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Friday, December 11, 2009

Metro's Top Ten Xmas Movies

10. Santa's Slay

9. Silent Night, Deadly Night

8. Black Christmas

7. A Christmas Story

6. Christmas Vacation

5. Die Hard

4. The Ref

3. Bad Santa

2. Scrooged

1. Gremlins

From the Iceman Commeth,
Bryan Metro


Jasper said...

Jack Frost.

Not the Michael Keaton one.

Bryan Metro said...

Ohhh I thought of that after I had posted this. Jack Frost 2 may be even better. I think Shannon Elizabeth was in Pt. 1. Which reminds me, she has a flat ass. She will definitely be on next weeks list of "Top Ten Hot Celebrities that have one fatal flaw once you see them Naked."

Steve Barman said...

Christmas Evil (AKA: You Better Watch Out!) is the greatest movie ever. And the DVD has a John Waters commentary!

This part reminds me of Metro for some reason

I love this scene too.

just a grrl said...

Oh. My. GOD! Barman! You are full of awesomeness! I haven't seen that in foreeeever. Truly a million years. Thanks for adding to my Amazon wish-list.

Steve Barman said...

@grrl I get that a lot. I'm also shocked by the lack of the original Margo Kidder Black Christmas on this list.

just a grrl said...

Margot Kidder (before she went spacenut cuckoo crazy) was gorgeous. I don't always like Michelle Trachenburg but the BC remake was fun.

Bryan Metro said...

Black Christmas is number 8 on this list.


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