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Tuesday, December 29, 2009

metro and lady gaga outsourced to mcb

MCB is providing coverage for the upcoming Lady Gaga show

via roaming detroiter Bryan Metro

When in town he plays the the hard baller lead singer of

Jesus Chainsaw Massacre

and will be guest blogging on MCB

and reviewing/documenting the show/crowd/scene

at Joe Louis Arena

“Fame, it’s not your brain,

it’s just the fame that burns your change to keep you insane…”

The voice of David Bowie on my cell phone wakes me up and I realize that I had been asleep for over a half hour now at my table at Fitzgerald’s Pub down the street from the Carlton Arms Hotel in New York City.

I check my messages: one from –jr (“You’re a waste!”), and one from the head honcho at MOTORCITYBLOG back in Michigan.

It turns out that the Lady Gaga/Semi Precious Weapons show that I have to cover in January has changed venues. The shows previously booked at the Fox Theater on January 12th and 13th have been moved to the Joe Louis Arena.

I swallow a Xanax and google Semi Precious Weapons even though I have heard them mentioned around Brooklyn, but live music generally stresses me out. Rolling Stone calls them “Adam Ant, Marc Bolan, and Ziggy Stardust singing lead on ‘Back in Black’,” while Spin.com offers that they “looked and sounded like the Sex Pistols emerging from Warhol’s Factory scene.” Okay, well that kind of gets my attention, and that’s a feat considering I ate two Klonopin’s while searching the internet.

I hop over to Ebay and purchase a black eye patch for the show because all I want to do is fit in. So, I guess, keep your eyes peeled for my upcoming expose on Semi Precious Weapons, Lady Gaga, and a photo essay on the crowd. Shows rarely feel like events anymore so I will bite the bullet and head over to Joe Louis Arena and see what this is all about. Rock and Roll.

From the Iceman Commeth,

Bryan Metro


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