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Thursday, December 3, 2009

Bryan's Wintery Weekend Preview

Hey rockers!
Bryan here with your weekend preview. Usually I cut and paste from and then give my reasons why I won't be at any of these shows. However, this week I must be lazy with you. Wait wait! Don't get all hot n' bothered. It's for a greater good. I need to focus my time on my 'Top Ten JCM Shows of '09' list along with my 'Top Ten Moments I experienced this Past Decade' List. So this week I just copied and pasted the Weekend Preview from Also, be sure to check the post below and enter the contest to come up with a figher's name for -jr. See you soon (just not at any of these shows).

From the Iceman Commeth,
Bryan Metro and the Posts Below

Friday – December 4, 2009
The Recital (Farewell Show), Thunderbirds Are Now, Zoos of Berlin , Silverghost @ Majestic Cafe

Frustrations, Night of Pleasure, CoCoComa, Silverghost, The Hollows, Bad Rhythm @ Lager House

Saturday – December 5, 2009
Duende!, Silverghost, Blue Flowers, the Mantons @ Cadieux Cafe

NOMO, Secret Twins, Silverghost @ Blind Pig

The Handgrenades CD Release w/Mick Bassett & the Marthas, Silverghost The Crooks @ Lager House $5 18+

Silverghost, Darling Imperial, James McGovern, Sh! The Octopus @ Berkley Front

Scotch Bonnet, Silverghost, Bad Party, Andi & Tracy, Silverghost @ Smalls

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