going to let Anonymous #668 talk to you like that, are you? He just called you a dweeb aaaand intimated you've never used your penis.... Those sound like fighting words to me. hehehehe

Ogre said...


Anonymous said...

Dear just a cow - he's talking about jr.

Bryan Metro said...

Haha. Well played Anon. 2:08pm.

Here's my entry:
-j "the junior rapist" r

Also, -jr what are we giving away for this contest? I haven't won anything since Von Bondies last winter.

Bryan "the Brain" Metro

The Jesus Chainsaw Massacre said...

you've all dropped the ball

it's all too easy

--ivan drago--

fun game aj!


Anonymous said...

Nice one BM

How about

Jr "the hits no man" Hearns

george said...

shit...thought this site was about fight movies. my mistake.

VeeArr said...

We ARE a fight movie.

-j "Ram Jam" r


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